How Do We Get Energy, Enthusiasm, Excitement, Engagement & Expertise?

How Do We Get Energy, Enthusiasm, Excitement, Engagement, and Expertise?

The 5 E’s

I have been contemplating the secrets of manifesting energy, enthusiasm, excitement, engagement, and expertise. I believe we desperately need purpose, focus, and why power.


Complete nutrition, physical activity appropriate for our fitness level, and adequate sleep are needed for enthusiastic energy. Yet something else is needed to propel the 5 E’s: purpose.

Meditation for Purpose

So what can we do to find purpose? Finding Your Purpose by Dr. Stuart Kaplan is a guided meditation in a free app called Insight Timer. It has a relaxing body scan, positive affirmations, and visualization. Dr. Kaplan guides you from a beautiful garden, up seven steps to an ornate door where you enter a majestic building. Each step has meaning:
  1. discard anything in your past that is no longer needed
  2. all of your senses are open and taking in your experience
  3. feel your personal power
  4. a sense of deep love embraces you
  5. you know you can communicate your experience clearly and help others understand what you are feeling
  6. your awareness expands even more; you now see things you never knew existed
  7. you are confident and know who you are.
After you surmount the seven steps, you enter through the ornate door.  Inside the majestic building you find a loving, trustworthy, wise teacher who guides you to a window.  This is where you experience your joyous future self.  Your teacher plants guiding affirmations deep into your conscious and subconscious. These affirmations include, “The light and power of God is guiding me in everything I do,” “Divine guidance is with me always,” “Every step I take leads me towards my life purpose.”

With this in mind, please download Insight Timer and experience this meditation now. It can relax you and focus your mind away from the limiting beliefs of the past into embracing your purpose.

Purpose: Service

Another key point, remember that purpose is by nature service-oriented. It encompasses not only what we do, but those whom we benefit. Embracing our purpose can engender energy, enthusiasm, excitement, engagement, and expertise.

Focus for Energy, Enthusiasm, Excitement, Engagement, and Expertise

So, how can we find our purpose and the energy, enthusiasm, excitement, engagement, and expertise to live true to it? Just having energy is not the goal. For example, person with ADHD has a lot of energy. However, it is restless, unfocused energy. We want coherent energy like a focused laser. As we select/find our purpose, preferably with the help of divine guidance, we can focus ourselves.

For example, now that I am 56, I realize I will not have time in life to do everything I have set out to do. I must select that which is essential and eliminate the rest. I need to minimize my commitments, goals, and possessions. My divine guidance has whispered to me: “Write, write, write.” So to me, writing is essential. Consequently my new motto is: “It’s not necessary to go faster and faster. Instead focus on my purpose with full attention.” Meditation is one way to train the mind and body to focus. I believe it is through focus on our purpose that we get energy, enthusiasm, excitement, engagement, and expertise.

“Why Power” for Energy, Enthusiasm, Excitement, Engagement, and Expertise

How can we maintain and even grow our energy, enthusiasm, excitement, engagement, and expertise even when others are advising us to “slow down” or even “give up?” To do this, we get ourselves in touch with why we do something. I keep a record of goals in The Journal with a template like this:
Start Date:
End Date:
Trigger Event:
Intrinsic Rewards:
Extrinsic Rewards:
Progress Notes:

For “Intrinsic Rewards:” I list my reasons for accomplishing the goal. Sometimes this is a very long list. I forward the goal after a week or month or so of progress. Then I give it a new start and end date. I also review the list of intrinsic rewards and update them. Consequently this list is my “why power” which helps me sustain or regain enthusiasm despite obstacles and social pressure to give up.

Research has shown that when you affirm your purpose and the reasons you are doing it, to yourself and others, it greatly increases your ability to actually make it happen. To accomplish this, use verbal second-person affirmations to yourself and speak convincingly.


In conclusion, if you would like to know more about using the above template with the free JV Life Tracker app, discover my new book Joyful Vibrance: Transform Your Body Image, Energy, and Mood!  It is Possible!. I will joyfully email you a pre-publication copy if you fill out the Contact form.  I want to share my book liberally with thousands of people because I believe it will help transform their lives. That includes you. Remember, there is no cost.

Purpose, focus, and “why power” give us energy, enthusiasm, excitement, engagement, and expertise. Cronometer is an excellent free tool for ensuring complete nutrition. And remember that complete nutrition, appropriate physical activity, and adequate sleep build energy, enthusiasm, excitement, engagement, and expertise. Take care of yourself, and please leave comments below.

With love and vibrant joy,

KaeLyn Morrill

Certified Health Coach and Software Engineer

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