Day 5, Weight a Minute

KaeLyn Morrill, Certified Health Coach, Age 58
“Dieting is the only game where you win when you lose!”
Karl Lagerfeld


I am in the game.  My weight this morning was down to 54.5 kg.  It has started to decrease.  Today, I want to make a green drink for breakfast.  I started the dishwasher to get things ready for later.
Here it is.  For the ingredients, see the diet diary below.
Here are the nutrient facts, which show how incredibly nutritious this delicious recipe alone is.  Be sure to balance the high copper with some zinc.

My Day So Far

It is only 9:22 AM, and the day is already full with:
  • hot packing my eyes to unplug the Meibomian glands
  • reviewing Core Code for Living
  • creating my longhand mindmap of the day in my Aspirations notebook
  • doing the dishes
  • starting my blog
  • scoring JV Life Tracker (I got 220 points for yesterday!)
  • making the bed
  • using my Denneroll for spinal alignment
  • getting breakfast for my husband,
  • meditating
  • reading the Bible to my husband
  • getting dressed
  • photography, including a selfie
  • taking a walk
  • shopping for a WaterPik flosser
  • handling the mail
  • preparing breakfast
  • completing my fast at 16:41 hours
I can hardly believe I have this much energy!   When you are happy, you can get so much more done.  I am starting to experience vibrant joy, which is what this blog is all about.  That is what I want for you too.  I am not saying you should do exactly what I am doing, but this blog series will give you clues to implement your own program.

Walk in the Park

I plan to walk at 10:00 AM to the library and park.  Today, I will walk later than I typically did during the summer because fall weather is approaching.  That is when the best temperatures will be.  I check the hourly forecast on before I go.
I stopped at the dry cleaners on the way to the library.  My cream blazer was soiled when our air-conditioner leaked into our closet.  The closet has been repaired now, and we have a new air-conditioner.  The jacket damage is the only thing left to be concerned about.
Here are the pictures I took in the park:
The waterfall and water jets greeted me today as they have most of the summer.  I love water.  I love to watch water, smell it, hear it, drink it.  It is a resource we could take for granted, but doing so would be to our peril.
I check out a new book from the library today, Walking with Glenn Berkenkamp, published in 2020.  I read the first two chapters and encountered helpful insights already.  Glenn believes walking is meditation while getting out with your eyes open.  Personally, I do not prefer to sit still with my eyes closed for 30 minutes of meditation daily.  Getting out sounds much more fun.  Walking meditation is something I probably already do.



I had pistachios, an Amy tofu scramble with hash browns and veggies, and a fresh organic apple for lunch.   The apple caused fructose to go over 15 grams for the day.  However, let me see how I fare anyway.  Apples are rich in dietary fiber and nutritious.




Joseph Clough has a Hypnosis app with dozens of self-hypnosis mp3s.  I listened to the weight loss recording.   I did not quite finish because my husband aroused me to put the pork tenderloin in the oven.  However, it was very relaxing and has revived me from my after-lunch drowsiness.  Whether it helps me lose weight remains to be determined.  I cannot tell you any of its suggestions consciously because I fell into a trance today.

Forest Fire Disaster

Minutes ago, I read a brief National Geographic article about how climate change is affecting wildfires in the American West.  It is a disaster and getting worse.  This year, fire damage has been cataclysmic.  My husband’s oldest son lives in Northern California and says the air is hardly breathable.  Will Washington, Oregon, and California end up as one scorched corridor?  Will the death of so many trees make global warming even worse?  We have wildfires here in Colorado too, but not of that enormity.  Will an orange sky be as usual as a blue one?  What effect is this going to have on the global food supply?
My husband and I enjoyed slices of pork tenderloin.   My protein may go over-budget today, but I think my total calories will be in range.  Garcinia cambogia powder is taking the intensity off my appetite, which is a welcome effect.

Afternoon Snack

To complete my afternoon snack of almond milk, unsalted cashews, and pork tenderloin, I ate a serving of WildbrineÒ Kraut.  Sauerkraut seems to be the best way for me to get probiotics.  I had an appendectomy at the age of ten, so I am missing a key site of probiotic multiplication.  Probably, this is why I need to replenish them relentlessly.
I have drastically fewer symptoms of yeast overgrowth than when systemic candidiasis was my most severe medical problem.  If yeast overgrowth is sapping your vitality, get help.  Probiotic pills can alleviate symptoms.  However, after years of trying different capsules, I tried cultured vegetables, which can make you forget you had the symptoms altogether.  A serving of sauerkraut also increases the number of vegetable servings for a day.  I count my vegetable servings each day and score them in JV Life Tracker.


My profile was missing choline.  Non-GMO lecithin in my dinner took care of that.  Choline is needed for metabolism support.  It also nourishes the brain’s cognitive functions, including memory.  It may help prevent mania (but do not drop your medication in favor of taking lecithin!)  The rest of the foods were icing on the cake.  I added some garcinia cambogia powder to my bowl.  It did not affect the flavor much.  Perhaps it will help suppress my appetite until my fast is over at 8:17 AM tomorrow!
Here is how my diet diary turned out for Day 5.  If you want to see other food logs, click on the arrows to the right and left of the page.  So far, none of my days are perfect, but I think they are getting better and better.

Nutritional Analysis

First, notice that my weight dropped from days earlier.
I have 55 calories remaining in my budget.  Due to the meat, my protein is a bit heavy but not too bad.  Both fat and net carbs are low, which may help me lose weight.  I give myself a point in JV Life Tracker if I keep my net carbs under 100%.  Doing that is probably worth several points.  I got an ample supply of vitamins and minerals.  Green drinks and my supplements help with that.
Perhaps most importantly, my consumed calories are less than my burned calories.  I typically burn about 1925 calories a day (when I am taking the right amount of thyroid medication).  However, that depends on exercise and other activities.   Getting enough sleep affects metabolism, too, for the better, so do the best you can to get at least seven hours a night and more if you need it.  When I had a chronic yeast infection, I slept about twelve hours per night.  I am glad those days are past!  See what I said earlier about sauerkraut.
My fructose and all sugars are a bit high. If I had not eaten the apple, they probably would be in the green rather than red.  However, I love apples, and it is apple season.  I think I may lose weight anyway.
A lot of data, is it not?  Are you thinking of using Cronometer yourself?  I hope so.  It may seem too difficult to keep, but it can be done in 20 minutes a day with a little practice.  That is a small price to pay for the balance you can achieve and the possibility of losing weight.  Without a diet diary, my weight would probably be about 170 pounds or so.  Instead, it is 120.  Without a diet diary, my weight could be even more because I take two medications that cause weight gain.  (I was taking three!)  Besides that, a hospital stay can put 3-10 pounds on you.


Dear Lord,
I am so grateful for the tools to manage my weight.  I can even share what I am doing with others.  I am not a perfect model.  However, I am experienced at this.
Lord, give me the confidence to know I can and will do this!   My goal is to reach 50 kg by January 2, 2021.  I am at 54.5 kg now.
Lord, help me to overcome all roadblocks to achieving this goal.  My medication is a hurdle because it changes my brain and affects my appetite.  Hopefully, garcinia cambogia will give me an edge all 110 days.
Help me to integrate what I have learned throughout my life for further success.  I am just getting started, but I am off to a good start.
Forgive Me
Lord, forgive me for any errors I leave in this work.  I am doing my best to be accurate.
I imagine that I will continue in harmony with my husband.  He is thrilled that I am happy again.
I envision myself making these blog entries for the next 105 days.  Please help me to make each entry thoughtful and beautiful.
Bless my intelligent readers that they will take away everything I intend and perhaps more.  Bless them with joy and vibrancy!
If you would like to join me on this journey from the beginning, please start with Day One.  If you wish to download a FREE copy of my ebook (with no need to enter your name or email), click on the book below.  Please continue this journey with me by clicking on the arrows at the right of the page.
This article, with its diet diary, shows what worked for me.  I do not claim that it will work for you.  Consult a licensed medical provider to determine your diet and medical care.  These blog entries do not diagnose or treat any disease.  If I provide any clues for you or your provider, I will be happy.

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