Day 8, Breakfast of Mini Joy

My scale finally budged, so I lost .75 kilos my first week.   My goal is to lose 4.8 kilos in 110 days.  My second week has historically been the hardest, but this morning is a good start.  I am confident the next 103 days will try my commitment.  However, I am in the game.
Tomorrow is the beginning of autumn.  The snowy days ahead will challenge my ability to get out for walks.  However, I must do the best I can.  I can walk inside the condo, too, and do, but that does not give me the sunlight I need to support my mood.  I could consider a daylight lamp.  Let me see how things go.
It is 6:18 AM, too early to break my fast; it is still dark out.  Seconds ago, I made my bed, signaling to myself and God that I am ready to start my day.

JV Life Tracker

I scored my activities for yesterday in JV Life Tracker (Vibrancy).  At 234 points, I am still in the euthymic state, a high normal–not manic or depressed.  My scores for the last two days have been over 200.  You may notice that I got over 200 in the past but was not able to sustain it.
“In simple terms, euthymia is the state of living without mood disturbances.  It’s commonly associated with bipolar disorder.  While in a euthymic state, one typically experiences feelings of cheerfulness and tranquility.  A person in this state may also display an increased level of resiliency to stress.” —Healthline
I have bursts of joy in the euthymic state.  I am having them now while writing this and listening to Rachmaninov’s cello sonata.

TMJ Exercises

Seconds ago, I took a few moments to do TMJ exercises.  That will help relieve my pain in my jaw, face, head, and neck.
What else can I do to start my day?  I have a chiropractic appointment this morning at 9:00 PM.  I plan to walk there.  It is less than a mile away.  I can take back the DVD I borrowed from the library on the way.


Of course, I need to dress before I go.  Now that I have lost almost a kilogram, my clothes will fit me better.  I can even think about buying new ones.
Buying New Clothes
If you can afford it, it is advisable to buy clothes throughout your weight-loss adventure, so you will always look fabulous.  You might think it is a waste to do so when you are losing weight.  However, you will need larger sizes in case you ever gain back.  It may seem to jinx you to think of increasing.  However, it is almost inevitable that you will gain back at least some of the weight.  You can lose again, and once you know how, that facilitates it.
Updating Your Wardrobe
Since I am only losing eleven pounds, almost two of which are already gone, most of my clothes will still work.  However, it is advisable to make adjustments to my wardrobe as I progress.  I have a few items in my closet, waiting for me to shed a few pounds.  Most of my skinny clothes are in my storage unit, but I have a few articles in the condo.  Even if you have old, thin clothes, consider buying new ones to update yourself.
I need to take my advice and plan a shopping trip.  I could shop online, but correctly sizing things is sometimes a problem, which I have learned the hard way.  I had hoped to shop with Jacque, but she is not well after a stroke and subsequent fall.  It is hard to say when she will recover.  I would go with my husband, but he does not like to go out anymore.  I may have to do it myself, though going with a friend is much more fun.  Years ago, I gave my best friend a greeting card.  On the front, it said, “Friends do not let friends…” Inside it said, “shop alone.”  My friend often went clothes shopping with me.  However, she still lives in Utah.  I will have to build my network here to find someone who would do that.


I am now listening to Rachmaninov’s Vocalise Op. 34/14.  This day with the music is incredibly peaceful and beautiful.  Euthymia is tranquil and cheerful.
It is now 7:32 AM, one hour before breakfast.  However, I will need to eat breakfast a bit early because, at 8:30 AM, I need to leave for the chiropractor.  So I will eat at 8:00 AM instead.  That leaves me only half an hour to care for our needs before I go.  Let me start by getting dressed.
I just changed my appointment to 10:45 AM instead of 9:00 AM.  It will warmer by then, and I can get breakfast at my regular time.


I fasted for 17:19 hours from yesterday.  Maybe that was longer than needed, but the extra time sets the body up for autophagy, where it cleans out damaged cellular components.  Autophagy usually initiates after 18 hours of fasting.
Here is breakfast.  I call it Mini Joy.  It is almost like an Almond Joy, except with walnuts, a Brazil nut, and pumpkin seeds instead of almonds.  I slipped up and did not mix in the lecithin granules, but it still tastes delectable.  Lecithin gives it ample choline, which is hard to get enough of any other way.
The giant sphere is a frozen cherry.  To maximize pleasure with a minimum of fructose, I used a single cherry.  The other bubbles are frozen blueberries.  I sprinkled extra cacao powder on it, which gives it a rich chocolate flavor.  The pumpkin seeds, walnuts, Brazil nut, and coconut give it texture and 9.2 grams of dietary fiber.  I forgot the salt.  It would have been better with a touch of sea salt, so keep that in mind.  However, it was delicious even without it.   The full list of ingredients and their amounts is on my diet diary below.
It is now 9:04 AM.  I dressed, ate breakfast, and tended my husband’s needs.   I even started reading the manufacturer’s instructions for my new WaterPik.  If I can find enough spinach and kale, I will make a green drink for lunch.

Circadian Code

I am looking at my Circadian Code mindmap.  I have not implemented everything on it yet.  However, what I have done so far has made a vast difference.
If you cannot read the map below, follow the link to Mindmeister.  I bought sleep shades that allow you to keep your eyes open when on, but so far, they keep me from falling asleep right away.  I did not get the blue-blocking glasses yet, so I have a few more things to do.  However, my energy has improved.
I need to keep this map in front of me all the time.  To solve that, I could put all of these suggestions on JV Life Tracker to encounter them every day.  However, I need to commit to doing them first; or waste space on my Android.
My neighbors across the hall, who invited me to dinner Friday night, have an adult child with bipolar disorder.  I told my neighbor about The Circadian Code by Panda Satchin and how much of a difference it makes.  I said the solution is in the sun.  She thanked me, took the name and author of the book, and said she would read it.
Bipolar, to a great extent, is a dysfunction of the circadian rhythms.  The sun will fix mood problems where no diet or medication will work.  I am not implying that it should replace medication.  However, paying attention to circadian rhythms is important to do as part of the essential treatment, not just as an alternative or adjunct solution.
I mostly ignored these issues for decades to my peril.  Circadian rhythms affect many other diseases and conditions.  Read Dr. Satchin’s work.


It is 9:55 AM.  I finished getting my husband’s breakfast and doing the dishes.  I am feeling a bit hungry, but I can wait until lunch.  For weeks, when my appetite was out-of-control, I could not get through the morning without eating several snacks.  So far, I have only eaten a 400-calorie breakfast.
I hope you have had a chance to review Days 1-5.   Those entries cover a lot of groundwork for what I am doing.  I am looking at my master plan outlined in my Achieve 50 kg mindmap.  Keeping this map in front of me, and updating it along the way is essential.  It is even a part of the Top 5 that I did from June 7, 2020, to August 21, 2020.
When I got off my antidepressant, though, I had a hard time doing my entire Top 5 every day.  This mindmap was the first healthy activity of the five to lapse.  I want to resume it, but I must make engaging with the mindmap satisfying rather than overwhelming.  While I give that some thought, let me prepare for my walk to the chiropractor.  Thankfully, I am happy, which makes everything else a breeze.    

Chiropractor, Library, and Meditation

I walked to the chiropractor in the mild late-summer sun.  I told the assistant that I was happy, and she said I looked good too.  On my return, I stopped at the library and checked out the book, Joy on Demand by Chade-Meng Tan.  It is about using mindfulness to access happiness.  After I returned to the condo, I did the usual:  I took off my shoes, removed my face mask, and washed my hands to prevent the contraction of COVID-19.  Then I put my husband’s blanket in the laundry and settled down for two types of meditation: Finding Your Purpose by Stuart Kaplan on Insight Timer (20:00 minutes) and my Success Meditation (5:21 minutes).

Green Drink

I Vitamixed a green drink for lunch.  I was low on spinach and kale, so I used the rest of my fresh parsley to give it adequate nutrition and bulk.  It turned out to be tasty.  However, if you abhor the taste of parsley, you may want to pass.  I recommend parsley.  If it is a garnish on your plate, eat it.  People throw parsley out, which is sad because it is a nutritious player.  For the recipe, see the diet diary below.


After lunch, I listened to Joseph Clough’s hypnotic mp3 again on Weight Loss.  I went into a trance.  A friend asked me recently if hypnotic recordings work.  I said I do not know for sure, but they are certainly relaxing, and I need that now as much as anything.

Decreasing Stress

Decreasing stress and getting enough sleep are critical components of getting diets to work.  The body hangs on to its fat if you are rushing around in a state of high tension.  This is probably because of the over-secretion of cortisol, which your body secretes to handle stress.  I was in a state of high-stress at the beginning of COVID-19, and fat accumulated.  Other people have noted the same effect, giving rise to the term ‘Quarantine 15,’ which references the fifteen pounds people put on during the pandemic’s stay-at-home portion.  
To be successful now, I must wind down and take it easy.  If I am worried about where my next roll of toilet paper is coming from, that will interfere with my weight loss.  Just a thought can cause the body to react as if a tiger is chasing it with adrenaline and cortisol.  Self-hypnosis is one of my current strategies.
Scratching My Husband’s Back and Shoulders
My husband loves to have me scratch his back and shoulders.  Today, I relaxed into the job rather than resenting the time it takes.  He is sleeping now, so what I did must have settled him.  I ask him often if he is happy, and he says he is “content.”  A neighbor exclaimed while I was on a walk with her, “If he is content, that is all you need!”  So now, I am glad when he says he is content.


I turned some music back on, this time Strauss Jr. and Schubert.  It is 4:10 PM.


Generally, I think about dinner at this time.  However, today I have decided to fast.   I am 2:14 hours into it.  I planned my fast to last 18 hours, which will likely start the process of autophagy.  That will clean out the worn-out tissue in my cells and rejuvenate me.  At the same time, I may lose some weight, though that is never a given.  I believe the kilos will come off, but the exact timetable is up to my physique.  The body works in mysterious ways.  
Diet Diary
Here is my diet diary for the day.  I am committed to eating no more.  It is now 4:50 PM, past my usual supper time, and I am doing okay.  The evening may present some hunger symptoms.  I will use garcinia cambogia powder to stave them off.  Now that I have been doing this diet for a week, I am managing my hunger better.  Probably one reason is that I have been paying attention to stress and managing that.  Self-hypnosis, meditation, and prayer all help with that.
However, some stress is beyond our control, so do not beat yourself up if it gets out-of-hand.  That said, there is a lot we can do to reduce the drama in our lives.  Conflicts with your spouse are one thing that can send us over the edge.  Make peace with your partners, even if you have to make compromises.  I have been advised by many well-meaning friends and family that I should fight my husband over various issues.  However, I have favored a peaceful life with him.  I am happy about that choice.  We currently have harmony.  What a tremendous blessing!

Nutrient Facts

The nutrient facts below say that I got all my nutrients today except calories and sodium.  I think I got enough sodium because the pork tenderloin’s sodium value is probably much lower than what was actually in the cut.  After twenty-five years of keeping a diet diary, I have a feel for these things.  Notice the 374-calorie deficit.  The actual difference between calories consumed and calories burned is about 250 calories higher than that, given my current activity level and thyroid hormone consumption.  That took some calculation to figure out!
Together that is more than 500 calories remaining in my budget.  A 500-calorie deficit will result in about one pound of weight loss per week.  Whether that will happen every week is unlikely, but on average, it tends to work out.  I am on track toward my goal!
Notice that I had no fish oil today.  I am letting the omega-3 in the chia seeds, along with curcumin, reduce inflammation.  PQQ also reduces inflammation.  I plan to keep using it.  Again, this profile deserves an A.


Dear Lord,
Thank you for the incredible peace I feel.  I got the groceries ordered, delivered, and put away today.  This morning, I walked to the chiropractor and library.  I have kept my husband content.  Maybe this evening I can start that book, Joy on Demand?
What a contrast my life is to September 13, 2020, and before!  I wanted to lose weight.  Now I am committed to losing weight.  What a difference that is!  I am also committed to sharing my experience, even though it is a secret for now.  I will not let well-meaning friends and family talk me out of this.
For Now
I need a dose of, “I’ll show you!”  Instead, I have typically done what people ask and tried to live up to what they expect of me– a deadly way to go.  If my readers have a dream, they must go for it and not let anyone talk them out of it.
Lord, Robin Merrill inspired me with her book, The Jesus Diet.  She included prayers that motivated her to lose 50 pounds.  I knew then that I could not lose 15 pounds without the help of my Maker.  I recommend prayer as one of the tools in the weight loss arsenal.
Lord, continue to heal my mental health, so I can continue this journey and live a happy life.
If you would like to join me on this journey from the beginning, please start with Day One.  If you wish to download a FREE copy of my ebook (with no need to enter your name or email), click on the book below.  Please continue this journey with me by clicking on the arrows at the right of the page.
This article, with its diet diary, shows what worked for me.  I do not claim that it will work for you.  Consult a licensed medical provider to determine your diet and medical care.  These blog entries do not diagnose or treat any disease.  If I provide any clues for you or your provider, I will be happy.

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