Day 3, Do You Eat Fat to Lose Fat?

“However, dietary fat provides key health benefits that can aid in the weight loss process. Including certain fats in your diet can help you feel more satisfied, making it easier to stick to a healthy, reduced-calorie eating plan. Fat also serves important functions in the body.”


Yesterday my depression broke.  I got tired before the end of the evening, but I refreshed myself with self-hypnosis, allowing me to carry on with my activities until bedtime.  I slept until past 5:00 AM this morning, which was a good start for the day.  Today will bring what wonderful things?  I already meditated and scored yesterday with my JV Life Tracker (Vibrancy) app and scored 218, almost a record.


I ate breakfast with plenty of dietary fat, “Walnut Joy” with blueberries and cherries, and two cups of V8 mix (regular and low-sodium).  Mixing the two allows me to balance sodium and potassium the way I want, affecting my blood pressure.  That is food for the body.  I also need food for the mind.


Ten powerful affirmations, which are not original to me, are displayed in this mindmap.  Let me re-memorize them.  My brain’s neurons that stored these affirmations have fallen into disuse.  I can re-strengthen them.
Louise Hay, the Queen of Affirmations, co-authored a book I have been reading: You Can Create An Exceptional Life.  Louise, who passed away recently, transformed her life through affirmations.  She plans her happenings ahead of time.  One of her sayings is: This is a glorious day, and every experience is a joyous adventure.
One experience I have already planned for today is to eat salmon burgers with dill weed.  I also plan to walk to the library and experience all the beauty between here and there.  Today, I plan to get my husband into the bathtub.  I did!  Just now.

Walking to the Library

I put on a new outfit, got my husband to take a “before” picture, which I will not show anyone until I have an “after” picture, and went out for my walk to the library.  I looked at a book and decided not to check it out.  The weather was pleasantly warm, calm, and sunny.


I returned and fixed a salmon burger for myself and my husband.
salmon burger with dill weed and sauerkraut
I had the salmon with some unsalted cashews.  I used to buy salted cashews because I like them better.  However, they are too easy to overeat.  Now, I purchase the unsalted variety.  Cashews are an abundant source of fat, though take care:  they are high in omega-6 fatty acids.  Thankfully, salmon burgers are rich in omega-3 fatty acids to balance that out.




Now I feel a tad sleepy.  I could sleep or choose some other refreshing activity.  Yesterday’s hypnosis session was so restorative I would like to do it again.  Let me get my Android ready for a session.
This time, I dropped into a trance.  I probably slept too.  After I awoke, I read a portion of Joe Dispenza’s You Are The Placebo.  I have been trying to get my depression to go away without resorting to an exorbitantly expensive drug with its side effects.  If I can get the placebo effect to work for me, so much the better.


I ate a whole, raw, green pepper, even though it is not snack time yet.  It was refreshing and probably a healthy choice.  Alternatively, I could have sautéed this vegetable in olive oil for yet another healthy fat.  However, I was saving my calories from something I will introduce next.


After seeing my photos from this morning, I do not doubt that I would look better if I lost eleven pounds.  Most of my unwanted fat is in my abdomen and thorax, under my chin, and perhaps in my cheeks.  My cheek fat never seems to go away, even after a lot of fat loss.  I suggest you get “before” photographs if you plan to lose weight even if you hate getting photographed.
Now, I have most of the afternoon still.  I am grateful for my time.  You may not have enough time to do everything I suggest in these blog entries.  Take it at your own pace and select those things that will work for you.  I am hoping to inspire and motivate you.


This afternoon, I will have something easy and delicious for my snack, a dish that is a treat.  I want to put Orgain chocolate fudge protein powder in a lot of liquid coconut oil and smother it with cacao powder.  I may add some walnuts and a bit of water to get it to mix.  When I first started using coconut oil, eating more than about eight grams made me nauseous.  I can use more now but still have my limits.  I have only eaten 43% of my budgeted amount of fat for today but 51% of my calories.  Coconut oil has a long list of health properties.  It is also relatively inexpensive, per calorie anyway.

Dietary Fat

My concoction is an easy-to-make fat bomb.  Fat bombs are frequently used in the ketogenic diet to make fat more palatable.  My diet is not strictly ketogenic because I never recovered from the ‘keto flu’ when trying out the diet, so I went back to the Zone Diet, except with a higher amount of fat:  50-60% of calories.  That seems to work better for me.  Similar percentages show up in many of my meal plans/recipes in KaeLyn’s Korner Kitchen cookbook available on
If you still believe consuming fat makes you fat, then welcome to the twenty-first century.  That idea is a myth of the past.  If you over-consume fat, you can still gain weight, but you must eat fat to lose fat.  Fat does not stimulate the production of insulin unless you consume it beyond your energy needs.  However, carbohydrates and even proteins do cause insulin to rise.  Insulin locks your fat cells so your metabolism cannot burn their contents for energy.  During periods of fasting or exercise, blood insulin levels fall, allowing adipose or fat cells to release fat for burning into energy.  Until then, your body relies on sugar for energy.  There is not as much sugar stored in the body as there is fat.  Fat provides an almost unlimited supply of ATP if insulin levels are down far enough to allow it to be released.


I am reading Joel Fuhrman’s The End of Dieting, where he introduces yet another diet.  He presents G-BOMBS:  greens, beans, onions, mushrooms, berries, and seeds/nuts, which he says help prevent cancer.  Dietary greens are crucial, so let me set the intention of making a green drink for supper two hours from now.  I got a new bin of spinach and kale yesterday, part of which I can use to make the drink.  The fat bomb should hold me until then.
I am feeling up again after eating the fat bomb, which relieved my emotions and hunger.

Green Drink for Dinner

Lately, I have been making my green drinks with V8.  However, this drink is more like those in Joyful Vibrance:  Transform Your Body Image, Energy, and Mood!,” which transformed my body image and allowed me to get down to less than 110 pounds.  I already had some V8 for the day, so I used the old template instead.  The taste is a bit challenging.  In case you try this at home, I will warn you.  However, the recipe is proven to get fat off your body.
The recipe makes about two of these jars full, so there is plenty to consume.



Diet Diary

Now I have the day’s food eaten.  This time I have only two calories remaining in my calorie budget.  That sometimes works best.  You will have to experiment with your calorie budget and pay attention to the fact that your metabolism can change, especially in response to medications.  Thyroid medication makes an especially big difference, as I mentioned yesterday.


As you can see, today, I got a little closer to my macronutrient targets.  Net carbs is a bit low, which is desirable as long as I get all my nutrients.  Fat is right at 100%, which I seldom see.  I set my macronutrient targets to 60% fat, 23% net carbohydrates, and 17% protein.  This nutrient composition may facilitate weight loss, though the proof will be tomorrow on the scale.  All of my Nutrient Balances are within the ideal range, not smack in the middle, but they are acceptable.


I am using a zinc supplement.  Sometimes, I use a more potent 22 mg one.  That would not have hurt today because green drinks are copper heavy.


Potassium could be a bit higher, but trust me, green drinks need a lot of salt to be palatable at all, so this is a compromise between nutrition and taste.  However, you can probably see that my approach favors the former.


My magnesium intake is high, probably higher than you would want to go with it.  That is what it takes to move my bowels in the morning.  I have a very winding colon, which my gastroenterologist, following my colonoscopy, said is probably responsible for my being slow in the bowels.  If you suffer from constipation, consider using magnesium to relieve it.  I use magnesium oxide, which is cheap.  Test it to see how much you need.  It is far less expensive than most other remedies, and you need magnesium anyway.  It is not like introducing a foreign drug into the body.


You can see that I appear to lack enough lysine.  No worries.  Salmon burgers do not have an amino acid breakdown in Cronometer.  However, they are rich in all essential amino acids.  I am confident I have eaten enough lysine.  Cronometer has incomplete data on many of its foods.  Generally, the more generic a food, the more complete the record.  Brand name items are often lacking, though V8 is an exception.  Someone went to the trouble to research that food.  Poke around in Cronometer to see how complete its records are for the foods in your diet.  When you add a food to the diary, Cronometer will tell you how many nutrients it lists.  That will give you a clue.


You may also notice that my selenium intake today was less than 100%.  My shipment of nuts did not arrive yet today.  I expect it by the end of the day today, so tomorrow, hopefully, I will have Brazil nuts.  However, again there is no need for alarm.  I usually get plenty of selenium, and my body will not run out of it today.  [Sure enough, the box came this evening.]

Omega-3 Fatty Acids

You may notice that I did not take fish oil today.  Chia seeds are rich in omega-3 fatty acids.  The curcumin in the green drink helps convert short-chain fatty acids to long-chain ones.  I also ate salmon, which is rich in long-chain omega-3 fatty acids.  The result is a ratio of omega-6 to omega-3 fatty acids of 2.094 or less than 4.0, which is in my target range.

Fiber Versus Sugar

Notice that the fiber intake is greater than the sugar intake, which is outstanding.  The fiber to sugar ratio is one I carefully observe.  Dr. Robert Lustig, who lectures widely about fructose, says that this ratio is the “key to the kingdom” for metabolic health.  He is concerned about food companies that strip processed foods of their fiber and sell it to us.  This can damage our health.  When you set up your profile in Cronometer, consider putting a watch on your dietary-fiber-to-sugar ratio for your well-being.


My goal for fructose is to get 15 grams or less.  You can see that I have eaten slightly more than that.  The biggest culprit, besides the V8, was this morning’s cherries.  I could have cut back on them.  Tomorrow, I will have one cherry.
Energy Balance
Calories consumed versus calories burned is probably your best indication of how much weight you will lose.  However, Robert Lustig disagrees with the saying, “A calorie is a calorie.”  Coca-Cola calories have a far different effect than those in salmon.  The nutrient composition can make a difference.  Too many carbohydrates can trigger insulin secretion, and it is insulin that makes you fat, not dietary fat.  I have been eating lots of bread for weeks, and I wonder why I cannot lose weight?  You can probably see that I had no bread today.  I will miss it, but I would rather lose weight.
Overall, this profile is strong.  Yesterday, I gave myself an A-.  Today, I will give this an A, maybe not an A+, but an A.


Dear Lord,
Again, I am so grateful that my depression has lifted!  Another day is winding to its close, my third day of 110.
Lord, give me the confidence to know I can and will do this!   My goal is to reach 50 kg by January 2, 2021.
I love bread, but it may be a roadblock to my success.  I cannot keep my Net Carbs in range when consuming so much bread.  Today, I ate no bread.
I am accessing my knowledge acquired by study and experience.  I am ever-learning, but I cannot reap the benefits if I do not apply what I know.
Forgive Me
Lord, forgive me for being less than what I could be.  Expand my potential, and help me to lift others.  Right now, this project is a secret to protect me from getting discouraged by others’ remarks.  I am sure you understand.  Please help me to unveil it later.
I want to emulate the late Louise Hay, creating my reality by vividly imagining in advance my experiences.
I envision myself making these blog entries for the next 107 days.  Please help me to make a beautiful creation.  I have started to photograph my food again, which I think is a positive change.
Bless my intelligent readers that they will take away everything I intend and perhaps more.
If you would like to join me on this journey from the beginning, please start with Day One.  If you wish to download a FREE copy of my ebook (with no need to enter your name or email), click on the book below.  Please continue this journey with me by clicking on the arrows at the right of the page.
This article, with its diet diary, shows what worked for me.  I do not claim that it will work for you.  Consult a licensed medical provider to determine your diet and medical care.  These blog entries do not diagnose or treat any disease.  If I provide any clues for you or your provider, I will be happy.

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