Day 404, How Does JV Life Tracker Amplify Your Dieting Success? 28 Ways.

“JV Life Tracker is a tool for building your consistency in all areas of your life that are important to you, simultaneously.”
-KaeLyn Morrill
“Lack of consistency is the subtle but great stealer of dreams & desires. The stop & start process is what kills progress & is probably one of the greatest reasons why many don’t achieve their goals & end up living in continuous discontent, frustration & disappointment. Many buy a new book, sign up for a new program, go like crazy for a few weeks, stop & end up right back where they started. Don’t let this be you!”
-Darren Hardy, Facebook

Saturday Morning

Preparing For My Day
5-10 things I am grateful for:
comments, feelings, ideas, moods, and empowering questions:
Keeping track of my food diary (Cronometer) and my activities (JV Life Tracker) sets me up for success!
mood and energy:
Joyous and vibrant
Energy to live the life of my dreams.
the reason it is important
next action(s)
I have done my chiropractic exercises every day since October 2, 2019, including today, 11 consecutive days.
Healthy spine
Continue consistently.
I have logged my food completely in Cronometer since September 22, 2019, 20 consecutive days.
Healthy life
Continue consistently.
I have logged my food in Cronometer 75.2% of all days since June 22, 2019.
Healthy life
Continue consistently.
I have scored JV Life Tracker 96.3% of all days since January 14, 2019.  (I have only missed 10 days.)
Authentic life
Continue consistently.
I have meditated 116 times since January 14, 2019.  I have meditated every day since September 23, 2019, 20 consecutive days.
Reduces depression and anxiety
Keep up the new level of consistency.
I have published 228 blog posts, almost all since Day One, September 5, 2018.
Authentic life
Keep posting.
I have scored 9839 total points in JV Life Tracker since January 14, 2019.
Authentic life
Increase your average score.
I have done my morning ritual every day since September 30, 2019.
Authentic life
Continue consistently.

Saturday Evening

Wayne Dyer says that accomplishment can be meaningless.  However, Susan Peirce Thompson says that we form opinions of ourselves by watching our behavior.  The accomplishments I mentioned above are mostly in my Big Four:  meditation, Cronometer, JV Life Tracker, and blog.  Certainly, the Big Four is not all I do, but it provides the framework for my daily activities.
Recently, I re-wrote my morning ritual to have only ten steps.  Because it is simpler and more fun, I have been doing it with greater consistency.

JV Life Tracker

My JV Life Tracker app is the key to achieving consistency with my other activities.  It helps to first get consistent with the app itself.  It is part of my morning ritual,  and sometimes I even score it at night rather than waiting until the next day.  Though the app allows up to 99 points per activity, I have been scoring one point for most activities, except my blog, which has multiple activities associated with it.  Related to my diet and exercise, I have quite a few individual activities that I score.  My Achieve 50 kg mind map shows what many of these are.
The following is my Master Activity List.  A ‘2’ means checked.  A ‘0’ means unchecked. JV Life Tracker separates the ‘0’ and ‘2’ from the activity with a tab.  Activities for the master activity list are stored in a file (ATop100.txt) in the app’s directory on your device.  You can recognize the directory name because it has ‘joyfulvibrance’ in it.  This list can be updated directly if you would rather use a computer to update your list rather than the app.  Use the correct format, of course.  The app will sort the list for you.  You can enter it into the file unsorted. Be sure to close the app before updating the Master Activity List.
My Master Activity List in JV Life Tracker
You can set up any activities you want in your Master Activity List.  Below is a list of my current activities to give you an example of what to do.  Feel free to explore your life and make your list reflect your goals.
10 Commandments        2
10 Positive Affirmations for Success        0
12 Power of Less rules        0
14 Success belief affirmations        2
200 Questions        0
5 Problem-solving Questions        0
Aspirations        2
Aspirations planning mind map        2
Bed by 10:00        0
Bed by 10:30        2
Bed by 9:30        0
Bible reading        2
Bible reading        0
Blog        2
Blog awesome opening        0
Blog book link        2
Blog catchy title        0
Blog check AWstats        0
Blog consecutive sentences        0
Blog convert to blocks        2
Blog Cronometer clips        2
Blog Cronometer link        2
Blog Day One link        2
Blog emails in MailChimp 01        0
Blog evening prayer        0
Blog food diary        2
Blog good readability score        0
Blog good SEO score        0
Blog Grammarly        0
Blog green drink        0
Blog headings        2
Blog image choose        2
Blog image extra 1        2
Blog image extra 2        2
Blog image extra 3        2
Blog image extra 4        2
Blog image extra 5        2
Blog image modify 1        2
Blog image modify 2        0
Blog image resize        2
Blog internal links        2
Blog JV Life Tracker  clips        2
Blog link to cookbook        0
Blog link to Joyful Vibrance book        2
Blog meditation links        0
Blog mindmap        2
Blog newsletter in MailChimp        0
Blog outbound links        2
Blog photo and signature        2
Blog post business page 01        2
Blog post business page 02        0
Blog post Facebook in comments        0
Blog post Facebook newsreel 01        2
Blog post Facebook newsreel 02        0
Blog post to Web        2
Blog Preparing for my Day accomplishments        2
Blog Preparing for my Day gratitude        2
Blog Preparing for my Day mood energy        2
Blog proof after publish        0
Blog proof old entries        0
Blog publish        2
Blog quote        0
Blog recipe        0
Blog references        0
Blog seo frequency analyzer        0
Blog seo keyword choice        0
Blog seo keyword frequency        0
Blog seo tags        2
Blog share        0
Blog Slick write        0
Blog take photograph        0
Blog take photos off Android        0
Blog weight chart        2
Blogging success mindmap        2
Blood pressure        2
Blood pressure normal        2
Brush with essential oils        0
Clean desk        2
Condo bathrooms        0
Condo kitchen        2
Condo make bed        2
Condo vacuum        0
Condo water plants        0
Cronometer        2
Cronometer .5 to 1.0 protein/carb ratio        2
Cronometer Budget        2
Cronometer Budget -100        2
Cronometer Budget -150        2
Cronometer Budget 1 Pound a Week        0
Cronometer Budget 1 Pound a Week -100        0
Cronometer Burned        2
Cronometer Ca to Mg ideal        0
Cronometer fiber/sugar ratio > .5        0
Cronometer fiber/sugar ratio > .6        0
Cronometer fiber/sugar ratio > 1.0        0
Cronometer K+ to Na+  ideal        2
Cronometer omega-6 to omega-3 4.0 or less        2
Cronometer Trend report        2
Cronometer weight record notch in Google sheets        0
Cronometer Zn to Cu ideal        2
Denneroll        2
Devotional with husband        0
Devotional with husband ask        2
Did I ask quality questions in  journal?        2
Did I ask quality questions?        2
Did I associate pain with old patterns?        0
Did I associate pleasure with new patterns?        2
Did I focus on where I wanted to go?        2
Did I make myself feel better immediately, non-addictively?        2
Did I question limiting beliefs?        2
Did I use NLP to change my state?        0
Drive        0
Eat 30 g+ fiber        0
Eat 55 g or less sugar        0
Eat 62 g or less sugar        0
Eat and chew thoroughly        2
Eat and leave or refrigerate        2
Eat no added sugar        2
Eat no cheese        0
Eat no gluten        0
Eat none of husband’s food        2
Eat nothing after dinner        2
Eat sauerkraut        0
Education Nutrition in Medicine        0
Essential oil back rub        0
Essential oils        0
Eye hot pack        0
Eye shampoo        2
Feeling  joy        2
Feeling flow        2
Feeling fun        2
FMTV        0
Food fast 15 hours        2
Food green drink        0
Food no quickie carbs        2
Friends        2
Gratitude        2
Husband        2
Joyful Vibrance Net        0
JV Life Tracker        2
JV Life Tracker analysis        2
JV Life Tracker Develop        0
Lynda at least 1 chapter        2
Lynda at least 2 chapters        2
Lynda at least 3 chapters        2
Lynda finish a course        0
Lynda start a course        2        2
Mail get        0
Mail handle        0
MailChimp        0
Marriage make husband feel good        0
Medical        0
Medical husband’s medicine        0
Medical take evening meds        2
Mercola’s ebooks        0
Mindfulness        2
MindMeister        2
MindMeister Achieve 50 kg        2
MindMeister JV Life Tracker        2
MindMeister Morning Ritual        2
Minimize 01        0
National Geographic        0
Office filing        2
Office weed files        0
Picnics with husband        0
Problogger        0
Progress ritual        2
Reading & Memorizing        2
Reading & Studying        2
Routines evening charge phones        0
Routines morning        2
Savor life’s joys        2
Shopping Instacart        0
Shower        2
Singing & Dancing        0
Skadate source code study        0
Skin Aveeno        0
Skin Estro-Life        0
Skin Infinite Aloe        2
Skin Kevin Murphy        2
Skin lipstick        2
Skin Lira        0
Skin Renew        0
Skin smoother        2
Skin Vaseline        0
Social media Facebook        2
Strength training        0
Take evening primrose oil        2
Take SAMe        2
TCC P&L for PC        0
Track sleep        0
Value clarity        2
Value consistency        0
Value courage        2
Value influence        2
Value joy        2
Value necessity        2
Value productive creativity        2
Value timeliness        2
Value vibrancy        2
Value wisdom        2
Vision boards        2
Vitality Chiropractic        0
Vitality Chiropractic exercises        2
Vitality Chiropractic exercises foam roller        0
Vitality Chiropractic head weights        0
Walk        2
Walk (#2)        0
Walk for  husband        0
Walk for husband ask        0
Walk in Nature with Husband        0
Weekly Joel Osteen        0
Work to publish Joyful Vibrance        0

Changing Behavior and Attitudes

Using JV Life Tracker can change behavior.  It helps to have behavior change campaigns where you designate a start and end date and establish your target frequency.  More about how to do this with the help of JV Life Tracker is in my free ebook, which you can download here.

Happiness Is The Way

Tonight, I finished reading Wayne Dyer’s Happiness is the Way.  Wayne had an abundance mentality.  He believed in filling yourself with love, forgiveness, and compassion so that when you are squeezed, that is what comes out.  He said he never gets depressed.  People tried to convince him that depression is normal, but he did not believe it.


Now that I am in my late fifties, I want to live life in a more giving, more abundant way, rather than trying to accumulate a lot of things.  I have a storage unit with things from my Utah apartment, that I do not need, which shows me how much I have accumulated.  It has approximately 1275 cubic feet worth of stuff!


Wayne described the kinds of attitudes that lead to depression.  One of the main ones is simply not accepting what is.  Complaining and blaming lead to depression.  Lack of forgiveness is also painful.  Wayne encouraged doing what you love to do.  I love to write.  It is probably my favorite activity.  Blogging affords me the chance to write about as much as I want.
Wayne has journal exercises at the end of each chapter.  I confess I have not done any of them yet in my excitement to read more of what he wrote.  However, writing my blog is like a journal exercise.


How can I be more accepting of what is?  For many years, I was not accepting of my bipolar disorder.  I prayed that it would be healed, and when I had another episode, proving I still had it, I was mad at God.  Now, however, with medication, I can control it pretty well.  That does not mean I do not have symptoms, but they do not put me in the hospital.  I can be grateful for that and develop my unique talents so I can be of service to others.
Lately, I have become happier and happier.  I have more energy too.  In the past few months, I have become more accepting of my husband and have acted more lovingly toward him.  I am becoming more accepting of myself as well.  Being accepting of myself means I still have a self-improvement program.  I accept my weight, but I am happy that I have discovered ways to reduce it little by little. Day 402, 3 Days: How Can You Eat for Energy, Mood, and Weight Loss?, a recent blog post, has three days of diet diaries and represents a breakthrough.

Sunday Morning


Weight Graph

Today, I achieved an additional loss.  I have now lost 46 notches and have transferred $46 to my savings account to celebrate.  My clothes fit better than they have in months. This morning, my neighbor, Sara, said she liked my outfit.  I do not suppose she would like my outfit that well if it did not fit right.

Sunday Afternoon

I plan to continue the plans I have mind-mapped in Achieve 50 kg, even though fasting for 15 hours each day and between meals squeezes me.  I noticed last night though that I still had energy by the end of the day.
I scored JV Life Tracker this morning and got 99 points for yesterday.  Here is how I did for the whole week, showing the final page of my report:

Snack to Repast

One significant change I made in my diet is eating an entire meal, a repast, at 2:30 PM instead of 200 calories or so.  Typically, at that time of day, I struggle with my hunger, eat too much, and set myself up to not get very much dinner.  I have blown my diet at that point over and over again.  Now that I eat a full meal, I have enough energy to go until dinnertime.  I budget exactly one-fourth of my calories for each of my four meals.  For me, that works.  You may have similar energy needs, or perhaps you can get by on three meals per day.  I simplified my plan and got realistic about when I get hungry.  Now my diet is working for me.

Behaviors in JV Life Tracker

Here are some of the behaviors I am working on, shown with a filter called “Diet.”  Note, there are 28 activities.  Some are repeated here, just a limitation from how I screenshot them.  As you can see from my scores, I am not perfect at everything.  You do not have to be either.  Just determine what activities you want to work on, enter them in JV Life Tracker, and do your best.
You may have fewer or even more activities you want to watch in connection with your diet. JV Life Tracker gives you a tool to manage them all simultaneously, or at least all of them every day.


Dear Lord,
I am grateful for this beautiful weekend and this beautiful Sunday.  After a cold snap, we are experiencing warmer weather again.
My little app, JV Life Tracker, has been an empowering tool for me.  I want to share it with the world, and it is free.  I am now showing what I am doing with it.
Lord, thank you so much for the healing in my hand.  In this Colorado climate, I need to constantly be vigilant about my skin.  I added some skincare items to Achieve 50 kg and JV Life Tracker.
Lord, I am beginning to live the life of my dreams.  Help me to continue in that direction.  Wayne Dyer said to do what you love, and I love this blog.  Help me to share it with whomever I can help with it.
My relationship with my husband is very harmonious.  I do not mind that he spends the weekend watching football.  That keeps him occupied while I write, and it is something he enjoys doing.  Right now, a Broncos game is going on, so he is in his element.
I am so glad I embraced mind maps earlier this year.  I can draw them freehand in
my notebook or use the MindMeister tool.  Both ways work for me.
Mind-mapping the brain helped me understand much of Susan Peirce Thompson’s book about Bright Lines.  The gist of her program is to train the subconscious so it is not necessary to use the prefrontal cortex when it comes to food.  Instead, she stresses automaticity.
During times of stress, my prefrontal cortex does not work very well, so I can see her point.  However, I believe in planning and decision-making when it comes to food.  It is good to have both methods of handling food available to keep the joy in it.
Lord, I feel so blessed.  Help me to accept what is and work at what I can do to change things that I can change that are worth the effort to change.
Bless my readers with the use of their prefrontal cortex when they need it and their ability to program their self-conscious for things they need to automate.  Bless them with vibrant joy.  If they wish to lose weight, help them to discover and use good tools to accomplish that.
Thanks for our relationship, Lord.
If you would like to join me on this journey from the beginning, please start with Day One.

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