Day 382, Keep on with the Journey

Day 382, Keep on with the Journey

In the morning, Lord, you hear my voice; in the morning I lay my requests before you and wait expectantly. (Psalm 5:3 NIV).

Thursday Morning

My weight swept up again this morning.  That could be simply an elimination problem, which will work itself out soon.  A couple of other possible factors are no thyroid medicine yesterday and/or restaurant eating, but I think elimination is the main thing.
For yesterday, I scored 88 in my JV Life Tracker app.  My highest score, since January 14, 2019, is 91, so I scored near the top of my scores.  The way to higher and higher scores is to keep adding high leverage items–things that do not take much time but have a high positive impact on my life.  I may split a general to-do item into sub-items, each of which can score.  I may leave the general item on the Master Task List and score it additionally if I do any of the sub-tasks.
My success meditation is relaxing and energizing me again for the coming day.  Let me spend time with my 10 positive affirmations.  Now, let me spend some time in gratitude:

Preparing For My Day

5-10 things I am grateful for:
  • my blog, which enables me to express myself and share my thoughts
  • delicious food.  I actually get excited about food!
  • my loving husband
  • the Bible.
  • my Aspirations “Little Black Book” notebook.  See below.
morning comments, feelings, ideas, moods, and empowering questions:
What would be a great theme for this blog entry?
mood and energy:
feeling good
not bad energy either
the reason it is important
next action(s)
I posted 4 blog entries so far this month.
Authentic, transparent, genuine me
Keep posting.
I made a map for almost every day this month in the notebook above.
Organized me
Keep mapping.
I made a map of the DelectaBalance Diet in Mind Meister.
Creative me
Keep mapping.
Creative me
Keep mapping.
I passed Day 365 in this blog journey.
Creative me
Keep blogging.

Thursday Afternoon

Today was the last day of my chiropractic treatment.  I may keep going for ongoing wellness treatment, depending on the results of my tests.  I will find out on Monday.  I feel better, but not all my aches and pains have been resolved.
I walked to and from the chiropractor’s today, stopping at the library on the way there to drop off a book.

Friday Morning

I did not fast 15 hours last night, but I did experience another drop in weight.

Friday Evening

Today, I created 100 numbered questions.  I am memorizing them, recalling them for motivation and guidance.
Saturday Morning
This morning, I did not get a weight reading, elimination again.  Yesterday, I think I broke even, consuming about the same number of calories I burned.   So I will show my graph as follows:
I am delaying breakfast for a few hours; it will not be 15 hours, however, since I ate last.
Last night, I finished a book Jacque gave me called Our Bible by Charles Leach.  It is about what remains of ancient copies of the Bible and how they were discovered and translated through the centuries.  It encouraged me to study the Bible more, promising that I will get closer to God and live a more godly life if I do.
I want to keep moving on with the journey I started on Day One.


Morning Prayer
Dear Lord,
I keep calling upon your name, making requests for the day and beyond.
I found that by putting petroleum jelly on my cracked-skin finger that it moves easier and feels better.  It has not completely healed yet, so I wait expectantly for your help with that.
I thought of 100 questions that I believe will keep me on this journey, starting September 5, 2018.  I decided to share them, thinking they may give my readers ideas for questions that could guide and motivate them.  Using Kevin Horsley’s memory techniques from Unlimited Memory, I have committed most of them to memory already.  I may stretch even further and add some additional questions.
Jacque, bless her heart, is 87 years old, and she is still committing Bible verses to memory, even whole
chapters.  She has encouraged me to memorize Bible verses also.
If I can keep doing the 100 things referred to in my 100 questions, I believe I will do very well indeed.
Lord, help me to refine, improve, and even expand on my questions.  Help me to finish memorizing them.  I just told my husband two items on the list and the keywords I used to memorize their numbers.  He said, “Gobble, gobble.”  I said, “This is no turkey thing.  Only humans do this.”  Maybe he will understand eventually.
I say this to my readers, “If you also have difficulty getting support for the things you do to achieve your dreams, I understand.  I pray you will keep praying about your aims and getting your counsel from God.”
Lord, I pray that my readers will keep having success in their worthy endeavors and attain vibrant joy.
If you would like to join me on this journey from the beginning, please start with Day One.
KaeLyn Morrill

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