Day 7, Commitment to Walks to the Library, Fasting, and Green Drinks

“Adding certain green juices to your diet can speed up your metabolism and help your body in burning those unwanted calories. They offer a host of vitamins and minerals that your body requires on a daily basis.”
My weight is close to where it was on Day One.  I will not let that stop me now, however.  I am committed to 110 Days to 50 kg.  Another beautiful Sunday has dawned, one that appears to be a little cooler than most of our summer days.  The first day of autumn will be Tuesday.


My husband says today is the Lord’s Day.  I believe it should be a Day of Rest.  I could fast again today and save myself the work of preparing and digesting food.  While I am planning to fast until 8:22 AM,  I have food I am looking forward to eating, so I will probably eat.  Perhaps another day, I will fast until later in the day and clean out my system.  Fasting is cleansing.
What questions do I need to ask myself today?  For what am I grateful?  I love this beautiful spot in Colorado, where we live.  I love my walks to the county library, which is only half a mile away, within walking distance.  My neighbors are becoming my friends.  I love having time to write and share my thoughts and experiences.  The harmony between my husband and me is peaceful and joyous.  We have an air-conditioner that works and may not need it much longer this year.
My computers are working.  I am glad I bought a new mouse not long ago to improve my computer’s performance.  I am grateful we have sufficient money for our expenses.  With utmost sincerity, I am thankful for the Internet.  My two legs still carry me places.  There is hope in my life.  I have almost 59 years of wisdom, yet I have years ahead of me to enjoy.  I can positively affect others’ lives.  Recently, I got myself out of depression.  Now I can continue my life in happiness.
What other questions enhance my life?  How many points did I score in JV Life Tracker (Vibrancy) for yesterday?  256.  That is almost the maximum for the past six months.  Wow!

Breakfast of Mini Joy

For the recipe for this nutty, blueberry chocolate treat, check the diet diary below.

Green Drink for Lunch

Add chia seeds, olive oil, and spinach & kale to a Vitamix.  Pour in two types of V8 (which balances your electrolytes).
If desired, add a drop of nascent iodine and a capsule of curcumin.  The flavor of the iodine complements the shake. The curcumin will help your body convert ALA omega-3 fatty acids in the shake to more usable long-chain omega-3 fatty acids.
Optionally, add one to two cups of filtered water.
If you desire a lower calorie drink, reduce the amount of olive oil.
Blend until smooth.  Enjoy!



Cookies from the Neighbors

A woman next door moved in days ago.  She left two frosted sugar cookies tied to our door.  I found them when I returned from my walk to the library and park.  I offered them to my husband.  He said, “Later.”  I objected, saying that I did not want those cookies sitting around, tempting me.  I asked if I could toss them, and he said, “No.”
This could end badly.  I could also learn how to deal with temptations I cannot do anything about.  The first thing is to put those cookies out-of-sight.  There.  I hid them in my husband’s potato chip bag.  He can find them, and they will not be in my face.
After lunch, I went to the neighbors and had a stimulating visit.  They are a retired nurse and facial surgeon.  He knows how to repair people who have suffered car wrecks, motorcycle accidents, and prison fights.  We talk a lot about medicine, which can get rather gory.  However, it is fascinating.
I returned within two hours upon my husband’s request, got a snack, and slept for about an hour.  At 3:04 PM, I started my fast for this evening.  I can get 17 hours of fasting by 8:04 AM tomorrow.  I got all my nutrients today, except I have a calorie deficit, which I hope will result in a weight loss by tomorrow.
Nutrient Facts


I got a rich source of selenium today (133 micrograms) from the following sources.  I did not have to take selenium in a pill.
It is only 4:20 PM, so I have the rest of the afternoon and evening.  My husband will want some food, but I do not need to eat anything.  1:17 hours have elapsed on my fast already.
Once again, I am filling my time with music.  Today, I ripped my Rachmaninov cello sonata CD on my computer.  I think it is awesomely beautiful.  My hero and heroine in Scarlet Night play a movement in this sonata together.

On Track With My Eating

Even though I lost only one-twentieth of a kilogram this past week, I am happy because now I am back on track with my eating.  I stopped gaining weight.  Today, Sunday, is Day 7 of my program.  I started Monday.
This week, I also stopped eating bread, which caused me to overload on carbohydrates and calories.  What gluten did to my absorption of nutrients, I do not know, but I know it causes many people to suffer a host of hard-to-find-the cause-of symptoms.  It can even cause my mania and depression.  It is best to leave the rest of the bread for my husband if he wants it and concentrate on making green drinks, which fill so many nutritional holes.  It is challenging to keep enough greens in stock.  However, my husband wants to shop soon so that we can buy more.

Dental Care

My WaterPik came from Amazon so that I can take better care of my teeth and gums.  My neighbor, who has a degree in dentistry and an M.D., uses a WaterPik.  His gums are three millimeters or less in pocket depth, even though he is 79 years old.  He has all of his teeth.  I have some fours and fives.  The dry mouth syndrome I have from taking lithium is a possible culprit in my early gum disease.  I will do what I can to compensate.
My music beautifully plays on.  I am at peace right now and do not even feel hungry.  I have not even had garcinia cambogia today.  If my hunger gets out-of-control later, I will take some.  I feel much more in control of my appetite after fasting 20 hours yesterday.  I needed to do that to regain confidence in myself.  [Later in the evening, I took some garcinia cambogia.]


What do you think of what I said about commitment yesterday?  I noticed the comments about it in Tony Robbins’ book, but I must have grazed over that the first one or two times.  It is not a matter of what we want to have and become but what we are committed to having and becoming.  My neighbor, a retired nurse, wanted to be a nurse from when she was a child.  She never thought of becoming anything else.  Though her nursing school was strict, she did everything that was required and became a nurse.  After a year or so as a software engineer, I was already dreaming of becoming something else.
I did not stay as committed to my profession as I needed to be.  If you want to change careers, fine, but you will pay the price.  It is best to stay committed to what you do.  Of course, in our changing world, you will still need to retrain, but that is okay.

Lasting Weight Loss

Let us talk about the necessity of committing to a weight loss program.  Weight loss is very challenging.  Most people that lose weight gain it back.  You have to commit to the changes that brought about weight loss for life.  Now, I have probably discouraged you.  I do not mean to.  It will be necessary to carry on with my diet diary, intermittent fasting, walks to the park, and green drinks for life.  And maybe some other things as well.  The more healthy habits I keep, the more likely I am to retain the weight loss.  Fortunately, I have never gained the weight back into the 140s or higher.  However, I have had to lose some of my pounds over and over again.

Life is Demanding

Life is very demanding.  We do not usually know all of its requisites from the get-go.  However, that is where commitment steps in.  Commitment says that we will stay in the game even if the requirements are higher than we expected at first.  That goes for our professions, and it goes for weight loss–and probably every other worthwhile thing.
I am not a parent, but I understand that parenting requires more of you than most people expect at first.  Committing to your marriage can be exacting.  My own marriage has been more demanding and more rewarding than I thought beforehand.  I knew my husband was not doing well physically.  However, when I arrived in Colorado, I found he was positively debilitated.  Instead of turning back, I continued.  I obtained a wheelchair, learned how to change a diaper, learned how to get a mobile notary public, and did all the driving.  I sleuthed all of my husband’s passwords as he had lost his password file.  As he would not use a phone, I did all the calling.  I do not have everything figured out yet, but I am committed.
For those of you who have followed my blog so far, you know that I set out to lose weight on September 5, 2018.  However, life got in the way.  We were in the emergency room ten times, in the hospital, in rehab for a month.  We moved.  It was exhausting.  Now that things have settled somewhat, I am ready to commit to weight loss.




Dear Lord,
Thank you for getting me through life so far.  It has not all been fun, but what a ride it has been!
Thank you for this beautiful day.  I did not even notice the smoke coming over the mountains.  It was so fresh and lovely outside this morning.  Thank you for the county library a half a mile from here.  It gives me a wealth of material for the Questioner in me.  I want to know the hows and whys of everything.
Lord, I am ready to commit to losing weight.  I do not have a great deal to lose, but it is still a challenge.  Will you help me assist others with this challenge?  And enable me to stay happy.  If I am joyous, I can do everything with so much ease.  When I am down, I am paralyzed and can hardly get myself out of bed.
My neighbors tell me that during the time I was depressed, I was not that bad.  I am glad to hear that.  However, I had to force myself, and I knew I was performing sub-optimally.  Now things are less of a chore.  Like I said, help me to stay happy.
Monday:  My weight this morning was .7 kilograms less than yesterday!  Here is my graph since Day One.  The shaded areas are periods of fasting.
If you would like to join me on this journey from the beginning, please start with Day One.  If you wish to download a FREE copy of my ebook (with no need to enter your name or email), click on the book below.  Please continue this journey with me by clicking on the arrows at the right of the page.
This article, with its diet diary, shows what worked for me.  I do not claim that it will work for you.  Consult a licensed medical provider to determine your diet and medical care.  These blog entries do not diagnose or treat any disease.  If I provide any clues for you or your provider, I will be happy.

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