Day 334, Making My Own Map

Day 334, Making My Own Map

“There is no map.
The key distinction is the ability to forge your own path, to discover a route from one place to another that hasn’t been paved, measured, and quantified.”

Sunday Morning


Time Is Art

Yesterday, I created a mind map while watching an FMTV movie: Time Is Art.  Taking a few notes while watching the movie, I had more questions after the movie ended.  I started exploring the topics it introduced that I captured on the map.  What is consciousness anyway?  What does art have to do with it? Time Is Art is a documentary, which the actors are not acting; they are being themselves, expressing their own views.
Here is a link to my mind map for my first impressions of Time Is Art.  


My stepson came over yesterday and set us up with a fancy, more powerful, figure 8, TV antenna.  Today, when I was pushing my husband’s walker to his rocker, I knocked over the antenna, which came apart.  Now it does not work.  I do not know how to adjust its position correctly or fit the pieces together.  It will just have to sit until I can get some help.
My stepson came over immediately when I called.  He adjusted the antenna and showed me how to put it back together.  He got it working again.

Positive Affirmations

I worked on my 10 positive affirmations and made a mind map for them, shown here.  Recently, I started using these affirmations, memorizing them and reciting them to myself when needed.

Preparing For My Day

5-10 things I am grateful for:
  • MindMeister
  • my stepson
  • Sundays
  • computers
  • my loving, supportive husband
morning comments, feelings, ideas, moods, and empowering questions:
I love and accept myself for who I am.
mood and energy:
have been in a great mood since I started doing my first mind map.
energy is okay.
reason it is important
next action(s)
made a mind map of my 10 Positive Affirmations.
Reinforce affirmations.
made a mind map of Time is Art.
Practice with New Tools.
made a mind map of my JV Life Tracker content.
An authentic you!
Use for task management.
got the TV antenna back in place (with help of course).
Relationship with my husband.
Arrange to get it mounted.
made a mind map for bone health.
My bones need it!

Sunday Evening

I just made a baked salmon, zucchini, potato dinner for my husband.  I gorged all day so I do not have any calories available for dinner or I would share it with him.  My husband’s stomach is about two hours later than mine.  The salmon turned out delectable.  I wonder if a recipe would look good in a mind map.


My Cronometer percentage is inching up to 75%.  I have a complete day logged for 75% of all days since Lisa’s Diet Takeoff Day (June 22, 2019).  I may want to also keep track of how many days I stay within my calorie budget or at least within my burn amount.  Let me check for the burn amount.  25% of all days since my start date I have eaten fewer calories than I burned.  Wow!  That needs to change.  I need to get at least 50%, probably more.  I will work on that.  One thing that may help me is to track my exercise, which I am not doing every day.  That will give me a few extra calories to work with.  I think I will mind map all of my Cronometer goals.

Cognitive Distortions

All-or-nothing thinking
I may have thought I needed to use a mind map for all the tasks in JV Life Tracker.  Doing a few today while getting started is probably sufficient.
I thought I burned all the zucchini, but just some of it was overcooked.
Mental filter
I could think every problem needs a mind map.  That would be a mental filter.
Discounting the positive
The buttered zucchini that survived was good.
Jumping to conclusions
a.  Mind reading
b.  Fortune telling
I did not do fortune-telling and mind-reading today.
I may have magnified the seriousness of the antenna problem.  It was easily fixed.  My stepson gave me some pointers on how to put it back together if it should come apart again.
Emotional reasoning
I felt bad when I did not have dinner ready at 7 PM.
Should statements
That is probably because I thought I should have had it done by 7 PM.
Labeling or mis-labeling
I may have labeled myself as a klutz for knocking the antenna over.
Personalization or blame
I may have blamed myself too.  That was an accident waiting to happen.  The antenna will be vulnerable until it is mounted.
Fortunately, my cognitive distortions today were easily rooted out.  Consequently, my mood was high most of the day.  Even when I discovered I am eating more than I burn, I felt okay.


Evening Prayer
Dear Lord,
Today has been a productive, creative day.
I feel extremely blessed that my husband is willing to support me once he is gone.  Yesterday, we met with my husband’s son and made some plans for the estate.
I worked on MeisterTask today as well.  However, the free version does not do much.  For now, I will get MindMeister as a paid version but not MeisterTask.
My husband finished his dinner and said it was good.  He was not even upset that it was about an hour late.  Wow!  He is easy to get along with.  For that, I am extremely blessed.
Looking ahead a little, I have a busy two weeks coming up, with some driving to do.  Bless me, Lord, that I can manage that.  My faithful readers know that I get extremely tired from driving, almost to the point of being disabled by it.
Perhaps with the work I have done with cognitive distortions, I can manage my driving anxiety better.
The key is to not fortune-tell the consequences of every
move I make or try to mind read the other drivers.  That is jumping to conclusions.  I am getting out of the habit of doing that.
Tonight, I feel peaceful.  I even feel some joy.  I love living in Colorado.  Yesterday, I opened my voter’s registration.  I can even vote in Colorado.
Lord, please bless my readers with the keys to conquer their challenges in life.  When I learned about the Kennedy girl I was concerned she did not want to be told that happiness is a choice.  However, I believe that it is.  My ebook explains.
The tools necessary to get there take a while to acquire, especially if you have a mood disorder.   However, happiness is possible.  Perhaps she felt it was hopeless.
Saoirse wrote that she would have her depression for life.  That is not necessarily completely true.  You might have it intermittently, but you can overcome depression.  I pray that people who read this blog will find a pathway out of depression!
If you would like to join me on this journey from the beginning, please start with Day One.
KaeLyn Morrill

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