Day 44, New Ideas for Exercise

“You’re only one workout away from a good mood.”
Today, I made a consequential decision.  I decided to change my goal from 110 Days to 50 kg to 110 Days to 52 kg.  I am already here, and it is only Day 44.  However, I plan to continue this blog in maintenance mode to show you how to maintain a healthy weight loss.  The last time I got to this weight, I started gaining again.  What can I do to prevent that?

Buy New Clothing

I want to buy some new jeans.  Instead of purchasing a size six, I will get a size eight.  I will buy one pair and see how it fits.
Before I do that, let me make a self-assessment.
Am I manic?  No.
Depressed?  No.
Anxious?  No.
Am I happy?  I, at least, feel content.  I am hopeful.  
I am a bit tense in the face.  I think by smiling all the time, I may relieve that tension.  It may deepen my crow’s feet, but it may reduce my frown line.

Eat At Least 100 Calories More

I ate between 1300-1400 calories today.  Hopefully, that will take me back to 52 kg from 52.2 kg.  I will adjust my calories to maintain my weight.  Dieting can reduce your metabolic rate, so take that into account.


With more calories, I can do more exercise, so let me think of activities I want to do.  I could swim.  However, I have a touch of eczema on my hands.  That may keep me out of the pool for now.  Let me work on repairing that.  Right now, it is not that severe.
I still want to do my walks to the library.  However, the wintry weather is blocking me right now.  That could be a problem off and on throughout the winter.  Getting to the rec center may be a better goal.  A neighbor I visit twice a week offered to drive me to the rec center last year.  However, since he spends so much time there, I am concerned about leaving my husband that long.  It would probably be better to drive myself, even though I have driving anxiety.
Chiropractic Exercises
I could also re-commit to my four chiropractic exercises.  The biggest block is that I do them in the living room, and my husband has taken up permanent residence there, night and day.  I could do them in the adjacent hallway, though.  However, would I disturb my husband in the early morning when I typically exercise?  It is worth trying to test his reaction.
Walk the Halls
I can walk the halls of our building.  I did that last year and met all of the residents on our floor, plus some on the upper floors.  Sometimes, I spent so much time visiting; I did not get much exercise.  However, visiting was and still is a high priority item.  I can promenade the corridors again, with their advantages and disadvantages.
Electric Bicycle
Some combination of these activities will probably work out okay.  One of my friends from home got an electric bicycle.  That would help me get up and down the hills in this area.  However, these bikes are quite expensive.  I would probably enjoy walking or swimming, just as much or more.
Running around to care for my husband is many bursts of activity.  I do not know how many calories it burns, but that is probably why my metabolic rate is already high.  Repeatedly getting up and down takes lots of energy, even though sitting and lying do not take much.
Functional Exercise
You can also burn calories and increase your physical ability by doing housework and yard work.  There is always plenty of those things to do, even if you hire a lot of it done.  If you are nearing your weight loss goal, the movement for functional exercise is probably more comfortable now.  And it is more enjoyable.  Welcome to an improved life!
I do not recommend waiting until you reach your goal weight before designing an activity program.  However, after achieving it, you may want to reassess your activity.  With a higher calorie intake, you can do more.  Once you look great, you will feel like showing up in more places.  It will be more enjoyable to get into a bathing suit, too.
Options to Commitment
Right now, I am considering options.  I do not think I will make firm commitments today.  I will try activities and see how they fit into my lifestyle.  I am not undertaking a marathon or anything as strenuous as that.
A few days ago, I bought a new pair of walking shoes that should arrive on Thursday.
It is now 4:00 PM.  I could advance the laundry, go through my email, read my Eat to Beat Illness book, take a nap, or read the Bible.  However, my cosmetologist was supposed to be here at 3:30 PM and is not here yet.  Let me see if the snow stopped her.


We finished up our hair and nail work.  Our cosmetologist and her friend left.  Now I am feeling hungry from missing supper.  However, I want to lose 0.2 kilos, so I will hold to my fast.

Diet Diary

I had a few more calories today.  That has not stopped me from being hungry, but at least I am not ravenous.   The cheese may cause constipation tomorrow.  However, at the time I ate it, it satisfied my hunger.  I consumed more calcium than I needed, and it was not just the cheese.  Part of the calcium is coming from my supplements, including the Super Silica Complex.  Drinking less almond milk would have fixed that.
I am peaceful this evening.  My husband and I are at peace.  We argued last night when he asked me to fix him some sausage at 11:00 PM.  That is one of the greatest dissatisfactions I have with my marriage.  I have not convinced him of the sanctity of my sleep, even though I have tried.  The best I can do right now is a nap during the day.  Even then, he sometimes awakens me to do an errand.
My husband understands my need to blog, though, so that is helpful.   I plan to begin posting these 44 entries soon.  First, I need to stabilize my weight and feel confident that I can continue to do so.


I was tired today, but not as much as I was yesterday after sleeping on the floor.  Please help me to find solutions to my chronic tiredness.  
I decided to stabilize my weight at 52 kg.  In some ways, I would still like to lose more, but my body is saying no.  I want to start activities that will support my well-being.  Getting outside will always be crucial because that is how I maintain my circadian rhythm.
Last night, I talked to Michael, my friend, in Hawaii.  It had been so long since I called that he thought I was gone.  It would defy how I self-identify to take all his suggestions.  However, he bursts me out of my limiting beliefs.  Though the pandemic got to him, he is happier now than when I last talked to him, making me feel better.
Lord, what would you like me to do with this blog?  I have other projects that need attention.  However, writing about my daily experiences keeps me going.  I want to continue that.  I used to write to Michael every day, all day.  He read every email.  He commented last night about what a writer I am.  I think I would be embarrassed to reread those letters.  I believe my writing has improved since then.  The only way to get even better is to keep doing it.  Gratefully, I have tools to assist me.
Lord, invite me to a place I can go in my mind for rejuvenation.  I have imagined such a dwelling, and it has a swimming pool and an area for my piano.  Help me retreat there often and even do some remodeling.
I want to feel your Presence even more in my life.  The Bible is the most reliable repository of your word.  Please help me to dine daily on your words as you are the Bread of Life.
I have not found a cure for depression.  However, I have found Tony Robbins’ Six Steps to Emotional Mastery.  These steps can get me out of depression.  I pray my readers will take note of these steps and use them for their benefit.  They have been around for at least 30 years, yet they are still useful.
Please, bless my readers with the desires of their hearts.
If you would like to join me on this journey from the beginning, please start with Day One.  If you wish to download a FREE copy of my ebook (with no need to enter your name or email), click on the book below.  Please continue this journey with me by clicking on the arrows at the right of the page.
This article, with its diet diary, shows what worked for me.  I do not claim that it will work for you.  Consult a licensed medical provider to determine your diet and medical care.  These blog entries do not diagnose or treat any disease.  If I provide any clues for you or your provider, I will be happy.

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