Day 258, Refocusing on Morning Rituals

Day 258, Refocusing on Morning Rituals

Over the week, I asked some of the world’s foremost minds and hearts about their own personal energy, how they experience energy, and what they do to cultivate great energy (if they have it).  By far the most common denominators of outstanding energy were:
  • great rituals
  • purpose for their life
  • contribution — making a difference in the lives of others.
~Libby Weaver, Ph.D.

Friday Afternoon

While writing this blog post, I gathered evidence that I need to refocus on my morning ritual.

Gingered Lemonade

I just made a batch of gingered lemonade, my favorite drink for a relaxing mood lift.  However, the Berkey filter water container was empty, and there was no filtered water.  I promptly refilled it while preparing the lemonade, but it had not filtered enough water by the time I was ready for it.  I set the gingered lemonade aside and started this blog entry while the Berkey filtered.


Our neighbor came over today.  He and his wife have a cosmetologist and cleaning lady coming in regularly.  They may be interested in doing some work for us as well.  Since it is so hard to get my husband out, and it is hard for me to get away from him, people like this could help us out a lot.


This morning, I cleared off most of the clutter on the chest we have in the living room.  This is where my husband sets mail he does not want to deal with.  I filed the mail items and put the action items in a little black book I have been keeping to-do’s in.  A few weeks ago, I started concentrating on to-do items that needed to be done.  Since then both my husband and I have been to the dentist, we got the jeep winterized (I realize it is late spring now), etc.  I started using the jeep more often.   Though there is more to be done, I was able to show my husband page after page of to-do’s that were complete or nearly complete.
Now I have enough water for the lemonade.  Yum.


Tonight, I had way too much junk food.  I need to start over again!
I just had a great conversation with my step-son about some financial matters.  He is coming over tomorrow morning to help.  I am glad I have the help of another brain.


I have been watching Weather Nation tonight, where there are tornado warnings and watches for eastern Colorado and Kansas.  It will get colder tonight.  Hopefully the tornadoes will not go this far west.  It is unlikely that they will.  At any rate, this weekend will be colder.

My Sister

I am checking Facebook.  My siblings are remembering my sister who died.  My sister was a very good-hearted person.  She lived on the east coast of United States, far away from most of us.  She has been unable to communicate for a long time.  What would I say to her if she could communicate?  I believe I told her I loved her in the last letter I sent her.

Saturday Afternoon

Today I have had trouble keeping my head away from regrets.  I usually focus on my goals instead.  My step-son came over and started the process of helping us with financial matters.  I started sorting through a box of old mail.  I had hoped my husband would sort through it, but he never did.  Now I realize that keeping up with the mail is my job.  I found an expired refund check we had never deposited.
In sorting, I also found some notes I kept from the book The Power of Less by Leo Babauta, a successful blogger.  I considered my recent remarks about counselors not being models of success at creating a popular blog.  In contrast, Leo is a successful blogger.  He writes about overcoming the desire to have more and more on  In The Power of Less, he gives his formula for managing a productive day.  Since creative productivity is one of my values, I could embrace these habits myself:
Set your 3 MIT (most important tasks) each morning.
Just 3?  I have usually selected 5, but then I get overwhelmed because I forget what the 5 are.  Doing 5 things, I also keep switching tasks all the time.  Sometimes I have up to even 10 tasks.
Single task (one thing at a time)
Wow!  I am always task switching.  Think of the overhead of doing that.  I typically do not spend much time on any one task, because I have a short attention span.  I do not think I have ADHD, but focusing for a longer time on one task may increase productivity.
Process inbox to empty.
Wow!  That probably applies to snail mail as well.  That huge box of old mail we have is a monstrosity.  The new mail piles up too.  I have been working on the mail more lately but have yet to get it to empty.
Check email 2X/day.
Just twice.  Yes, I wonder how much time I waste checking my email all the time.
Exercise 5-10 minutes/day
I usually exercise twice for a total of an hour.  However, I could do more functional exercise, and get more of my exercise done while working.  I will have to plan for that.  Perhaps I could exercise 5-10 minutes outside each day.  It would be healthy to get out.
Work w/o distractions.
How can I do that when my husband is calling for me all the time?  Other than him though, I do not have much distracting me.  Sometimes his television distracts me, but often he watches TV with the sound off.
Follow a morning routine.
I advocated evolving routines in my book, Joyful Vibrance:  Transform Your Body Image, Energy, and Mood! I just need to keep practicing.  A morning ritual is the key to outstanding energy.  I think I will refocus on that.
Eat more fruits and veggies.
I am getting better at that with my green drinks.  Can I eat too many fruits and veggies?
Keep desk uncluttered.
Wow, I spent some time decluttering my desk recently, and put ‘clean desk’ in JV Life Tracker.  I am making progress with this.  It is a good thing we ordered a desk that has drawers.
Say “no” to commitments not on short list.
That is a great idea.  I can say “no.”  My main commitment is to my husband, so I will not say “no” to taking care of him.
Declutter 15 minutes/day.
That is for maintenance.  My old mail box is going to require more time than that, at least today.
5 sentence limit on emails.
I have written some really long emails.  I think those days are over.  I will spend the time on my blog instead.
Obviously, I have a few things to work on.  However, I am making progress.
My most important tasks for today were first, my step-son’s visit and getting the info he needed to help us financially.  I got the info out of the box of old mail, which needs my attention as well.  Secondly, the blog, which I am working on now.  And thirdly, I wanted to make a green drink.  I made the following drink, which is much like the one I had the other day.  This time I added additional water.  It still tasted okay, but it was a bit watered down.  However, adding the extra water made more drink, and it was still good.


Mix ingredients with or without about 480 ml of extra filtered water in a Vitamix until smooth.  Enjoy!
I want to continue with the Transcendence Master Class in FMTV.  The limiting beliefs workshop was very helpful.  I wrote 14 beliefs I need to create a popular blog.  I memorized them and have been using them as daily affirmations.


I just had a snack of 4 grams of brazil nuts, which gave me ample selenium for the day.  I also had 15 grams of macadamia nuts which are very high in heart-healthy, monounsaturated fat and low in inflammatory, omega-6 fat.  The snack was delicious as well.
I want to continue sorting mail, but it would be better if my husband was awake to answer questions.  Right now he is sleeping.
Sunday Morning
My husband woke up and and I worked on that pile of old mail for quite some time last night.  Perhaps I can put Preparing For My Day in my morning routine.    

Preparing For My Day

5-10 things i am grateful for:
  • the Internet with its answers for almost any question
  • my mind with its endless questions
  • the 12 rules for The Power of Less listed above
  • PQQ, which seems to be gradually building my energy.  It can:
  1. increase the number of mitochondria, the energy factories of the cells
  2. protect the heart
  3. increase learning and memory ability
  4. decrease oxidative stress
  5. decrease inflammation
  6. boost metabolism
  7. improve detoxification by creating more mitochondria, which means more energy in the kidneys and liver
  8. increase fertility (I have not noticed increased fertility, but I think the other benefits are apparent.)
morning comments, feelings, ideas, moods, and empowering questions:
I am happy with the way that I am!  I am focusing again on my morning rituals.
mood and energy:
a few aches and pains but okay
feeling up to my goals today
reason it is important
next action(s)
processed a whole lot of mail yesterday
made a green drink yesterday, and made one 11 of 18 days so far this month of May.  Stats from JV Life Tracker.
Continue on!
started sprouting alfalfa sprouts in jars with cheesecloth and elastic band covers
Health, nutrition
Keep rinsing!
had a 100% vegan diet yesterday.  I may not want a vegan life, but vegan days are a good idea. Joyful Vibrance:  Transform Your Body Image, Energy, and Mood!
Health, nutrition
Consider scoring vegan days in JV Life Tracker.
took my husband in his transport chair to the dermatologist, dentist, and optometrist the past two weeks
Service, health
Keep getting out and driving as needed!
started keeping a spiral, hard-cover, little black book I call Aspirations in Joyful Vibrance for accomplishing to-do’s.
Keep accomplishing those to-do items!


Suddenly, I am so happy.  My medication came from Health Warehouse in four days or less!  They said it would take up to two weeks.  I believe that mail order place is going to work, and it saves me money.  I found out about it through Consumer Reports online.
This afternoon, I walked in the hallway, cleaned the kitchen, took out the trash, got the mail, processed the mail, decluttered my desk, updated my Aspirations in Joyful Vibrance book, updated Cronometer, updated my morning routine in Goalscape, and found a couple of books I would enjoy reading.  I have not decided to purchase them yet however.  One is by Natasha Tracy, Lost Marbles:  Insights Into My Life With Depression and Bipolar.  It is a cross between a memoir and a self-help book.  That sounds a bit like my blog.

Monday Morning

I determined that my three most important tasks (MIT’s) for today are:
Do the laundry.
Fill my pill containers.
Follow my morning ritual.
Dear Lord,
My morning rituals are getting dusted off and followed.  I cannot remember every thing I need to do without following a written plan, especially since I update it often.
I am putting morning routine in JV Life Tracker and my Progress category in The Journal.  I will start by tracking it for a week.  Then I will forward the goal and continue tracking it until it is re-established.
Lord, I have been struggling with my manic-depression lately.  I realize now that it is going to be a lifelong struggle.  What can I do to make it easier?  When I am not struggling with the symptoms of the disorder, I am struggling with the side effects of the treatment.  It is exhausting.
My husband does not think anything is wrong.  However, he does not block
me from getting treatment, which is good.
If I can discover some simple tools for dealing with it better, help me to have the courage to share them.  I have been told that I am high-functioning for a disabled person.
I talked this over with my husband, and he reminded me to take SAMe.  That helped.
Lord, please bless my readers with the courage to surmount their own challenges.  I have learned that we cannot sit around and wait to be cured.  This was illustrated dramatically in the book, Where Is God When It Hurts? by Philip Yancey.
Yancey contrasted two quadriplegics.  One man lived with his parents and waited to be healed.  Another woman, Joni Eareckson Tada, started creating artwork and using her skills in behalf of others.  Instead of waiting to be healed and making no progress, she developed the abilities she had access to.
Even though I am disabled, I am very able.  Look!  I can even write.  Help me to bless others with my writing.
If you would like to join me in this journey from the beginning, please start with Day One.
KaeLyn Morrill

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