Day 685, Gratitude Today and Every Day

“Gratitude unlocks the fullness of life. It turns what we have into enough, and more. It turns denial into acceptance, chaos to order, confusion to clarity. It can turn a meal into a feast, a house into a home, a stranger into a friend.” ― Melody Beattie


I asked my husband if he were writing a blog for the next two days, what would be the subject?  He said, “Gratitude.”  Gratitude is a subject that is in style all year round.  On Tuesday, my counselor reminded me that gratitude is one path to happiness.

New Android

Today, I spent most of the morning buying a new Android.  I came home exhausted with an Android.  Now I am trying to make it work.  Let me back up a minute.  I am grateful that I have enough money to even consider this purchase.  For the first time, I bought a top-of-the-line device with 256 GB of memory and a fast processor–a Motorola Moto edge+.  The main screen background has a water theme.  That fits in with my Joyful Vibrance water theme!  Not only that, but the manager of the store also waited on me.  He said, “I will support your device.  You do not even have to call Verizon.”  I called him for the first time this afternoon, and he graciously helped me enable the back button.  Is that not funny?  I did not even know back buttons needed to be enabled.

ES File Explorer

The ES File Explorer I have used in the past is no longer on Google Play.  However, it is on the Web.  Maybe, there are instructions on how to install it.  I have tried other file explorers, but they do not work as well.
The afternoon is over now.  I did not succeed at getting all of my JV Life Tracker files on the new device.  However, there are several paths I can try.  By no means am I stuck.  However, I got frustrated this afternoon when only 200 files transferred with the Astro File Manager and very slowly.  That problem will soon be forgotten.
ES File Explorer got removed from Google Play for security reasons.  Is there a workable alternative?


It has now been since July of 2013 when I purchased my first Android.  My boyfriend, who is now my husband was with me.  I would show you the picture I took of him that day, but he is very protective of his privacy.  For that reason, I have not even mentioned his name in this blog.  Not long after that purchase, I decided I wanted to learn how to program the device.  I still have much to learn to exploit the full range of Android capabilities.  However, I am grateful I have done what I have.


The device I purchased today has a sophisticated camera.  On the back are three lenses that support its full range of capabilities.  I must learn more about photography techniques to take full advantage of it.  The store manager showed me a few things.  I have the tools to create an even more exciting life for myself.


Yesterday, I had a phone consultation with my doctor.  He prescribed double my former dose of thyroid medication.  Today, I ate more calories than usual, but I may have already burned them off.   The thyroid hormone tells the body to metabolize some of its energy as heat, raising the metabolic rate.  That can make weight maintenance much more doable.  I am very grateful for that.  My doctor called today, too, because of a mix-up.  However, I did not mind hearing from him again.


I just now connected my Amazon account to my new device.  Fascinated, I am looking at my unread titles.  Gratefully, I have an abundance of reading material.  I seem to acquire things to read at a faster rate than I can read them.  Honestly, I am grateful for the wealth of information available these days.  Of course, some of it is conflicting.  That is when I have to apply critical thinking skills to sort the wheat from the chaff.  Almost all of the information is at least partially valuable.  I am still reading Blue Mind, a library book I started reading before the pandemic began.  It is about the effect of water on the mind.  It inspired me to use a water theme when selecting photos for my blog entries.

Chocolate Treat

Tonight, I had chocolate fudge Orgain protein powder with coconut oil, cacao, and walnuts mixed with a bit of water.  It was high in protein and fat, with a minimum of carbs.  It tasted a lot like a chocolate treat.  I kind of needed something like that after a day at the store.  

Death To the Old Android

I am incredibly grateful right now, even though I experienced some frustration today.  My four-year-old Android recently stopped ringing when people called.  My counselor could not contact me, and I think that is what happened.  I did not hear her ring, and as far as I know, the ringer was turned up.  The device has been sluggish.  I knew it did not have long to live.  Today, I put it out-of-commission.  I have another Android, which is two years old.  It is nearly out of disk space.  However, I will find a way to keep it going for a while.  The new Android has storage space for apps that it does not have room for.  I can stop using some of the apps on the two-year-old device and use them on the new instead.


What is the future for Joyful Vibrance?  I plan to keep writing blog entries.  If you like them, please share them.  I plan to do some more promotion work, but I do not intend to invest a lot of money.  I hope to get organic results as much as possible.
I will continue to work at losing weight.  However, I am already in a healthy weight range, so I am mostly interested in weight maintenance and control.



A good portion of my reading is in the field of psychology.  My father and sister both graduated in psychology.  I took a couple of classes, but I did not major in it.  I majored in computer science.  However, I have found that the field provides answers on how to manage my bipolar disorder.  If you have followed my blog, you will have noticed that I mention my bipolar disorder a lot.  It took many years before I was comfortable going public with it.  There is still a stigma to it.  Hopefully, my blog entries help break down the stigma, at least in my readers’ minds.

Attitude of Gratitude

I have always been told that it is possible to have a successful life with bipolar disorder.  It may not happen straightforwardly, however.  There are a lot of roadblocks–some things I have had to accept.  The answer, though, is gratitude rather than an attitude of complaining.  I have done my fair share of complaining and am not entirely proud of how I have been.  Hopefully, more acceptance will permeate my life in the future, and I will see even better things than what has already occurred.


Perhaps, the hardest thing to accept is the need to take medication.  I have struggled with that, and I have seen friends wrestle with it even worse, with more severe consequences than mine for not complying with their prescriptions.  Maybe half the battle is won when you realize you need to take medicine for life.  Voices, including medical professionals, will say, “You don’t need that!”  Do not listen to them.  When you realize you do need it, settle yourself.
The education that most helped me accept lithium was learning about the prefrontal cortex.  Bipolar order makes that organ in the brain not work. Medication can protect it.  When you comprehend how crucial the PFC is to function as a human, you feel bound and determined to defend it.  Medical science does not know everything about treating mental illness, but they do have a few things figured out.  Some understandings have come to light within my lifetime.  While writing these blog articles, I have learned some of these things.  If my blog has helped no one else, it has assisted me.

Gratitude for My Blog

I am grateful for my blog for the opportunity to write so much.  I hope you will avail yourself of my past and future articles.  I know many people have had a negative experience with bipolar disorder.  Hopefully, understanding it better will create compassion.  If the person who has bipolar disorder is you, hopefully, it will generate greater self-compassion.  Yes, it really is tough.  The battle can be won at least partially, however, with a change in attitude.  Gratitude is a big part of that.  I remember in my twenties that my doctor held up my bottle of lithium and said, “Take this, and be grateful for it.”  I thought, “Grateful?”  It is hard to be grateful for lithium.  However, without it, things can be much worse.  We do not always see that at first.  It took some experience with a friend to see how much of a difference medication makes.  She did not think she needed medication either.  However, I could see from her behavior that it was crucial.


Dear Lord,
What a unique day!  My husband reminded me to be grateful, and that has made all the difference.
Here I am in my right mind, typing.  You have blessed me with the ability to get through some horrendous experiences.  Thank you for the new Android.  It is far fancier than any similar device I have owned in the past.
Lord, bless my readers who have or know someone with a mental health issue.  It can be heart-wrenching to go through treatment and the loss of function that almost always accompanies the illness.  It is hit-and-miss sometimes to find the right combination of drugs.  I have chosen to remain on the older ones because they are much more economical.  Other options are available to some people.  Each person should seek what is right for them by working with the medical establishment, not against it.
Lord, I am grateful tonight for my husband.  I even let him know.  It took more than a decade for him to make up his mind to marry me.  However, he seems happy with the decision.  I would not have been content with him had I married him in the early years of our relationship.  However, now I sincerely appreciate him.  Neither one of us would have the lifestyle we now enjoy without the other.
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