Day 37, What Do You Eat On A Binge?





My weight is still going down.  My waist size is 26 7/8 inches or 68.3 cm–way down from a few days ago.  I have 1.7 kg left to go on this diet.


I have re-established a pattern of intermittent fasting, as shown by the graph’s shaded areas.
I am 18:49 hours into my Benjamin Franklin Fast.  Ben said, “The best of all medicines are resting and fasting.”  My fast is planned for 20:30 hours.
Why am I happy today?


I prefaced my breakfast with eleven cocktail shrimp.  Then I made a green drink.  Jesus said, “Is not life more than food, and the body more than clothes?”  (Matthew 6:25).  He said, “Therefore I tell you, do not worry about your life, what you will eat or drink, or about your body what your will wear.”
I have an aversion to throwing away food, but since life is worth more than food, it makes no sense to mess up the body by eating what I do not want to throw away.  I pray that I will remember that when someone invites me to lunch, and the meal is more than what is right for me.  The Lord said not to be worried about what I will eat.  If I worry that I will go hungry later if I throw away food, that is an unnecessary concern.


I plan to go computer shopping with Jacque.  However, we need to do more research before we go to a store.  She wants an all-in-one and may require a camera and microphone to do Zoom meetings.  However, that may raise her system’s cost, and using them may be beyond her technical capabilities.  I want to get an accessible computer with all the features she needs, including fitting into her space and keeping the cost down.  However, those requirements seem to be at odds with each other.  She said she knows a man who refurbishes computers.  I encouraged her to talk to him.


I was still hungry after breakfast, so I had some cashews.  Now my total calories are 797.   I think my total calories today will be higher than they have been for days.   Yesterday, I thought that might work because getting through my fast last night was more challenging than I remember it was before.
Why am I happy?
I have lost 10.58 pounds this year, counting from the peak when I got out of Santa Fe House.  My goal is to lose that much from Day One of this blog journey.
I talked to Jacque, and we decided not to go computer shopping today, so I have the day free.  My husband is a little sick, so maybe it is fortunate I am staying here.


I ate some more shrimp, this time a different kind.  I chose a Cronometer food record, Shrimp, Cooked from Frozen, that lists more nutrients than the Kroger shrimp.  This is typical.  Generic records are usually more complete than the brand name.  However, it lists a lot of sodium, probably more than our shrimp actually has.  I will use it anyway because it lists amino acids, choline, vitamin B12, phosphorus, selenium, copper, and zinc in abundance.  Perhaps I will eat less Mini Joy, which I usually depend on for selenium and choline.  Today, those nutrients are already partially supplied by shrimp.   They may be fully provided, counting the Kroger shrimp, too.

Eat Fresh

You can see that nutrition is an inexact science, even with Cronometer, which tries to be very accurate.  The more you keep a diet diary and pay attention to what nutrients food supplies, the more you will be able to figure out puzzles like this.  Remember that foods do not always have what is on the label anyway.  The longer you store something, the more processed a food is, the farther it has traveled from its source, the more depleted it will be.  Try to eat your food as fresh as possible.  In today’s world, that is challenging to do.  However, it is an ideal to strive for.


Vegetables are still the most essential foods for getting enough nutrients.  I keep a count of my vegetable servings each day.  My counting is not an exact science, but it reminds me to eat vegetables.
Here is my Veggies report since Day One of this journey.  Out of 34 days (yesterday is not scored yet), I missed eating veggies once.  I have eaten at least one 33 times, two 31 times, three 30 times, and so on.  I usually eat up to seven veggies, then my performance drops off.
Take the total of 221, divide it by 34 = 6.5; I am eating 6.5 servings of vegetables daily on average.

Next Morning

Last night, I had a binge and lost track of how much I ate, so I apologize; I do not have a diet diary for yesterday.  Binges are rare for me any more.  However, I must have lost control of my hunger.  Let me say a prayer this morning.


Morning PRAYER
Dear Lord,
Yesterday evening, I finished preparing my ballot.  I was happy because I fit handily into my size-six pants and wore them on my walk to the library.  My waist size is less than 27 inches.  I was that size at 13 years of age!
Then last night, I had a binge.  I was trying to break my hunger, then I got out-of-control.  Fortunately, I did not binge on sweets or bread.  I ate some gluten-free, multi-grain Cruchmaster crackers, organic shrimp, rosemary ham, organic spinach chicken sausage, and gingered stevia lemonade made with bottled, organic lemon juice.   The food I went most overboard on was the crackers, probably because of their carbohydrate content.
Lord, help me to thank my body for keeping me alive and forgive myself.  I wondered what to do at 114 pounds because my BMI is 18.5.  That is considered the lowest of the normal weight range.  However, once I drink water and eat, my daytime weight is about two kilograms more than in the morning.  I figure that means I could lose another 1.7 kilograms.
I have been unsure what to do about this and decided to solve the dilemma when I got to 114 pounds.  Except for my binge, I am there.
My waist-hip ratio is probably a more reliable indicator.  It is 27/35 = .77, which is considered low risk and has been coming down.  My waist is less than half my height (27/66 = .41), which may predict a low risk of heart disease.
Lord, please guide me on what to do.  My readers may wish they had this dilemma.  Bless them in what they do.
If you would like to join me on this journey from the beginning, please start with Day One.  If you wish to download a FREE copy of my ebook (with no need to enter your name or email), click on the book below.  Please continue this journey with me by clicking on the arrows at the right of the page.
This article, with its diet diary, shows what worked for me.  I do not claim that it will work for you.  Consult a licensed medical provider to determine your diet and medical care.  These blog entries do not diagnose or treat any disease.  If I provide any clues for you or your provider, I will be happy.

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