Day 27, Less Than 30 Grams of Sugar

Last night marked another day of significant progress.  I may achieve my goal soon.  The crucial thing is to stick to my process.  If I do not get the results I want, I can try a new strategy.

Waist Measurement

Last night, I measured my waist size again.  Instead of 31 inches, it was 29!  I can soon fit into those jeans I was looking at; I probably already can.
I am amazed at the progress I have made so far and at my ability to fast.

Music and Dancing

Last night, I accessed some of my desktop’s music and played it on the Android.  I installed a .wma player since I did not have one on my Android.  I did not copy the tunes;  I streamed them over the network.  Once I had Apollo 100 going, I danced to it like old times.   My husband watched me with rapt attention, then said he needed to rest his eyes.
I must be feeling better in my skin to do something like that.


I am consuming a green drink for breakfast.  It is a mixture of green leafy vegetables.  Of course, V8 has eight vegetables, so in combination with the greens, that is a lot of different vegetables.   The drink has 1923.5 mg of potassium.   For the ingredients, see the diet diary below.  What a way to start my morning!
One thing Tony Robbins suggested in Awaken the Giant Within is switching the channels to which we pay attention to something empowering.  I do not want to admit how often my channel has been stuck on “The Dark Side.”  This morning while walking, I thought about channels I do want to watch.
I have four channels for my app:
  1. score
  2. analyze
  3. develop
  4. publish
I have five channels for my blog:
  1. write
  2. check grammar
  3. log food
  4. prepare images
  5. publish
There is the walking to the park and library channel.   I can focus on nature or trips.




I ate my blueberry walnut Mini Joy today for lunch without cacao powder.  It still is tasty, but if you like a richer chocolate flavor, add cacao.  For all the ingredients, see the diet diary below.


I have eaten all I need today, except for some protein I could have as a snack.  The only nutrients I need are sodium and lysine, both of which are in pork tenderloin.
I ate the pork tenderloin a little earlier than I planned.  Seconds ago, I started a 19.5-hour fast until breakfast.  That will be a bit of a stretch.  However, I have proven to myself that I can do it.  That is another benefit of fasting; it increases confidence.  I cannot claim that fasting is painless.  However, it is less painful than you might expect, certainly less than I expected.  When you start seeing results, the joy is so great, it makes the fasting worth it.

JV Life Tracker

My JV Life Tracker (Vibrancy) score for yesterday is 267, an excellent score but not much more than my average score (244.15) since I started this journey.  I set up some ways to increase my scores, but I would have to shift my activities.  I am on a roll with these diet diaries, scoring more than 200 points consistently since Day 2.  Perhaps that is what I can expect of myself.  I am glad that I can motivate myself with this point system.
I read for a while, listened to a self-hypnosis recording, and took a nap.  The afternoon is peaceful.  I could work on my app.  I need to sort through the goals I have for it.
Usually, by this time of day, I would be ravenous, but I am not.  Perhaps hunger depends partly on the expectation that you will feed yourself.  If your body knows there is no food coming, it does not bother to complain.

Diet Diary

Notice that this meal plan has less than 30 grams of sugar!  That seldom happens, but it is one of my goals!
It looks like I may be short on sodium, but the pork tenderloin actually has more sodium than advertised.  The only thing I am short on is calories, which is on purpose.  I ate a healthy 50 grams of protein with ample amounts of all essential amino acids.
If you want to follow this plan, it is easy to prepare and quite tasty.  Getting all the ingredients can be a challenge, but you may already have many of them in stock.  I plan to eat these menus with a little variation until I lose the intended weight, which is only another 2.15 kg.  My extra kilos could come off as soon as October 25th, 2020, much sooner than January 2nd, 2021, that I initially planned.  If things slip a few days, fine.  I am planning to fast intermittently as part of my strategy.
I had not planned at first to eat only two meals per day.  However, when I tried it, it worked out better than I thought it would, and the results were fantastic.  Instead of going up and down and up on the scale, I went down, down, down.  There seems to be a mantra among experts to eat three to six meals per day.  However, once you learn how to fast, you have incredibly more options.  I recall that our janitor from my teenage years ate a single meal per day.  If he could do it, why could I not?  I discovered that these two meals have all the nutrition I need for a day except calories, so why not?


Dear Lord,
This is fantastic!  I believe I have a meal plan I can use every day with some variation.  The weight is coming off readily now.  I feel incredible peace.  For once, I can rest.
Today’s walk to the park and library was as beautiful as ever.  Again, I passed by these water jets:
What a lovely community I live in; it is so convenient to have the library near.  I feel as fortunate as I ever have.  I am happy to be my husband’s wife.
Soon, I will also have the figure of my dreams.  I am so pleased that I started on this journey!  I hope to draw others into this experience, so they can have what I do.
Help me to shed the remaining 2.15 kg by October 25th, 2020.  If I cannot do that, help me to reach my goal before January 2nd, 2021.  That is funny.  Sometimes I layer my intentions like that.  I have a checkmark in JV Life Tracker for eating less than 30 grams of sugar in a day.  If I cannot do that, I have another checkmark for 40 grams of sugar.  I have checkmarks for 55 and 62 grams of sugar, also.  If I eat less than 30 grams of sugar, I get all four points.
This kind of structure with my goals is working for me.  I have something similar in several places.
Lord, bless my followers with success in whatever they may be undertaking, whether to lose weight or finish a project.
If you would like to join me on this journey from the beginning, please start with Day One.  If you wish to download a FREE copy of my ebook (with no need to enter your name or email), click on the book below.  Please continue this journey with me by clicking on the arrows at the right of the page.
This article, with its diet diary, shows what worked for me.  I do not claim that it will work for you.  Consult a licensed medical provider to determine your diet and medical care.  These blog entries do not diagnose or treat any disease.  If I provide any clues for you or your provider, I will be happy.

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