Day 558, Fighting a World-Wide Virus


Saturday Evening

Lately, we have been bombarded with the news about the COVID-19 virus.  My husband’s son visited today and let us know that he and his wife are working from home, and their children are out of school.  He counseled me not to go to the library and to check again about whether I can do my counseling and doctor’s appointments remotely.
So, for now, our lives will be spent at home, doing our best to avoid contact with anyone who might be carrying the dreaded virus.

What I Intended to Do

  1. Eat within a 9-hour window; record everything in Cronometer; eat within my calorie budget.
  2. Look over Morning Ritual, and meditate.
  3. Check out TMJ Relief, and do the exercises planned.
  4. Check out the Circadian Code mind map, and do the exercises planned.
  5. Score JV Life Tracker for yesterday and do analysis.  Record score in Cronometer.
  6. Review Achieve 50 kg mind map.
  7. Put away the laundry and do a batch of colored towels.
  8. Clean up the comments for app development.
  9. Clean the kitchen.
  10. Get started on a new blog entry.
  11. Water the poinsettia.
  12. Read past blog entries.
  13. Get dressed.
  14. Walk outside, take out the trash, and get mail.
  15. Make and consume a green drink.

What I Did

  1. I ate within a 12-hour window.  I recorded everything in Cronometer and ate with 182 calories remaining in my calorie budget.
  2. I looked over my Morning Ritual mind map and meditated.
  3. I did at least three exercises in TMJ Relief.
  4. I looked at my Circadian Code mind map.  I did not do all the exercises, but I got outside.
  5. I scored JV Life Tracker for yesterday and ran analyses.  It looks like I did not score last Wednesday.  I recorded my score in Cronometer for yesterday.
  6. I went through the slide show in Achieve 50 kg.
  7. I folded up a batch of washcloths but did not get the colored towels done.
  8. I worked on my JV Life Tracker app for 128 minutes and got a lot done besides the comments.  It will soon be ready on the new Google platform.
  9. The kitchen is reasonably clean.
  10. I am starting on a blog entry.
  11. I watered the poinsettia.
  12. I read one past blog entry.
  13. I got dressed, and we visited with my husband’s son.
  14. I took out the trash and got the mail.  I did not walk far (cold).
  15. I did not get a green drink.


I think the day went reasonably well.  My mood today was better than it was yesterday, probably better than it has been all month.
Here is how many minutes I have spent this month so far on my five projects:
This is probably not much to brag about.  However,  I am still plodding along, logging my time.

Sunday Morning


A Pandemic of the COVID-19 Virus

My mind has been overloaded lately with, “How do we get through this pandemic?”  I am reasonably healthy and would most likely survive if I get the COVID-19 virus.  However, my husband is 76 years old and has a lung condition.  He is less likely to make it.  Neither my husband nor I want to go through that misery.  My husband’s primary care provider is not even providing care for COVID-19 virus cases.  The government seems most interested in slowing down the number of new cases not to overload the medical system.  Schools are closing, so children do not contract the virus at school and take it home to their more vulnerable parents and grandparents.

Toilet Paper

Last time I shopped, I was not able to find toilet paper.  Lightheartedly, I shared my experience on Facebook.  My cousin quipped, “This is crazy.”  People are hoarding toilet paper.  I later found a limited amount of the commodity at Walgreen’s.


Fortunately, I recently bought an extra bottle of Melaleuca’s Renew lotion.  That may help keep my hands from chapping from my frequent hand washing.  Preventing eczema from reoccurring is an ongoing challenge.

Face Masks to Block Transmission of the Virus

Neither of us has face masks yet.  I am looking at some options online.  Most of them are very expensive, and the question is:  what works?  The news reported that there are criminals on the Web seeking to profit by selling supplies at jacked-up prices.
Chinese billionaire Jack Ma, who co-founded Alibaba, is donating one million masks and half a million test kits to the United States.  I wonder what type of face masks those are and how you can get them.  They will probably be used immediately.  A doctor on CBSN Los Angeles reported that face masks are only needed for medical personnel and those already infected.  I hope he is right.


I do not travel much, so my lifestyle has not changed very much.  People around me are canceling trips.  My 80-year-old mother had planned a cruise to Norway this summer with family members and even invited me along.  That will not be happening now.  My husband’s nurse practitioner had planned a trip to Israel but canceled it, not wanting to endure the mandatory 14-day quarantine.
Those who are traveling right now are in a living nightmare.  

Food Delivery

I am looking at safe ways to get food delivery. CNET describes some considerations.  One concern is signing for Costco on an electronic device that may not be sanitized.  I may have to contact Instacart about that and learn how they are minimizing the risk.  I have already updated my Instacart instructions for delivery personnel to leave my groceries by the door instead of bringing them into the condo.  Then, I need to get in the habit of sanitizing the table before serving food on it, washing my hands after bringing in the food, and not touching my face.

Thermometer to Check for Fever

I have a mild case of the sniffles but no sign of fever.  They are most likely not the Coronavirus.
I am looking for a thermometer.  Walgreens and Walmart had great online thermometers.  They are just “out of stock.”  I found another at Staples, but it cannot be delivered for a month.  Since my step-son agreed to get stuff for us, I asked if he could find one.  He said he would.  Hopefully, he can procure one in less than a month.  In the meantime, my husband and I can gauge each other’s temperatures by touch.  So far, I do not have a fever.
I found a baby fever thermometer at that can be delivered in five business days, coming from Orlando, Florida, in the United States.  My husband suggested waiting until his son finds something, so I did not order.  This ad does not say “out of stock,” but who knows for sure?

Panic About the COVID-19 Virus

Even though pan-d-e-m-ic contains all the letters in the right order for panic, panic is to be avoided.  I admit to having gotten a bit nervous.  I plan to order groceries tomorrow.  It may not go as smoothly as it usually does.  I can just hope for the best or at least something adequate with no transmission of disease.  If I keep six feet of space between me and others, that will improve my safety.  When my step-son was here, we knuckled hands and hugged in the air.  I miss the physical touch, but safety is paramount now, and the sooner I get in practice, the better.  How long all of this will go on, nobody knows.  The challenge I have right now is not to touch my face.  I keep scratching it.
What challenges are you facing right now?  I hope it is not the COVID-19 virus itself.  If it is, take heart, you are most likely to survive it.  In fact, most cases are mild and do not require hospitalization.  If you do get it, remember it is not your fault.  Do not accept a burden of guilt along with the illness.  Work on your mental health.  Mental health is what we work on all the time here at Joyful Vibrance.  Join our journey to get through this with your mood and energy intact.
I will now pray.

Prayer About the COVID-19 Virus

Dear Lord,
I am reading On The Future:  Prospects for Humanity by Martin Rees.  It was published in 2018 and warned of the dangers of a possible pandemic.  Martin knew with modern-day air travel, an infection can spread very rapidly.  However, Martin did not describe the disruptions to society we are currently experiencing, which are unprecedented.
What is the best thing to do?  It looks like the most significant disruption to my lifestyle will be not to go to the library.  I plan to return what I currently have out at an outside book drop.  Hopefully, I can keep my presently checked out books for a while.  If the books are not on hold, I believe I can keep them for up to 27 weeks.  We will see how it goes.  There are electronic books at the library, which can be checked out from home.  I already have one of them checked out from Hoopla.  And there is Amazon.  Hay House offers many of their titles at one or two dollars for a limited time, so I am glad I am on their email list.
I am grateful I have made progress on upgrading my app to the new Google platform.  Perhaps, I can do some more work to enhance it.  That will keep me busy when I am not writing my blog.
Lord, help my readers to find worthwhile activities to engage in while at home, activities beyond watching television.  Protect those who have to work away from home.  Yes, protect all of us from the virus.  I am grateful for my safety so far.
Not long ago, I thought this virus would be contained the way Ebola was, but it apparently has not been.  Now that we have to contend with it let us use wisdom in everything we do.  Let us also still have joy in our lives.  Today, I saw an Italian apartment complex listening to the Italian National Anthem.  I think they all felt a bit of joy, even while their nation is in lock-down.
Now France and Spain have locked down also.  Europe got hit harder than anyone expected and is now considered the epicenter of the pandemic.  Here in the United States, we could have possible hardship ourselves.  However, there is still room for joy, whether it is listening to the national anthem, serving our loved ones, taking a class online, or enjoying a book.
The U.S. political campaign is continuing, but events are without an audience.  That is surreal.  The big question on everyone’s mind is, “What is going to happen to the Olympics in Tokyo this summer?”  By now, my readers may already know.
In the past, with epidemics and pandemics of the plague, Spanish flu, polio, etc., people were scared.  They did not have as much technology as we have today.  Technology can spread the virus, yet it can potentially also be used to prevent or treat the illness.  We have much to be grateful for.  Please bless those who are working for solutions.  
If you would like to join me on this journey from the beginning, please start with Day One.  If you wish to download a FREE copy of my ebook, (with no need to enter your name or email), click on the book below.

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