Day 49, Too Much Information

“In the Information Age, the first step to sanity is FILTERING. Filter the information: extract for knowledge.


Filter first for substance. Then filter second for significance. These filters protect against advertising.

Filter third for reliability. This filter protects against politicians.

Filter fourth for completeness. This filter protects against the media.”



I got through Halloween without eating candy!  My weight even dropped a bit below my goal, which is okay.  Now for the holiday season.  I want to enjoy myself without overdoing as I sometimes do.
I showed my “after” picture to a friend in Utah.  He said it was beautiful.  
  • Show Friends How to Stabilize Weight.
  • Devotional
  • Check Weight.
  • Record Food and Supplements in Cronometer.
  • Eat 1450-1550 Calories.
  • Make a Green Drink for Lunch.
  • Walk This Afternoon.
  • Start an Intermittent Fast After Your Last Meal.
Today is about stabilization.  Adjust your calories to whatever is right for you.  Keep them a bit on the low side, especially if you do not mind losing a bit more.
I ate a little more than I intended tonight, even a gluten-containing item.  I will have to see what the results are on the scale tomorrow.  Take a look at the diet diary.



Diet Diary



Today, I spent hours reading Make Your Your Brain Smarter by Sandra Bond Chapman, Ph.D.  I have made the mistake of stuffing myself with information and being an information consumer rather than a synthesizer of novel solutions.
Hopefully, this blog encourages the thinking she describes.  Our educational institutions train us to believe that there is only one answer to questions that will never change.  Instead, we can extract many levels of meaning and apply them in many ways.


I am hoping that as you have read through my blog that you realize you do not have to do everything exactly the way I have.  Instead, you can synthesize principles for creating solutions for yourself.  I hope you do not reject what I have written because you cannot or do not want to implement it precisely the way I have.


With the change to standard time, it got light and dark earlier.  Now it is 9:00 PM, and I am struggling to stay awake.
Brain Fitness
I have learned a new approach to thinking today.  Instead of stuffing myself with information, I will create meaning and solutions from the media I encounter.  I will be a better gatekeeper at controlling the barrage of data and the stream of distractions that keep me from becoming productive.
Strategic Attention
I could spend my entire life handling email.  Without giving it strategic attention, our electronic communication can overwhelm us.
Integrative Reasoning
Today’s world forces us to consider a multitude of options, which does not make us any happier with our decisions.  Unable to investigate all possibilities, we have the impression that we let the best choice get away.
Teenagers and young adults are maturing mentally at a slower rate than past generations.  Sandra believes that is because the constant interruptions from their phones are stalling their prefrontal cortex’s development, which is required to make adult decisions.
Prefrontal Cortex
My bipolar disorder hijacked my prefrontal cortex.  With medication, things improved, but was the damage completely reversed?  No wonder I feel like a teenager at times.  I have had to exercise and develop the forebrain functions deliberately.
However, now I have learned that we all need to do that.  These functions do not emerge automatically.  Our education and technology are making it all the more challenging.
Too Much Information
I have always reveled in our quick information access.  Now I am learning that this can impede the maturation of our brains.
Brain Exercises
I will have to do some practice to see if Sandra is right.  I suspect she is on to something because she provides training that helps 85% of those she trains.  She focuses on strategic attention, integrative reasoning, and innovation.
Lord, please bless my readers with super-functioning prefrontal cortex and help me get out of the teenage stage.  I am 59 years of age, for heaven’s sake!
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This article, with its diet diary, shows what worked for me.  I do not claim that it will work for you.  Consult a licensed medical provider to determine your diet and medical care.  These blog entries do not diagnose or treat any disease.  If I provide any clues for you or your provider, I will be happy.

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