Day 51, Election Day Stabilization

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“My nutritionist says, ‘If you bite it, write it.’ Writing down everything that you put in your mouth really helps. I don’t count a damn calorie. But when I’m really trying to eat healthy, I write everything down. It really holds me accountable and puts me on a healthier path.”


Today is Tuesday, November 3rd, Election Day!  I could watch television all day to feel the excitement of the ballot counting.  However, I will not be any wiser because nothing is final until later.  Instead of watching TV, I created the above reminder list.  I trust you like it.
Most importantly, it says, “Innovate!”  Create new knowledge from the media you ingest daily.  Use your new insights to solve your and/or other people’s problems.


Unfortunately, I did not sleep well again last night.  Instead of getting back to sleep, I started my day.  Before noon, I was exhausted.  I think my problem is that having to urinate wakes me up.  Then my face and jaw pain (TMJ) keeps me from falling back asleep.  At night, my medication helps me go unconscious.  However, early in the morning, I no longer have that advantage unless I want to take extra medicine, not a workable idea.  Repeat this over and over, add it to the fact that my husband keeps me from going to bed early, and I have a massive sleep debt.    
Solutions, anyone?  One possibility is to drink less water at night.  That is what Joshua Rosenthal at the Institute of Integrative nutrition recommended.  However, another one of my medications makes me as thirsty as a fish out of water.  I could try using Biotène gel at night to keep my mouth moist.  The company claims it is safe to leave in the mouth all night.  It is expensive, but lack of sleep is costly too.  I could Waterpik and Sonicare my teeth, apply some gel, then go to bed.


I got sucked into the excitement of election night.  So far, it is purely speculation.  The presidential race is too close to call yet.  May the best man win, regardless of my vote!


I finished my food for the day with a small dinner of kimchi.  I used the Waterpik and Sonicare on my teeth and even applied some Biotène gel.

Computer Setup

Last night, I discovered that I need a different cable, an adapter, for my new monitor.  It could take a few days to get it.  I can post my entries with only one monitor, but it is so much more doable with two.  So I may wait a few days to start posting this journey.


I walked to the library again this afternoon.  It was 77 degrees F. out, hot for this time of year.  My new walking shoes are not as comfortable as my old ones.  I hope I can break them in.

Weight Stabilization Strategy

Let me see if I can form a strategy for the next two months or so.  If I do nothing, my weight will slowly rise.  Eating vegetables is a crucial rule.  Whenever I eat an apple, my fructose goes over 15 grams.  Should I limit my fruit intake to blueberries only?  I could do another analysis to see the effect of fructose on my weight.  I think net calories have a more apparent effect on my weight’s direction.
Since I cannot keep my weight at a single point, I will need to bring it down again some days.  Keeping my weight stable is as challenging as losing, to begin with.


Another important rule is no added sugar.  That means no sugar I add and no sugar added in processing the food.  That rules out pizza and lasagna.  My husband loves those foods, but if I start eating them, too, I start putting on pounds.  Whenever I slide into eating sugar again, my weight goes up.  Eating a little sugar seems innocent at first, but a disaster always ensues.


Pizza and lasagna usually have gluten, too.  My mood has been more stable and somewhat more elevated since I stopped eating gluten at the beginning of this journey.  I could start eating it again, but I think my mental health and weight would backslide.  It is time to make a commitment to avoid gluten for life.  One exception was the day I had The Lost Cajun fried shrimp dinner with my husband.  I gobbled down the buttered French bread.  It was delicious, but the meal hurt my weight and mood the next day–even several days.

Not Enough Data to Call the Election

Minutes ago, I watched the presidential election again.  There were many relevant data, but not enough to call it.

Diet Diary



It seems that today has been filled with caretaking.  I got the above reminders done.  I am glad I made a mindmap this morning to give my day direction.  I ended up watching more TV than I planned.  However, the election is the day’s excitement.
It was beautiful today.  You would never know we had snow days ago.
Sugar, Gluten, Dairy
Lord, it seems that sugar, gluten, and maybe dairy need to stay out of my diet.  Help me to hold fast to these rules.  They will help my physical and mental health in addition to keeping my weight down.
Brain Fitness
I read more of the brain fitness book today.  I have been thinking of how to abstract relevant meaning from reams of information.  My duty is not to parrot facts.  Instead, the goal is to create solutions that can change lives, incredibly my own.
Something Different Every Day
I trust that every day in this journey has something different to offer.  Some repeating threads have intertwined through the blog entries, but my approach varies each day.  It is not only a way to lose weight; it is an approach to living joyfully, vibrantly.
Filled With Purpose
I confess I have not been on cloud nine every moment I wrote this.  However, I gradually did better more consistently as my depression lifted, and I became filled with purpose.
Please, Lord, bless my readers with the desires of their hearts.

Next Morning

My weight is sliding down a bit more, which is okay!
If you would like to join me on this journey from the beginning, please start with Day One.  If you wish to download a FREE copy of my ebook (with no need to enter your name or email), click on the book below.  Please continue this journey with me by clicking on the arrows at the right of the page.
This article, with its diet diary, shows what worked for me.  I do not claim that it will work for you.  Consult a licensed medical provider to determine your diet and medical care.  These blog entries do not diagnose or treat any disease.  If I provide any clues for you or your provider, I will be happy.

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