Day One, 110 Days to 50 kg

“As times change, one thing remains consistent: people want to lose weight. They put their body through fad diets and trendy exercises in the hopes of lowering the number on the scale. And, more often than not, those programs work — but only temporarily. More often than not, people tend to gain the weight back as soon as they return to their old habits.
But there are the success stories: the people who’ve lost — and kept off — a large percentage of weight. The key to their success is making lifestyle changes instead of depending on a trendy diet or exercise. Whether motivated by a favorite piece of clothing or a health scare, these people put in the work to lose weight. And their transformations are incredible.”



Welcome on this Journey!

Welcome on this 110-day journey!  Today, September 14th, 2020, is Day One.  On January 2nd, 2021, I will see how close I am to 110 pounds, so it is 110 days to 110 pounds.  Currently, I weigh 54.8 kg, so that is roughly an eleven-pound loss.  My goal is to shed one pound every ten days on average.
I took the photo above on September 9th, 2020, during a brief winter storm that plummeted temperatures to record lows only hours after record highs.

Depression and Appetite

Lately, I have been eating out-of-control and gaining weight.  I do not entirely know what is causing my appetite to soar.  I have some depression too.  I do not know if the depression is stoking my desire or if the weight gain is fueling my depression.  It appears to be a vicious cycle.  I plan to reign it in with all the techniques that have worked in the past and more.  One helpful practice is intermittent fasting.  I plan to resume it.  However, bear with me if I am not perfect at it.  I want to be firm and forgiving with myself.

Amazing Grass

This morning, I had 12 grams of Amazing Grass, a green powder that may help tame my appetite for the rest of the morning.  I have already eaten breakfast.  However, that only lasted a few hours or so.  Maybe this powder will help since it has a high nutrient density.


For lunch, which I ate over an hour early, I had Dave’s Killer Bread with almond milk and butter.  Though high in fiber, the bread has gluten and added sugar, which may not support my mood or weight loss.  I need to think of something else that is easy to eat.  I could have made a green drink, but the greens in our refrigerator are past their prime.  Maybe it is time to start over.   I have had them available for days but have not used them.  Why?  I am not sure.
I suppose that to really be ready, I need to do some prep work.  I will do it as we go along, so you can see the steps I take.


My total so far is already up to 911 calories, or 57% of my budget.  That is a lot considering it is only 10:47 AM.  However, I also walked to the chiropractor and back, hiking up a hill on the return.  Sometimes, I need a higher energy intake in the morning.

Garcinia Cambogia

I am considering garcinia cambogia as an appetite suppressant and metabolism booster.  I have seen reports that it is not that good for you, so I hesitate to recommend it.  However, it may give me the edge I am looking for.  I have used it in the past.  If I slack off and do not take enough, it loses its utility.  I think I will buy it in bulk this time from rather than getting pills.  Minutes ago, I submitted my order, which includes salted pistachios for my husband and cinnamon, Brazil nuts, pumpkin seeds, and garcinia cambogia for me.

Chiropractic Exercises

What is next on the dock?  It would be advantageous to resume my four chiropractic exercises.  It is already noon, so it is not the best time of day to do them.  However, I will place them on tomorrow’s agenda.


It is now 11:34 AM, my usual time for lunch.  However, I have already eaten that meal.  Hopefully, I can get my timing back in place or, if necessary, re-schedule mealtimes.  Since I have the munchies, I could get some raw cabbage from the fridge.  Eighty-five grams is only 21.25 calories and requires a lot of healthy chewing.  I usually like it with salad dressing, but I will pass on that this time.
There.  Barbara Rolls will be proud of me.  I ate a snack that is less than one calorie per gram.  Cabbage also sports 77 phytochemicals that fight cancer.   That move was the right choice.  We shall see if it helps curb my appetite until 2:30 PM snack time.  I could eat more cabbage if that was not enough.
Water is an essential part of a reducing diet.  I get thirsty when people say to drink eight glasses a day.  I need far more than that.  I often get at least four water glasses first thing in the morning, which I may have with organic lemon juice and stevia.  I have not tracked water intake for a while, but I drink approximately two one-and-a-half-gallon tanks of water from my Berkey filter per day.  That is for drinking and cooking.  My husband rarely drinks water.  He seems to think the water content of wine is enough for his needs.  I have heard that it is not, but I fail to interest him in water or lemonade.
Taste Buds
Successful reducing depends on wise food choices.  Part of the strategy is training your taste buds to like healthy foods.  Training involves eating them with an open mind.  Food combining is also helpful, but sometimes it is wise to eat uncombined food such as I am doing now with cabbage.  I used to eat it a lot but then got spoiled on processed foods.  Now I am going back a step and re-discovering my old self that loves cabbage.  Even if you do not think you can eat it, try it.  You may be surprised at its goodness.  Think of the 77 cancer-fighting phytochemicals it contains.
It is already the afternoon of Day One.  I planned to quit eating at 3:00 PM, but my hunger drives said otherwise.  Now, I am attempting to stop at 3:50 PM.  I set up a fasting record in Cronometer that covers tonight and part of tomorrow morning.  Here is my diet diary for my first day.  Notice that I started too early in the day.  Waiting until 8:30 AM for breakfast is a smarter move.

Diet Diary

That is way more grains than are good for me, but I am hungry for them today.  I ate some other nutritious things too.  The idea is to learn from what I did today and do an even better job tomorrow.
My husband is sleeping on the living room floor.  I am thinking of what I can do this evening.
My husband and I created a shopping list for tomorrow.
I spent most of the evening on YouTube and online shopping.  Feeling a bit nauseous at bedtime, I had a bit more sauerkraut before retiring.
Opening my NIV Bible, I read a portion of Romans.  My husband watched a Broncos game.  He is at peace, and so am I.

Nutrient Facts

Here are my nutrients for the day, not the perfect profile, so I will work at doing better.
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This article, with its diet diary, shows what worked for me.  I do not claim that it will work for you.  Consult a licensed medical provider to determine your diet and medical care.  These blog entries do not diagnose or treat any disease.  If I provide any clues for you or your provider, I will be happy.

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