Day 675, Air-Conditioner Flood! How You Can Get To What You Care About

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What a flood!  Streams of hot water came pouring out of our closet ceiling, flooding the closet, hallway, and bathroom nearby.  Servicemen had heated a PVC hot water pipe, causing it to break.  They did not know how to shut off the steaming water.  They asked me where the shut-off valve was.  I called the HOA (Home Owner’s Association) office in a panic.  Hot liquid continued to stream down, into buckets, and on past.
It was quite a while before the HOA representative called back.  By then, one of the servicemen had found a part to shut off the water.  Yet it was not before a large section of the condo flooded.  I had re-purposed the trash cans in the house as buckets, which caught some of the hot water.


As I write this, the installation team is preparing for cleanup with towels and blowers.  Hopefully, installing the new heat pump/air-conditioner will continue as planned and finish before quitting time.  I talked to the servicemen.  They have to dry out the electrical board on the new A/C before they hook it up.

Neighbors Are Alarmed

A neighbor came downstairs from the top floor and asked me what was wrong with our air-conditioner.  He said many of the neighbors are choosing to get their units serviced and maintained because of us.  As I type, the condo is hot.  Unlike my walk yesterday, I have not broken a sweat, but my head is aching from the heat.  An electrician came by and worked with the wall service panel in here with his apprentice.

Seeking Relief from the Heat

I opened a window in here, hoping for some relief from the heat.  In the other rooms, three blowers are drying out the living room, our hallway, and an outside hallway near our neighbor’s door.  The servicemen are still working on the heat pump, a compact unit that doubles as a furnace and air-conditioner.
My husband has gotten down from his rocker.  He is peacefully spending time amidst the pillows and blankets I grabbed off the bed this morning in case we needed to spend the night on the floor.  The bed is covered with our clothing from the closet, which I vacated.  The air-conditioner unit is installed above where our clothes were.

Starting a Fast

I have eaten as much as I want to for the day and have started a fast for the upcoming 17 hours.   I named it the AC2 Fast.  Yesterday’s fast was AC Fast.   AC is short for air-conditioners.  I hope they have ours operational soon.

A Positive Serviceman

The open window is helping some.   My heat headache has gone down without the need for Tylenol or butterbur.  Now, what can be done to rescue the rest of the afternoon and evening?  I have visited with the servicemen until they are probably sick of me.  One serviceman is an extremely positive guy.  He noted that we were on the first floor, so we do not have to worry about flooding neighbors below us.  That is a good thing.  Neighbors could sue us over this.  We would hate to pay for others’ messes as well as our own.  That is not all he has been encouraging about.  Every word he has uttered has been heartening.  I feel calm about leaving this situation in his hands.  He will figure it out.  He was the one that ran off and obtained the part needed to shut off the water.
The other serviceman talked to me minutes ago.  He gave his card to our next-door neighbor in case she gets water under her floors.  The water left our condo and went out into the main hallway.  It is hard to say precisely where it all went.  The serviceman said he would come back and take care of our neighbor if needed.

Top 5

I did my Top 5 this morning, just as I have been doing every day since June 7, 2020.  That gives me 24 lines of straight one hundred percents, a rosy start (24%) on my 100 days.  Meditation, one of my Top 5 activities, is especially favorable to get back into because it helps make me calmer and better able to concentrate.
For me to get 100%, only 30 minutes is needed on my blog.  However, that much work early in the morning sets me up for a day of work on my blog, not every day but most days.
To count it, I only need to start Cronometer.  However, I also need to log all my food from the day before.  One time, I thought of not recording something I ate, but I thought to myself, “Do I want to mess up my scores for tomorrow?”  The answer was no, by the way.
Lately, I have been check-marking JV Life Tracker in the evening rather than waiting until morning.  That way, I can get a few extra points before bedtime and get 100% for the next day.
Doing my Top 5 is making me a happy, productive person again.

Walking Outdoors in Sunlight

I did not make it outdoors for my walk this morning because the service people were coming at 8:00 AM.  At this point, I wish I would have gone at 7:00 AM.  However, I would not have gone on my walk because I had to empty the entire closet and transfer everything to the bed.  At 7:00 AM, my husband was still in bed, so that would not have worked out.  Maybe, I can do it first thing tomorrow.  How I feel may depend on whether we sleep on the living room floor tonight.  We will see how everything goes.

Mania Triggers

I read an informative piece this morning about what triggers manic and hypomanic episodes.  I made my own list at one point but did not include everything mentioned here.
This article mentioned:
  • falling in love
  • recreational stimulant use
  • starting a creative project
  • late-night partying
  • going on vacation
  • listening to loud music
It is not surprising that I had so many episodes in the late 1990s when about weekly, I stayed out late, went to dances with loud music, and fell in love with some of the men I met.  Even going on vacation can be dangerous.  In 1998 and 1999, I flew with my parents to North Carolina and Florida, across the country.  Not long after each trip, I had a manic episode that put me in the hospital.
That is not my lifestyle now.  I stay away from loud noises, not so much to prevent mania, but because of an ear injury, I suffered in 2011, which gave me hyperacusis, or excruciating sensitivity to sound.  Perhaps it is beneficial that I had the ear injury because it could have prevented me from being triggered.  I have been hard-pressed to find the silver lining in my ear accident, but perhaps there has been one all along.  I knew at least since 1999 that staying up late could be a problem, so that year, I set an intention to always go to bed by 10 PM.  That has probably helped me too.
The problem remains:  how can we have any fun?  Personally, I do not find it fun to battle the fatigue caused by staying up too late the night before.  What also is not fun is when other people take issue with my bedtime.  I have not found a workable solution because some people do not understand and cannot be made to comprehend with a simple explanation.  The remaining difficulty I have with my husband is that he does not always respect my bedtime.  
What do we do about starting creative projects?  I have found the best thing to do is to work on an existing creative project and beware of doing anything new.  Of course, there are times that something new is called for.  That is when I need to be extra-cautious and be especially careful about undertaking more than one thing at a time.
I wanted to get five existing projects going earlier this year, and so far, I am doing one okay and the second one some.  I have touched two others but cannot really say they are going.  Five?  That may never happen.  My counselor said to forget five projects.  So far, I have retired one of the projects.  We will see how the others fare.  These projects are not the same as my Top 5.  They are much more involved.  My Top 5 is doable.  My five projects are unreachable or at least appear to be.

Does the New Air-Conditioner Work?

The servicemen said they were going to turn on the air-conditioner.  It is still pretty hot in here: 81 degrees F.  When I looked at it, the thermostat had not budged.   Now, the temperature has gone down to 80 degrees F.   The serviceman said they were filling the air-conditioner with refrigerant.   I closed the windows and patio doors.
I think I detect a drop in temperature.  The thermostat has not budged again, however.  The serviceman says he is making some adjustments to make it work better.  The blowers where the men are working make it seem more chill, but my office is hot.  It is approaching 6:00 PM.
The men said they were going to do something to make the unit more efficient.  I hope they did not fix it so it does not do the job!
It has been a while since I checked the thermostat.  Now it is down to 79 degrees F.  It is almost livable.  My husband and I typically keep it at 78 degrees.   The old air-conditioner cooled it more than that, but we like it warm.  It has not gone down any further, though.
Why did we replace the air-conditioner then?  The old appliance leaked water into our master bedroom clothes closet.  Hopefully, the new unit will not do that.


I am feeling hungry and a bit regretful that I decided to abstain from food tonight.  The stress of the day has probably stimulated my appetite.  I want to stay faithful to my fast, though, so I will endure a little discomfort.  My husband does not desire dinner, either.  So that should work out.
I lost a bit of weight last night after it rose several days in succession, even while my calorie intake was low.  I am still not at my lowest point since coming home from Santa Fe House.  However, I am only a twentieth of a kilo above it.  Since I did not walk today, who knows if I will lose mass tonight?  I did my four chiropractic exercises today–a routine I am much better about doing lately.
Now, much later, the thermostat went down another degree.  We changed the setting for our cooler to go down just one more degree.  At last, the temperature is cold enough.  The serviceman said the reason it went down so slowly is all the humidity from our hot temperature flood.  The air-conditioner itself works as a dehumidifier, sending all the excess moisture down the drain, hopefully.  It is hard to portray in this writing how much time it took to cool down three degrees.


The servicemen are gone.  My husband and I have been relaxing.  He has stayed calm through all of this.  I thought for a while about what could have happened had they not shut the water off when they did.  The hot water did not even get into any of the other condos, just the hallway.  My husband and I decided we were glad we did this after all and used the company we did.
What is the secret to doing what really matters?  First, attend to the emergency.  Then as the critical phase abates, allow some time to do your projects or whatever you had in process.  Then, take some time to relax with loved ones and get their take.  Make sure they are okay with everything.  Give yourself time to process what happened.  See the positives in the situation.  Consider yourself blessed that the emergency was not worse.  Thank your lucky stars if it is all over in less than 24 hours.


Dear Lord,
We still have to finish drying out the condo.  Our garbage cans that I offered to catch the hot water need to be dried and put back in service.  Tonight, we are sleeping on the living room floor.  When the closet is dry, we can put our clothes back in and reclaim our bed.
It will take longer than 24 hours to complete everything, but the hard work is done.  The new air-conditioner is installed and working.  A crane delivered a roof unit safely and securely to the top of our four-story building.   The servicemen said there was a magnificent view from there.  One even showed me a panoramic photo he took from his perch.
Lord, I am so grateful that my husband took this emergency as well as he did.  He could have been angry about the flood, but that is not his way.  I am a bit miffed about having to sleep on the floor, but we have been there before.  It is doable.
I am 6:55 hours into my 17-hour fast.  I am a bit hungry, but I do not want to eat until tomorrow.  It is probably wise to fast tonight because a stressful situation like this could trigger a binge.  I might have eaten a lot tonight, and I have not eaten anything.
Whether my readers will appreciate my comments about getting through an emergency remains to be seen.  As usual, I am transparently sharing my life.  There is something to learn in every situation.
Lord, thank you for the comfort and peace I felt today.  I believed everything was going to be okay, and it was.
I have been reading: You Can Create An Exceptional Life by Louise Hay and Cheryl Richardson.  I may give affirmations another try.  I want to create declarations on the fly, not just recite memorized ones.
The one serviceman was so upbeat I could tell he worked on his attitude.  I let him know I noticed it.  He was the one who solved the dire situation.  If I can create a positive future that I affirm to myself before I experience it, what is possible?  Could I get through my own hot water flood?
How many floods have I gotten through already?  Yet typically, I think I am not going to make it.  I must know that I will.  Help me to have that knowledge.   Lord, I may see worse than today.  Help me to be okay with that.  Help my readers to get through their floods.
If you would like to join me on this journey from the beginning, please start with Day One.  If you wish to download a FREE copy of my ebook (with no need to enter your name or email), click on the book below.

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