Day 566, The Beauty of Water


Monday Morning

The featured image above speaks to me about the importance of water.  However, the subject is not using soap.  Be sure to use ample soap when washing your hands as it can kill the COVID-19 virus and keep you safe.
Snow is on the ground and has been for several days.  I went out for a walk in the hall this morning, and none of my first-floor neighbors were out.  The corridors seemed dead.  A construction worker came into the building to work on a third-floor condo.  We exchanged a few words as I moved back a step to ensure a six-foot social distance.  I also saw one person at the mailboxes outside and greeted him with a “Good morning.”
It is a different world out there.  Last night, Jerry Polis, our Colorado governor, asked all places of employment to reduce their on-site staff to 50% or less and use telecommuting whenever possible.   He even pledged to reduce the on-site staff among Colorado state employees, even in critical areas, with the possible exception of prison guards.  Unlike some governors, Governor Polis is not enforcing social distancing with punishment.  However, he said the Grim Reaper is our enforcer.


Over the phone, I ordered a replacement bulb for my First Street floor lamp this morning.  Even though my hearing is not keen, I could distinctly hear every word and number the operator said.  After the order was complete, I asked him if he was working from home.  He said, “Yes.”  I mentioned how clear the sound was.  He said, “It is quiet here.”  I said, “Maybe you can do it that way all the time.”  He liked that idea.
Telecommuting and Internetwork will likely be even more prevalent in the future than it is now.  That might not be so bad.  The Coronavirus is pushing society to use these options.
If my business depended on my speaking before hundreds or even thousands of people, that would not work out right now.


This morning, I resumed my gratitude practice.   I recommend you implement a gratitude practice as well.
Preparing For My Day
5-10 things I am grateful for:
comments, feelings, ideas, moods, and empowering questions:
We are going to win the war against the COVID-19 virus!
I am getting re-committed to my goals.
I have more vitality than I have had most days this year so far.
Losing .7 kilos (1.54 pounds) in the past two days from reviewing and doing my Achieve 50 kg mind map
Getting more than my average number of points in JV Life Tracker the past two days
Reading The Motivation Myth: How High Achievers Really Set Themselves Up to Win – a helpful book if you need motivation.

Chiropractic Care

I called my chiropractor this morning.  I did not go last week because they had not spaced the wobble (exercise) chairs six feet apart.  They have now done that, so I will keep my appointment this afternoon.  Admittedly, it is still a bit risky, but not taking care of my health is dangerous too.  Chiropractic care will strengthen my immune system, something we all need to have working right now.  My husband is okay with my going.
[Later I went.  The place was much less crowded than usual.  My chiropractor said he did everything the CDC had told him to do and had gone far beyond that.]


Since starting the Motivation Myth, life has been going so much better.  I must have been waiting around for inspiration to spur me into action.  Now, I better understand the process of building motivation.  I have been motivated in the past.  Now I know I just need to pay particular attention to my process. Saturday’s blog entry generated more attention than the average.  Success breeds success.
What would you like me to write more about?  You can suggest topics in the comments below.


I want to show and tell you more about water.  Water, of course, is at the forefront of our war against the COVID-19 virus.  For details about keeping your hands clean during this pandemic, consider Dr. Joseph Mercola’s suggestions.
Yesterday, I read a library book, Blue Mind: The Surprising Science That Shows How Being Near, In, On, or Under Water Can Make You Happier, Healthier, More Connected, and Better At What You Do by Wallace J. Nichols.  The foreword to the book is written by Céline Cousteau, who is Jacques Cousteau’s granddaughter.
Let me share a memory of a sea turtle I observed at the Loveland Aquarium in my Utah home town.  This beautiful aquarium is a shark tank.  Water surrounds the viewers on all sides, including over their heads, except at their feet.
Here are the penguins at the same aquarium.
Another memory:  the waterfalls at Thanksgiving Gardens, a place not far south of the Loveland Aquarium.
Here is a picture I took of my niece and her new husband on the west coast of the Big Island of Hawaii at sunset.
I want to see some places in Colorado also.  Nearby, we have reservoirs, and of course, there is snow on the Rockies.  From our condo, we can see the mountains to the west.
Wallace Nichols said that research has shown that people prefer photographs with water over photos that do not contain water.  You may want to remember that when you take vacation photos or prepare images for advertising.  If I would have known that, I would have taken far more pictures of water.  As you can see, even someone with minimal photography skills, such as myself, can create something beautiful with water.
We can create something beautiful with our lives.  Start by drinking more water.   If you do not have a filter, consider buying one.  Bottled water, when used often by a lot of people, generates a lot of pollution.

Tuesday Morning



My husband says he likes Tuesday because Tuesdays are for two, i.e., the two of us.  It is a good thing the two of us like each other because we spend most of our time together.  The pandemic goes on.  The latest news is about the Olympics.  I am sure that many people are gravely disappointed that their Olympic dreams have dissolved.  Even if the Olympics happen next year, some people will not likely be able to afford to train for another year.

Morning Ritual as a Part of Process

I got up this morning and did my pink morning ritual.
This ritual has been almost impossible to get through since December.  I created special morning rituals for January and February.  However, I was still not as consistent as I want to be.  The problem might be boredom.  Now that I am paying particular attention to my goal process, I am seeing how crucial it is to get committed to it.  I can abandon my process or even change it slightly to something less effective.  However, if that keeps me from reaching my goals, I have defeated myself.  It is crucial to do what works.
Therefore, I will keep plodding along, even though there are obstacles along the way.  Boredom is one of those obstacles.  Ryan Holiday says The Obstacle Is The Way.

A Pro Versus a Coach

Jeff Haden, the author of The Motivation Myth, speaks of finding a pro to help you reach your goals versus finding a coach.  He says a professional can show you what is necessary to achieve your goal.  A coach can pump you up but may not know himself or herself what it actually takes to accomplish your goals.  When you undertake to achieve something difficult, if possible, find someone who has actually accomplished it.  If you are aiming to break a world record, this may not be possible.  However, most goals are not world record-breakers.
Jeff Haden says you can work to be 1% better at all the activities that compose the process for your goal.  This is almost always achievable.

My Process

I have achieved my ideal weight, at least I am in range.  I am starting to realize that the same process for losing weight is also needed for weight maintenance.  You cannot abandon your diet once all the weight is lost.  The need to follow the process goes on.  My weight loss process is outlined in my mindmap, Achieve 50 kg.
Last fall, I proved this process works.  However, when Mom told me I did not need to lose any more weight last December, that I should question my beliefs about weight loss, I abandoned it.  I had only 1.55 kilos to go to get to 50 kg.  Letting go of my process resulted in gaining about 1.55 kilos rather than losing them.  Your process may not be as comprehensive as mine.  However, if you have not succeeded in maintaining your ideal weight, it probably takes a more extensive procedure than what you have done in the past.  You might not think it is worth it.
However, Jeff Haden says that if you are not happy, you may need to pay more attention to your health.  If you neglect your health, achieving other goals, even making a lot of money, can feel empty.  He still emphasizes the need to make a living.  If you are not doing that, outside pursuits do not amount to much either.  Jeff gives the following example.
“A guy in my neighborhood wanted to climb Mount Kilimanjaro.  He hiked double-digit miles a few days a week. He spent hours and hours on a StairMaster.  He carried around backpacks full of water jugs to simulate a heavy pack.  He devoted twenty to twenty-five hours a week to training.”
“Good for him, right?”
“Not really.  During that same time, his house went into foreclosure.”

Multiple Priorities

Maybe some people would think a great body is worth losing your house.  I do not think so.  Because of our need to set multiple priorities, we need to work on more than one goal in any one day or week.  The best tool I have for managing multiple priorities is an app I wrote myself called JV Life Tracker.  JV stands for Joyful Vibrance.


Dear Lord,
As always,  I pray for wisdom and joy.  We are living in a pandemic.  Hopefully, we are paying strict attention to our health, more than ever before.
We are so grateful for this watery planet, which supplies everything needed to sustain life.  Each organism, however, is responsible for acting in ways that ensure its survival.  We must somehow procure food and filter our water.
Some people take primary responsibility for feeding themselves and others.  Others rely on the efforts of these people to eat.  Please, Lord, bless our farmers, ranchers, and fishermen at this time that they will continue to have the courage to supply food during this pandemic.  Bless the grocery-store workers who are especially at risk at this time to maintain their labors.  Bless those in transportation, who give up much of their private lives to be on the road to bring us food.
I am doubly grateful in this entry for what I am and have in life.  Lord, I am especially thankful to you for your watchful care over all of us.  You created us with the power to act, think, and feel.  All of us are together in this current situation.  Help us to remember to love our neighbors.  I have neighbors who are suffering right now, from medical conditions and treatments, job loss, or the loss of their social life.  My husband and I are finding it more challenging to get groceries.  Even though we are not party animals, the confinement of our social life is affecting us too.  Help all of us to weather these conditions without losing our mental health.

Thursday Morning

Effective this morning, the governor has ordered everyone to stay-at-home statewide until April 17, 2020.  Only people with essential jobs that cannot be done at home are allowed to go to work.  Thankfully, we can go out to exercise and obtain medical care, medicine, and groceries.  The gyms are closed, but we can walk or jog outside.  No traveling is allowed.
If you would like to join me on this journey from the beginning, please start with Day One.  If you wish to download a FREE copy of my ebook (with no need to enter your name or email), click on the book below.

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