Day 412, How Precious Do You Believe Water Is?

“A drop of water is worth more than a sack of gold to a thirsty man.”

Sunday Morning

Preparing For My Day
5-10 things I am grateful for:
  • Sundays, Days of Rest
  • brown rice with cinnamon and cardamom, (delicious, affordable; low in sugar, high in nutrition, especially B vitamins; rich in minerals; source of sustaining energy).
  • my vision boards
  • my magnificent morning ritual.
  • my logo colors
  • my friendships off and on Facebook
  • water
comments, feelings, ideas, moods, and empowering questions:
What power of transformation can I elicit with the power of my belief?  How can I strengthen that belief?
mood and energy:
I am feeling pretty good.
I am feeling fairly energetic, but not ready to start anything new.
the reason it is important
next action(s)
I finished reading The Jesus Diet by Robin Merrill.
Belief is the missing piece of my diet.
Follow the principles of success described in the book.
I fasted 15 hours last night.
Fasting is probably another key to my diet.  Interestingly, Jesus fasted.
Resume and continue daily.
Continue daily.
For the last two weeks, I have a perfect score on mindfulness meditation, which includes conscious breathing, visualization, and relaxation exercises.
Meditation has numerous intrinsic benefits, many of which are in my free ebook, available here.  For instance, meditation can lengthen telomeres, which keeps you younger.
Continue six times weekly once the knee has healed.
For the last two weeks (above), I have a good score on these exercises, even though it is not perfect.  Alternatively, I can show the two weeks separately (below).  (When I injured my knee, I stopped doing the exercises.)
My chiropractor assigned these exercises for my back and neck.
You can use JV Life Tracker to track the exercises prescribed by your health professional.
Even though my weight has bounced up again, I am NOT giving up.  One of the keys to successful weight loss is persistence.
Weight Loss
Continue with Achieve 50 kg program.

Sunday Evening


Gratitude Practice

Now that my 58th birthday is past, I may start each blog entry with my gratitude practice.  Expressing gratitude is an activity for increasing happiness.  My gratitude practice is currently Step Eight of my morning ritual.  It deserves its place.  I believe that regular practice will reward me with a better mood and energy level.

Too Much Stress While Healing?

I experienced unusually rapid healing in my left knee this weekend.  However, I must have overworked it while walking this morning.  It is sore now.  I will give it some rest.

Essential Water

Let us explore an essential part of our diets:  water.  What would we do without water?  We would not even be here, at least not clothed in human flesh.  I need about six liters of water a day to offset the diuretic effect of my medication.  Getting that much becomes an all-day endeavor.  However, I love water.
Water is so central to life, astronomers do not consider a planet inhabitable unless it has water.

My Name Means Pure Water

My name, KaeLyn, is all about water.  Kae means pure.  Lyn means “water below the fall.”  So my name means, “pure water below the fall.”  KaeLyn is a beautiful name.  I hope you agree.
Before my first marriage, a boyfriend said, “You’re more precious than gold.”  Later I met the man who would become my husband.  He said, “You’re more precious than water.”  Notice which man I married.

Water Personality Type

My sister, who is a massage therapist, analyzed my personality type.  The five possibilities are wood, fire, earth, metal, and water.  She said I have a water personality type.  Water types, according to the theory, are candid, introspective, modest, watchful, objective, curious, ingenious, careful, particular, thrifty, sensible, and lucid.  I hope I have all these qualities.  Last Valentine’s Day, I re-wrote my self-image and decided, among other things, that I was careful.  Maybe some of these other adjectives deserve to work their way into my self-image.

Blessing the Water

My business friend and mentor, who moved to Hawaii, invited me to his spiritual ceremony in Salt Lake City where he blessed the water.  I still have the water glass on which I marked my intention during the ceremony.  My intention was and is to have vibrant joy.  I think understanding and utilizing water are vital to vibrant joy.

Water is the First Step to Health and Happiness

At the Institute for Integrative Nutrition where I studied in 2012-13, we learned the 12 Steps to Health and Happiness.  Step one is, “Drink more water.”

Water While Working

While working in the temple from 2001-05, I amazed the other workers by how much water I consumed at lunch.  I did not let on that my medication required it.  They thought it was why I was healthy.

Water Filtration

According to National Geographic, March 2019, page 17, water quality for approximately one-quarter of the residents of the United States does not comply with safety laws.  In my opinion, filtration is a good idea for almost everybody.

Water Cures

Joshua Rosenthal, our chief educator at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, mentioned Fereydoon Batmanghelidj, a name I have yet to be able to pronounce.   Fereydoon found that he could cure almost any disease with water.  I tell people if they have a headache, to drink water first before taking a pain reliever since all pain relievers have side effects, and likely water can cure the headache.

Water Overdose

It is possible to overdose on water, which can cause a condition known as hyponatremia or too little sodium.  However, overdosing on water will only happen in extreme circumstances such as a water-drinking contest.  If you feel symptoms of nausea, vomiting, headache, confusion, fatigue, muscle weakness, and irritability when consuming a lot of water, eat something salty.
Water In Systems of the Body
We are mostly water.  Biochemical reactions in the body require water to occur.   This beautiful mind map shows how water-containing fluids are processed by systems in the human body.

Monday Morning

This morning, early, I iced my knee.  It is not doing well.  I got too excited about its rapid healing and thought I could do anything with it.  Now I need to give it some more time.


Dear Lord,
I ask for your healing again, but please also give me the patience to give my knee enough time.
I have been pondering the value of water.  Water can cause damage as it did to our master bedroom closet when the air-conditioner condensate flooded it.  However, water beautifully supports life.
This mind map only scratches the surface in depicting what water does in the body.
Lithium, a medication I take to reduce the number of manic relapses I have, reduces the kidney’s responsiveness to vasopressin, resulting in diabetes insipidus or polyuria and polydipsia–constant thirst and having to go.  This is one of the most uncomfortable side effects of being on lithium therapy.
However, if I have a good source of drinking water available, not to mention a toilet, the situation is bearable.
Lord, I am grateful for having the necessities of life.  Thank you for my access to good water.  I currently use a Berkey filter, which makes the water taste great.
Water truly is more precious than gold.  The Genesis creation story mentions water.  The Bible mentions water throughout.
You wrap up the water in your clouds, yet the clouds do not burst under their own weight (Job 26:8). You load the clouds with moisture (Job 37:11).  You draw up drops of water which distill the rain from the mist (Job 36:27).  Who can understand how the clouds spread out, how the thunder roars from your pavilion? (Job 36:29).  Do we know how God dispatches the clouds? (Job 37:15).
People today are beginning to understand these mysteries and even get the weather forecast right sometimes.  However, water is wondrous and great.   The weather is not under our control.  It is under God’s.
Lord, thank you for being Great.  You give us Living Water to well up to eternal life.  Help me to accept a mere inconvenience in the way my body handles water.  If I can do anything to improve my condition, let me know what it is.
Thank you for creating water.  Give me and my readers a deeper understanding of this critical substance.
If you would like to join me on this journey from the beginning, please start with Day One.

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