Day 30, Finding Pleasure When Dieting

“The first step to getting what you want is having the courage to get rid of what you don’t.”
What empowering question can I ask myself today?


Today, while listening to Glenn Harrold’s Mindfulness for Releasing Anxiety this morning, my TMJ pain went away, and I felt perfectly at peace.  It will be a beautiful day.   My husband is already expressing gratitude for everything I have done for him today.
Fifteen minutes from now, it will be time for breakfast, which will be a green drink again.  My weight this morning was unchanged from yesterday.  Hopefully, it will go back down to 51.45 kg again or less.  What happened goes to show how one meal can mess up your diet.  However, I must go on from where I am, not where I was.
How are you doing with your goals?  I hope you have not given up on obtaining your ideal weight.  You may have had a night of pizza, too, that blew your plans for a while.  I did not think fried shrimp would do it, but with buttered French bread, it did.  That is all past now.  Think forward.


What can I associate with pleasure?
I felt joy while making my bed this morning.   The pink and yellow colors of the antique quilts; the satiny, striped sheets; the puffy pillows in their pillowcases, the smooth look when done were all a pleasure.  Last night, I did the dishes, so the kitchen is pleasant.  I also filled my pill containers, so they were ready for the rest of the week.  How refreshing is that?  Now I am listening to iTunes, a Schubert String Quartet.  How supreme is that?


It is now 8:30 AM.  Writing this has become so pleasant, I do not even want to break for breakfast.  Maybe I will wait a while.  I have just completed a 20-hour fast, and I am not ready to eat yet?
As an appetizer, I had shrimp with cocktail sauce.  What a pleasurable sensation that was on my tongue!  Then I made a green drink.
Here it is, ready-to-go!  You can see that I am left-handed.
For the ingredients, see the diet diary below.
Green drinks fill many nutritional holes.  It is nigh impossible to meet all the nutrient recommendations in Cronometer without a green smoothie.  With one, it is relatively easy.  I do take a B-complex.   Green drinks have B vitamins, but not enough, and not all of them.  Vitamin B12 is missing.  You still need vitamin D and more vitamin E.
Green drinks may not be the perfect food.  However, they are a nutritious complement to everything else.


My husband was itching, so I brushed his back and arms.  Then I put a load of his clothing and my socks in the washer.  The waft of Febreze in the laundry room is a pleasure.


It is only 9:30 AM.  I could go out.  Walking in the autumn sunshine is a pleasure.
I walked to the library, taking the shortcut, and snapped some photos of our fall weather.  The weatherman said the temperature was in the 60s F.  However, my light coat seemed too hot.  My good mood did not last.  I thought of analyzing it, then decided that it would make it worse.  Instead, I came home and busied myself with my blog entry.
I got some pistachios and almond milk for a snack.
What else can I associate pleasure with?  That appears to be the most powerful question of the day.
I know–Mini Joy.  What a pleasure it is today!  For a list of the ingredients, see the diet diary below.  I usually put water on it, but today, I mixed it with almond milk.  All the more joy!

Diet Diary



Dear Lord,
My activity level at 243 for yesterday is back in range!  That is after only one day of being down.  My weight did not go down this morning.  However, I believe it will if I hang in there with my process.
Pleasure and Pain
Lord, help me to enjoy pleasure along my path.  Tony Robbins says that what you associate with pleasure can motivate you.  If you associate something with pain, that will encourage you away from it.  What you predict will cause pain or pleasure is more motivating than what actually causes pain or pleasure.
I expected to experience pleasure during my walk today.  However, it was kind of a downer.  I did not analyze why.  I do not want to associate my walks with pain, or I will not do them all the time.  I enjoy the photos I took, so perhaps that pleasure will motivate me to go again, with my Android in hand.
Please, bless my readers and me with pleasure.

Extended Diet Diary

Feeling exhausted and not able to care for my husband correctly, I decided to eat tonight.  It gave me some pleasure, but my diet is probably bombed for now.  Here is my extended diet log:
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This article, with its diet diary, shows what worked for me.  I do not claim that it will work for you.  Consult a licensed medical provider to determine your diet and medical care.  These blog entries do not diagnose or treat any disease.  If I provide any clues for you or your provider, I will be happy.

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