Day 231, Fun with NLP

Day 231, Fun with NLP


Preparing For My Day

5-10 things i am grateful for:
  • NLP
  • the sun
  • fresh water
  • my body
  • my wealth
  • spring
morning comments, feelings, ideas, moods, and empowering questions:
I love the way that I am!
mood and energy:
feeling good today, singing, dancing, moving my body
walking, singing, dancing, enjoying the movement of my body
reason it is important
next action(s)
posted 4 blog entries so far this week
Expressing myself
Keep posting!
lost weight 4 days in a row this week (lost 1.2 pounds) in the last 7 days
Weight loss goal
Keep losing about 1/2 pound/week.
got 2018 taxes done by April 14th
started a 60% fat, 20% protein, 20% carbohydrate diet
Weight loss goal
Make more recipes for it.


Today I have been reading Awaken the Giant Within and searching for ways to reliably break myself out of my depressed states.  My body is very practiced at doing depression, so it has formed many neuro-connections, which go right down the path to feeling terrible.  How can I break out of so many years of doing depression?
Tony Robbins says that your body’s position and movement are correlated with how you feel.  There is a look to depression.  Change your body and face’s position and movement; change the way you feel.  I tried that, and it helps, but can I get myself to do it all the time?
Tony mentions NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) as a way of changing state.  I have read Richard Bandler’s Get the Life You Want, but to really take advantage of it, I need to practice it more.  I went to a group in 2011 hosted by a woman who claimed she cured her bipolar with the use of NLP.
Here is an NLP visualization I thought might work.  I can visualize myself making gingered lemonade, a drink that reliably makes me feel better.  I can visualize the knife cutting the lemon, the scent of the lemon halves after they are cut, the squishy sound of the lemon on the manual juicer, pouring the juice into a pitcher.  Then I can imagine putting ginger and stevia into the mortar, adding a bit of water, and grinding it with a pestle until the ginger powder is very smooth and mixed with the water and stevia.  Then I can visualize putting the stevia and ginger mixture into the pitcher with the lemon juice, adding cold water, and then adding ice, stirring, and then pouring a sweet, tart, gingery glass of lemonade into a glass to enjoy thoroughly.
Using NLP principles, I can:
  • brighten the colors and lighting
  • add some shimmering to the lemon
  • heighten the intensity of the scent of the lemon
  • increase the volume of the squishy sounds,
  • strengthen the taste to amplify the effect on my emotions
  • cool off the temperature of the water
There are several types of sub-modalities that can be modulated:  visual, auditory, olfactory, taste, and kinesthetic.  I can visualize it in an associated manner, as if I am making it myself.
I visualized this several times and then actually made some gingered lemonade, thinking of even more NLP sub-modalities I could modulate.
Tuesday Evening


Dear Lord,
Today I had a delightful experience.  My primary care physician asked me to come in so they could draw some blood for labs.  They arranged a free Lyft ride for me to and from their office.  While on my rides, the drivers were very courteous and talkative.  I had a great time with them.  The blood draw was very good also.  It did not hurt.  It just took a while for the blood to come out, so the needle and tourniquet were in for quite a long time.
Lord, I have had some pain with my TMJ.  My friendly new dentist, Dr. Brown, is going to fit me with a new night guard tomorrow, so maybe some of the tension will soon be lessened.  Also, I learned that making all kinds of funny faces, tightening and relaxing the 80 muscles in my face, brings me some relief from the tension in my face.
Tomorrow, I will walk to
the dentist’s as it is within walking distance.
I have been enjoying the movies and meditations on FMTV.  I am familiar with many of the spokespeople in the films because of my schooling at IIN (Institute for Integrative Nutrition) and since.
Lord, please help me to find relief from the pain of my TMJ.  Help me to take good care of my body.  I had a green drink this morning, which turned out great.  Please help me to find relief from my dry mouth, caused by my medication.  My dry mouth is causing gum disease, which is horrible.
I started brushing my teeth with drops of essential oils in my toothpaste again:  myrrh, lavender, Roman chamomile, and tea tree oil.  I regret not doing it for the past few months.
Lord, please bless myself and my readers with happiness and success.
If you would like to join me in this journey from the beginning, please start with Day One.
KaeLyn Morrill

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