Day 55, Relationships Are Central to Our Physical and Mental Health


The MARSH Model

Here is a new happiness model, the MARSH model.
First, access the above mindmap to watch the TED talk.   It is an eye-opener based on a longitudinal Harvard study, initially done only on men.  The findings?  Positive relationships are the most significant determiner of physical and mental health as you age, including brain health.  
So why does ‘R’ not stand for relationships?   Relationships are included in loving spirituality.  I am thinking of the Christian commandment to love God above all else and to love your neighbor as yourself.   There is more:
  • Meaningful memories are often made with loved ones.
  • Hopeful vision includes being optimistic about your relationships.  
  • Your value-based actions can be for your loved ones.
There are other contexts besides relationships that these five things include.  However, that is not a weakness of the MARSH model.
The MARSH model envelopes the past (Memories,) the future (Hopeful Vision,) and the present (Values-based Action).


The presidential election is still undetermined.  I ate a lot last night and gained .9 kilograms in two days.   I wonder if watching so much TV let my guard down.  Time in front of the TV can be dangerous to your diet.  I even ate some of my extra food last night while in front of the computer.
The AP has called the race, and so has every other major TV network.  The president will contest it, so it is not over.

Diet Diary

I did not eat my Mini Joy today, so I was short on choline and selenium.   Again, lysine was weak.  I may buy some more lysine to make up the difference.  Sodium may appear high, but I need more with lithium since lithium displaces sodium in the body.  One more gram of protein would have been better, but this was close.

Next Morning

My weight returned to its lowest point this morning!  Yesterday’s food intake was a success.   Last night and this morning, I am fasting for two nephews who are sick.  You can record the purpose of a fast in Cronometer and even include notes about how it went.

Monday Morning



We had a relaxing weekend.  I read a lot, which I love doing!  So far this year, I have read 26 books cover-to-cover!
Lord, this weekend I listed 24 things I want to do.  I have not been successful at getting all of them going at once.  I could work on some of them sequentially.
Most importantly, I want to nurture my relationship with my husband.  Since he is disabled, his care requires a lot of effort.  He even has me get his TV remote for him.
Please help me, Lord, to prioritize my tasks for maximum influence.  Help me to take care of my mental health while doing so.
Thank you, Lord, for getting my weight down to 51.3 kg.  My BMI is currently 18.2.  Please give me wisdom about whether to go up or down.
Lord, the pandemic is getting worse, not better.  Please bless those I love and give them the wisdom to protect themselves.  Bless my nephews, who are critically sick.  I have fasted for them in the past two days.
Bless my eyes, particularly the left one.  I plan to see the eye doctor this month.  Please help her to know how to advise me.
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This article, with its diet diary, shows what worked for me.  I do not claim that it will work for you.  Consult a licensed medical provider to determine your diet and medical care.  These blog entries do not diagnose or treat any disease.  If I provide any clues for you or your provider, I will be happy.

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