Day 255, Beliefs for a Popular Blog

Day 255, Beliefs for a Popular Blog


Wednesday Evening

My sister passed away last night.  I have been thinking about her.  My mother plans to get her ashes through the mail and put them in the family plot in Utah.  I have not yet heard the reaction of my brothers and sisters.

Limiting Beliefs

Today, I studied a workshop in the Transcendence master class in FMTV about limiting beliefs.  James Colquhoun asked us to make a list of what we are successful at and then list the positive beliefs that feed that success.  Then he asked us to list what we are struggling with and the limiting beliefs that might be feeding that.  Then in a table, we listed what we want to succeed at, how doing so will make us feel, and the list of beliefs we need in order to make that happen.
I came up with a list of fourteen beliefs I believe I need in order to create a popular blog.  They are as follows:

Positive Beliefs to Instill

  1. I believe I can handle the stress of a popular blog.
  2. I believe I can create a popular blog.
  3. I believe I have something only I can contribute to a blog.
  4. I believe that a popular blog is what I truly want.
  5. I believe I am willing to do the work involved.
  6. I believe I can handle it if people think I am crazy.
  7. I believe a popular blog will set me up for additional opportunities.
  8. I believe Mom will enjoy reading the blog.
  9. I believe I will be okay if people do not agree with me.
  10. I believe I can maintain the consistency needed for a popular blog.
  11. I believe I will learn how to create a popular blog.
  12. I believe I will practice and do whatever it takes to create a popular blog.
  13. I believe I am unstoppable.
  14. I believe I will create a popular blog.
I memorized this list with the memorization techniques I have been working on.

How To Instill Beliefs

Then I listened to a speech by life coach Marie Forleo about shifting limiting beliefs.  She said that to instill a belief, you must first act, then you speak in alignment with how you want to behave, then the beliefs change.  You can also find evidence to disprove your limiting beliefs and build a case against them.
So, I need to start acting on the above beliefs, then speaking them.  I can also disprove the opposite of those beliefs.

Act Then Believe

It appears that in order to believe something, you have to act as if you believe it.  That requires courage.  Fortunately, courage is one of my values.  However, I am disappointed.  I must have thought there was going to be a kind of belief juice that you could just swallow.  I am thinking of the courage lapped up by the cowardly lion in the Wizard of Oz.
Acting before you believe is hard.  Maybe there is something more you can do to build belief.  Having someone you trust can help.  That is why people have mentors.  Mentors tell us we can do something, so we believe it and do it.  What if we have no one giving us encouragement?  What if no one seems to believe in us?
One trap we can get into is waiting for people such as a spouse or parent to give us encouragement and build our belief in ourselves.  It is great when they do, but sometimes that does not happen.  We have to find encouragement from other sources.  Joining a business or writing group can help.  However, what if our family members require a level of care such that we cannot regularly get away to a group?  Even if we have time for a group, they can awe and ooh at parts of our work, but they will never take responsibility for the whole of it.  They will never finish it and get it out there.  That is left to us.
A counselor may provide encouragement.  However, it has been my experience that therapists help stabilize me, but they are not models for success, at least not for success at creating a popular blog.  Until now, no one has encouraged me to list a set of beliefs I need to succeed at creating a popular blog.

Encourage Yourself

The real key lies in learning how to encourage and praise yourself.  My inner voice has been a source of encouragement for me for years.  It has long whispered to me that I should write.  Now that I have at last accepted the fact that it is not omniscient, I can more safely use it to help me with my goals.  I do need to be careful however that it is encouraging me to do what I want, rather than getting me to follow its own agenda.  To do this, I need to be clear about what I want.  Stating my goal beliefs is a step forward.  Otherwise, I can constantly hatch miscellaneous new goals out of the blue, which will have me scrambling in many different directions at once.
It is bedtime.  My husband is already encouraging me to come to bed.  I am a little frustrated with my eating habits today.  I will have to set beliefs to instill for them as well.  I can do that another day.  I got a shower tonight, which is an achievement.  
Thursday Morning
Fate was kind to me last night, and I lost rather than gaining weight.

Preparing For My Day

5-10 things i am grateful for:
  • life itself
  • my happy marriage
  • my 14 new beliefs to instill
  • losing .2 kg last night
  • my family of origin
morning comments, feelings, ideas, moods, and empowering questions:
I am happy with the way that I am!  My late sister had such a good heart.
mood and energy:
feeling good about life!
able to do what I need to do!
reason it is important
next action(s)
Learning how to instill empowering beliefs.
Keep acting on new beliefs and speak them.
Driving more lately.
Drive as needed.  You can do it.
Still using Cronometer.
Nutrition, health, and weight loss
Stay in your Cronometer game.
Normal blood pressure without using blood pressure meds.
Continue on!
Safely lowered antipsychotic meds.
Continue on!
Finished reading Recovering Sanity by Dr. Edward Podvoll.
Mental health
Practice what you learned.
Today is a beautiful spring day.  After a long January, May is already half-way through.  We are planning to go to Europtics today for my husband’s eye exam and new eyeglasses.  The eyeglasses we repaired there are a bit scratched and bent, and he would like new ones.


Dear Lord,
Thank You for the harmony I have with my husband.  Today is another day of peace for me.  He told me again today that I was gorgeous.
Lord, I have 14 new beliefs to instill.  If You think they will be sufficient to motivate me, help me to know.  If I need additional beliefs, let me add them.  I want to believe whatever it takes to succeed.
My first priority however is my marriage.  I do not want my blog to ever endanger my marriage, so bless my efforts with my blog so they will also bless my marriage.  So far, I believe, that has happened.
It has been a while since I visited a counselor.  My counselor moved, so I am obligated to start with a different counselor, which I have not done yet.  Since that transition occurred
I have not felt the need for a counselor.
If I have made this decision in error, help me to correct it.  Counselors can be of great help to people with bipolar disorder.  However, my father who was himself a great counselor warned me against counselitis, where I can become dependent on counselors.  So I want to use counselors, if I need them, without becoming dependent on them.  Help me to make a wise decision about what to do.
Please, Lord, bless my readers with optimum mental health.  Help them to find encouragement within themselves so they are not dependent on others to get them going on their goals.  We simply cannot wait around waiting for others to tell us what to do.  Time is of the essence.  We must act, speak, then believe, then act again.  If I wait for a counselor to tell me what to do, I will wait forever.  I almost already have.
If you would like to join me in this journey from the beginning, please start with Day One.
KaeLyn Morrill

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