Day 402, 3 Days: How Can You Eat for Energy, Mood, and Weight Loss?

“You have to understand that nothing that constitutes your history is driving the boat called your life, and more than the wake in Florida was driving my friend’s boat.  What drives your life is the present-moment energy you’re generating, not your past.”
– Wayne Dyer, Happiness is the Way, p. 74.

I.  Day One:  Thursday Morning

Preparing For My Day
5-10 things I am grateful for:
  • sleeping until almost 6 AM
  • losing .2 kg
  • my new morning ritual, which is generating increased energy
  • my birthday month of October
comments, feelings, ideas, moods, and empowering questions:
Gratitude may seem like just a repetitive daily exercise.  However, it does wonders for mood and energy.  I recommend creating a gratitude practice template that works for you. The Journal allows you to create templates as described in my free ebook, Joyful Vibrance:  Transform Your Body Image, Energy, and Mood!
mood and energy:
feeling better every day lately.
having the energy to do a lot more of what is important to me.
the reason it is important
next action(s)
I did my 4 chiropractic exercises again this morning.
Improves the health of my spine.
Do them again tomorrow.
I scored 125 for yesterday in JV Life Tracker.  That is the highest since January 14, 2019!
I am working on my most important goals.
Keep scoring consistently.
In Cronometer, I got a fiber/sugar ratio yesterday of 1.055.  The green drink and split pea soup contributed greatly to the amount of dietary fiber.
Improves metabolic health.
Encourage Cronometer to calculate that ratio automatically.  See below.
Dear Support Team,
I love Cronometer and have been using it for more than two years.  I have kept a complete record of 74% of all days since June 22, 2019.
I suggest calculating and displaying the dietary fiber grams divided by total sugars grams as a high ratio can greatly improve metabolic health.  Dr. Robert Lustig, M.D. in Fat Chance calls this ratio the “keys to the kingdom.”
  • “Let’s look at these diets. Some rely on fat for energy, others rely on carbohydrates, and some use both.  Yet they all work to control weight and improve metabolic health and have been shown to reduce heart disease.  What do they all share?  Two things. They are all low in sugar, and they are all high in fiber (and therefore high in micronutrients).  We’ve arrived.  That’s the point–that’s what matters  You now hold the keys to the kingdom” (Robert Lustig, M.D., Fat Chance, p. 187-88).
A graph showing this ratio over time would be even better.  A nutrient balance would work too.  Thanks!
Thanks for all your hard work!
KaeLyn Morrill, Certified Health Coach and Software Engineer
Hello KaeLyn,


Thanks for your suggestion, I have added this to our developers feedback channel, if it proves to be a popular option it will be added to an upcoming build.

Best Regards,


I got started on my email mailing list yesterday.
Now I can spread the joy of Joyful Vibrance LLC far and wide.
Make it a habit to work on it.

Thursday Afternoon

My high energy this morning slumped into an afternoon low.  I decided to start writing to bring me out of the slump.  Dinner will be ready soon, which will help give me more energy.

Thursday Evening

Here is my Cronometer log for today.  Notice that I ate four meals, approximately equally sized and spaced, allowing me to fast 15 hours overnight as well as between meals–no snacks.
Here is the day’s nutritional profile.  The nutrient balances look great, and there are even 59 calories left over in the budget!  I have the budget set to break even.  However, if I exercise, I will have a calorie deficit and lose a little weight.  Notice the sauerkraut for probiotics.
This nutritional profile is actually one of my best, especially in the carbohydrate department, where I often overload.  When I go overboard on carbohydrates and sugars, I experience adverse effects.  I aim to eat at least 30 grams of fiber.  Tonight, I am a bit short, but only slightly.  Foods like split pea soup and green drinks are better for my fiber profile.

II. Day Two:  Friday Morning


Weight Graph

Wow!  My weight dropped again:  this time 13 notches.  Here is my Google Sheets record, where I track my earnings per notch.  So far I have $35 to save.  I have actually lost .95 kg or 19 notches out of 35, so my efficiency since September 28, 2019 is 54.3%.

Friday Evening

Notice the small snack after lunch.  I will work at eliminating that sort of thing.  Next time I will take a zinc supplement and a fish oil supplement (for omega-3 fatty acids) to improve these balances.  The Kirkland Stir-Fry nutrient record in Cronometer is incomplete.  The vegetables actually have potassium though none is shown on the record.  I do not know precisely how much potassium they have, however.  The potassium:sodium balance is actually a bit higher than shown.  The zinc:copper balance may be even lower.  A zinc supplement would indeed be a good idea.

III.  Day Three:  Saturday Morning

Preparing For My Day

5-10 things I am grateful for:
  • losing 0.2 kg more to 53.95 kg.
  • feeling healthy today.
  • getting better at fasting 15-hours daily.
  • my neighbors.
comments, feelings, ideas, moods, and empowering questions:
What can I do to sleep better at night?
mood and energy:

feeling okay but may be pushing myself too hard.  I need more relaxation and sleep.
got my chiropractic exercises done today.


the reason it is important
next action(s)
I lost weight 4 consecutive days.
Greater efficiency in weight loss
Keep doing the steps in Achieve 50 kg.
I started Nutrition in Medicine, nutrition courses designed for doctors.
Continue the courses.
Yesterday, I fasted not only 15 hours but 16 hours.
Self-discipline, weight loss, metabolic health
Continue to fast at least 15 hours daily.
I did my morning ritual for 5 consecutive days and am doing it this morning also, 6 consecutive days!
Self-discipline, Programming the sub-conscious.
Keep building consistency!
I am getting higher JV Life Tracker scores this week.  I got over 100 Wednesday and Thursday.

Saturday Evening

My food diary for Saturday looks like this:

Sunday Morning

I did not lose more weight, but I retained the loss, and that alone is great.  (You can see that I typically go back up again by now.)  Yesterday, my neighbor, Rose, made a comment about how slender I am and how committed I am to my walking program.  My weight is just under 119 pounds.  I want to lose another nine pounds.  However, I am happy to be where I am.  I love and accept myself for who I am, including my current weight.

Average  for the Three Days

On average, for the three days, I had a 48 calorie deficit.  My sugars and sodium were low, so that is good.  I averaged 1509 calories.  Fat, net carbs, and protein are all less than budget.  I did not go over-budget on anything, which is excellent.  The nutrient balances were good except that zinc and calcium were a tiny bit low.  Generally, my calcium intake is too high.  Overall, I award this profile a very high rating.  I have seen a lot of these.
Part 2 of the summary:


By Thursday, I experienced even greater weight loss.


Morning Prayer
Dear Lord,
I am so grateful I have lost some weight.  My morning ritual is working for me now.  The hardest part is the exercises my chiropractor gave me.  However, I have done them every day for six consecutive days now, and I am increasing my reps.
Another challenging part of my regimen is fasting 15 hours daily, but now I am doing that too.  I have done it 8 of the last 20 days, most of them this past week.  I think daily fasting is helping me steady my weight loss, rather than going up and down so much.
Planning my days with a mind map in my Aspirations notebook has even impressed my husband, and my JV Life Tracker scores were higher this past week.
Lord, I trust you.  Please, give me rest in that trust.  You have guided me to get this far.  Will you guide me the rest of the way?
Lord, according to The  Time Paradox by Philip Zimbardo, Ph.D. and
John Boyd, Ph.D., I need to let go of negative past thinking, do more positive past thinking, do quite a lot of future thinking mixed with pleasure in the hedonistic present (tempered by consideration for the future,) give up fatalistic thinking, and add some future transcendental thinking.
How am I doing since I read that book?  Am I doing better at letting go of the negative past?  It seems like I am.  Guide me into a mix of time thinking that makes me happy and gives me energy, okay?
This three-day segment of our journey has been very happy, but I was a bit anxious that I was not doing my absolute best.  I do not think I need to feel anxious.  I want to celebrate whatever I can do.  I need to remember that my value as a person is not dependent on my performance.
Lord, help my readers gain motivation from what I have written and achieve vibrant joy and energy.
If you would like to join me on this journey from the beginning, please start with Day One.

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