Day 393, How Do You Make Your Diet Work: 7 Effective Tips for Success

“I’ve been on a diet for two weeks, and all I’ve lost is 14 days.”
– Totie Fields
“A successful diet takes longer than two weeks.  It takes a lifetime, but it can be a lifetime of joy.  Persistence!”
– KaeLyn Morrill

Tuesday Morning


I. Gratitude and Values

One foundation of a great diet is an attitude of gratitude.  Listing your accomplishments is also a form of gratitude.  Keep your top 10 values in mind when preparing for your day.

Preparing For My Day

5-10 things I am grateful for:
comments, feelings, ideas, moods, and empowering questions:
mood and energy:
a bit of a headache this morning, but feeling interested and alive
woke up in the night but able to get back to sleep
the reason it is important
next action(s)
I planned and prepared split pea soup for my diet yesterday.
Eat it!
I reworked my Morning Ritual, making it simpler.
Organization, Spirituality
Refine it and follow it.
I walked to the chiropractor’s yesterday and stopped to browse at the library on the way.
Health & Learning
Do the exercises the chiropractor gave you.
I learned what meek is.
Be gentle; be humble; be teachable; be easily entreated; be soft-spoken; trust God for protection.
I successfully created and executed daily “to-do” mind maps in my Aspirations notebook for September.
Put that in your Morning Ritual.

Wednesday Morning


II. Morning Ritual

A morning ritual is the foundation of a great life and a successful diet.
It is a wet morning today.  Autumn is here.
I followed my entire new morning ritual this morning and feel ready for my day.

Here is what I recorded in my gratitude practice this morning:

Preparing For My Day

5-10 things I am grateful for:
  • my husband
  • our jeep
  • my computers
  • the Bible
  • my chiropractor
  • our bathroom scales, essential for a diet
  • our kitchen scales, essential for a diet
  • my Vitamix, helpful for a diet
  • our smart television
  • life
comments, feelings, ideas, moods, and empowering questions:
23 years ago today, October 2, 1996, I started the Zone Diet and logging my food in LifeForm, an electronic diet diary.  I lost weight I never gained back.
Let me start the day with 10 positive affirmations.
mood and energy:
I am feeling pretty good.
I even felt good enough to do my chiropractic exercises as part of my morning ritual.
the reason it is important
next action(s)
For the health of my spine.
Do them daily.  A diet is ineffective without exercise.
I registered the jeep in Colorado for the second time.
Staying legal
Keep the jeep maintained.
I walked 4.04 miles yesterday, according to my pedometer.
Staying mobile
Keep walking.  A diet is ineffective without exercise.
Since June 22, 2019, I have kept a complete log in Cronometer 73% of all days.
Weight maintenance and sometimes even loss
Continue to consistently log your food.
I scored 114 points in JV Life Tracker for yesterday.  (My average since January 14, 2019 is 35.31 points.)
Everything.  This scores my authentic self.  See my ebook for more info.
Continue to consistently score your activities, including those needed for your diet.
I noticed after doing SonicareÒ and flossing last night that my gums are not bleeding.  They must be getting healthier.
Dental health, heart health
Continue to consistently apply good dental hygiene.
Consider reviewing The Dental Diet, especially for the recipes.

Late Wednesday Morning


III. Creativity, Planning, and Timing

It is now 11:08 AM.  I have just served my husband his favorite breakfast:  an omelet.  For me, lunchtime is approaching.  I will probably have split pea soup.  My stomach runs on a different clock than my husband’s.  He does not need his breakfast until 11:00 AM.  I can hardly wait until 8:30 AM to eat mine.  However, I am getting used to this time difference.  If I want to eat something different than my husband, I have that opportunity.  Sometimes we eat together, but it is not critical that we do.
I dreamed of a book I would write, and I still may write it.  I want to go beyond my cookbook, KaeLyn’s Korner Kitchen:  Complete Meals for the Healthy-Minded,  and tell the story behind the recipes.  I could call it Creative Nourishment.  Here is a possible cover:
Creative Nourishment

I want this blog to be a source of Creative Nourishment. Though I am not providing all the recipes to these dishes in this entry, this gives you ideas for your diet.  My taste may be a bit high in fruit for effective reducing, so keep that in mind.  It may not be the best for your teeth either.  For a dish that fits the dental diet pyramid, see the split pea soup below.
I have a sweet tooth.  I created these dishes during times when I kept my weight in check or actually reduced.  Robert Lustig, M.D. in Fat Chance says that eating fruit is okay as long as you eat it whole because the fiber in fruit offsets the dangers of its fructose.
The micronutrients in fruit are also a plus.  These dishes, rich in whole fruit, are not dangerous.  The upper-left photo is a quinoa dish.  Quinoa has the advantage of being gluten-free.  I believe these dishes are all gluten-free.  For instance, the stir-fry uses tamari rather than soy sauce, an easy way to convert many stir-fry recipes for a gluten-free diet.
Most of these dishes are dairy-free as well.  The yogurt, orange dish and Mediterranean salad with feta cheese below it are exceptions.  The green drink is a great-tasting avocado cucumber smoothie, which is made with yogurt or not.  I like it better with. Depending on the type of protein powder you use, the chocolate shake can be dairy-free or not.  The cup of seeds on the bottom is chia seed pudding, which you make with almond milk.  Here is the recipe for it.  You are free to use this collage for inspiration in creating recipes for your own diet.  
Do you think this page of dishes deserves inclusion in the DelectaBalance Diet?  They all have balanced fat, protein, and carbohydrate.  However, they have less fat than a ketogenic diet.  I tried the ketogenic diet for months but decided that it has its drawbacks.  My biggest concern was that it can actually cause you to lose lean body mass, which Dr. Joseph Mercola admits in his book Fat For Fuel.
Also, I never recovered from the “keto flu” that you are supposed to overcome with time.  So I reverted to the Zone Diet, only with more fat.  I got over the keto flu.  Currently, I aim for 60% fat, 23% carbohydrate, and 17% protein.  That does not permit ketosis, but it is not hard to create recipes around it that taste great.  In practice, I do not always eat 60% fat.  My average since June 22, 2019 is 49.3% fat. Cronometer lets you specify the nutrient composition you want to aim for.
I have finished my lunch of split pea soup.   Here is the recipe I created for it.  A great enhancement to Cronometer would be to permit photos with the recipes.
Split Pea Soup

I warmed the split pea soup on the stove rather than the microwave.  Since attending the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, I avoid using microwaves.  The other day I ate it cold.
Pea’s porridge hot,
Pea’s porridge cold,
Peas porridge in the pot, nine days old.
It tastes much better warmed up, and it has not lasted nine days.  Now that I have less than one serving of the soup left, I need to make another batch.  I am glad my husband likes it so much.  When I make it again, I will leave out the fresh parsley and possibly use dried parsley or some other spice.
My husband has gone back to bed.  I asked him if he was enjoying the ambiance of the place, and he said yes.  Just now, I got some cold water.

Wednesday Afternoon


IV.  Accountability

Accountability may include keeping a diet diary.  That is what works best for me.  Now that I allow a complete meal for my afternoon snack, I have room for a green drink.  Here is my diet diary for the day:
Diet Diary

Wednesday Evening


V. Evaluating Feedback

Evaluating the feedback you get from your records is critical to keeping on track.  When you are doing great, it will motivate you.  When you are not doing so great, it can still motivate you to do better.
Weight Graph

Unfortunately, I did not lose as much this morning as I hoped.  However, I think I am doing the right thing.  I will just hang in there.
Net Calories

I have been staying just above zero net calories the past few days, which is much more steady than the up and down rate of consumption I was doing before that.  Tonight, I think I will be a bit lower.  We will see what will happen in the morning.
According to my pedometer, I walked 4.01 miles today.  I did my chiropractic exercises this morning also.  I have not figured my walking into my net calories.

VI. Behavior Modification

Behavior modification can take time.  Old habits tend to persist.  However, keep at it.
Fasting at Bedtime
I have been able to keep from eating anything since supper.  That is hard for me to do, and it may be a challenge for you as well.  However, this fast helps cure leptin resistance and aids with weight loss.  Once you have consumed the calories you know you need for the day, it does not make sense to have a nightly binge and mess up your count.  Obtaining the discipline to fast after supper is a really big deal.  I am not a sterling example, but I am working on it.
Regular Bedtime
It is now 9:22 PM, so I am thinking about bedtime.  I would prefer to retire at 9:30 PM, but my husband likes to go to bed later because his sleeping meds only give him so many hours, and he does not want to wake up in the middle of the night.  I think tonight we will retire at about 10:00 PM or slightly thereafter.

VII.  Prayer

Praying for help with your diet is essential.  Have faith that you will be successful.
Dear Lord,
Following my new morning ritual gave me an awesome start for the day.  Will you help me commit to following it every day?
Lord, today has been a very productive day.  I shared a few recipes, offering value to my readers.  I have also shared my Achieve 50 kg plans.  Hopefully, my readers will draw up their own diet plans that fit their own bodies and lifestyles.
Lord, I want to experience the peace and prosperity available to the meek.  My father was a very meek person.  Maybe that is one reason he was so lovable.  In some ways, I am like him, though I do have a bit of that Irish streak of my mother’s.
Lord, teach me the right way to be.  Help me to be able to help my readers.  I used to pray every day that I would be able to get along with other people.  Now I want to do more than just get along.  I want to be of influence.
However, I do not want to dictate a specific protocol.  I want to give an example of how I do it, leaving it up to the reader to determine how they will implement the fundamentals.
If I can share a recipe, that is great.  However, I would rather teach others how to make and modify recipes for themselves.
There is an old adage,
“Give someone a fish, feed them a meal.  Teach someone how to fish, feed them for a lifetime.”  Personally, I do not know much about fishing, but I do know how to put together recipes.  Tracking my food is an essential prerequisite to creating recipes.
Lord, I trust you.  You have protected me so far in life.  It has not been the life I originally planned, but so far it has been a good life.  Thank you for making so much available to me.
I included not just one but two instances of my gratitude practice in this entry.  Gratitude is one of the keys to happiness, and I believe it is fundamental to losing weight.  If you are not content with your present, your past is awful, and your future is dreary too.  Fill your life with gratitude, and that takes care of the past and future also.
My values for action are working for me.  I recommend that my readers discover their own values.  My ebook has an appendix with a values exercise.  It borrows from Tony Robbins, but I think he will forgive me.
My readers may want me to just tell them what to do.  No, they must think it through themselves and extract concepts they can implement one-by-one.  It takes time to get everything in place.
If you would like to join me on this journey from the beginning, please start with Day One.

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