Day 444, Joy By Design

“But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, forbearance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, 23 gentleness and self-control. Against such things there is no law” (Galatians 5:22, 23).

Can we design joy?  Finding a book, describing the elements of joyful design is inspiring me to plan that vibrant feeling into my own life.  Join the journey to lose 15 pounds without sacrificing mood or energy.  You will be glad you did.
Preparing For My Day

5-10 things I am grateful for:
comments, feelings, ideas, moods, and empowering questions:
What beautiful things will I design this weekend?
mood and energy:

I could complain, but I will not.
I feel okay.


the reason it is important
next action(s)
I have kept my stoic diary for over a week.  Let me share its design so far.
Prudence, Justice, Fortitude, Temperance.
Stop complaining.
I have been free of manic episodes since August 2016, more than three years.
Mental health.
Continue to take your medication, meditate, get enough sleep, and manage stress.
I started listening to delta and theta binaural beats for stress-proofing.
Mental health.
Continue to experiment with them.
My weight is stabilizing at 52.5 kg.
Weight loss.
Make some green drinks to kick off additional weight loss.
I am consistently using JV Life Tracker.
Examined Life.
  • Use the analysis part of the app more often.
  • Work on the design of the upgrade.


This morning, with a green drink for breakfast and split pea soup for lunch, I have eaten enough fiber for the day.  That is by design.  I have consumed 93% of a day’s worth of potassium also.  My net carbohydrate intake is at 66% instead of 50%, however, and my energy intake is slightly high at 52% instead of 50%,–probably not problems by the end of the day.
Notice that my zinc-to-copper nutrient balance is low.  Lately, I have been supplementing with zinc picolinate, so my average balance is high.  Today, I can forgo my supplement and reduce the average.

Joy in the Winter

The snow descended moderately this morning when I arose, covering the ramp outside our patio door and its hand railing.  Winter has resurfaced!  However, warmth envelopes us in our cozy condo.  Heat rises from the heated basement garage, and from our four neighbors: one above, on each side, and across the inner hall.



Joy in Orderliness and Harmony

I included a ‘declutter deskin my morning ritual several days ago.  Now that I have done so, my workspace is free.  Yesterday, I processed the snail mail, clearing that clutter.  My mind is more organized today.  This morning, I even scored yesterday in JV Life Tracker.

The Design of a Gazetteer (Follow the gazetteer link to see it.)

My gazetteer, a map of mind maps, faithfully guides me around my intellectual pathway.  ‘Earnings per Notch’ in Google Sheets is the repository of information about my weight changes.  My efficiency is 0.394, which means I have regained some of the weight I have lost, more than once.  However, I am still playing the game.  I intend to win.

Joy From Design

Yesterday, I read Ingrid Lee’s Joyful, which is summed up in The Aesthetics of Joy.  I covered abundance, freedom, and harmony, which can seemingly contradict the former two.  However, it can make them more joyful and keep them from getting out-of-control.  I established Joyful Vibrance LLC, and I have not yet systematically studied what produces joy.  Now is the time to learn.  I once thought it was all in the food.  That may not be true.  Ingrid believes it is influenced by the environment, especially its design elements.
This week, I produced a motivational poster, using a vibrant, lush, natural green color; elevation; curves; symmetry; and a whimsical golf motif.  It caught the attention of a hospital employee; she wanted a copy of it.  Now that I know what design elements engender joy, I can design them into my creations.


Dear Lord,
Designing sentences and paragraphs for maximum engagement is a new pursuit of mine.  According to Grammarly, I am succeeding.  At the same time, I want my visuals to be engaging.  I will evaluate them using Ingrid Lee’s design principles for joy.
Thanksgiving is next week.  Today, I searched my old journals for Thanksgiving Day entries.  Lord, I am so grateful for a keen mind.  I am working to make it an organized one.
Supporting my pursuit of an organized mind is my morning ritual, which now includes a task to declutter my desk, recommended by Leo Babauta in his 12 Zen habits.  If I do that every morning, it is not time- consuming.  Letting it go for a month can be.  Lord, help me to establish that habit as my own.
Lord, the Bible is inspiring, especially the verses about asking, seeking, and knocking.  Today as I prayed, I wondered if I should just pray, “Thy will be done.”  I believe that will bring about the best of all possible worlds.  However, it is also my belief that you care about my opinion, even though it may be inferior to your own.
My opinion keeps changing.  At one time, I did not believe in God.  Then I decided to again, not because I saw the evidence just then, but because believing is seeing.
Please, bless my readers with vibrant joy and foster their weight loss if they have plans for that.  I plan to continue this blog and invite my readers to return.  Bless us with sound mental health and also vibrant mood and energy.
If you would like to join me on this journey from the beginning, please start with Day One.

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