Day 227, Values for Action

Day 227, Values for Action

Replace “I should” with “I will” and you can change your life.  Replace “I will” with “I am” and you can change the world.
~Jay Taylor


How can I make Good Friday a good Good Friday?  I am feeling better today.
I have been working on my value strategies:

Values Strategies

I. Consistency
My top strategy for consistency is to score and analyze with JV Life Tracker every single day.  JV Life Tracker has a Statistics function to help maintain its consistent use.  I need to be very clear on what activities I am trying to be consistent with and specify the frequency.  In my Progress category in The Journal, I can specify the start and end dates as well as the desired frequency as I described in Joyful Vibrance:  Transform Your Body Image, Energy, and Mood!
Since it is not possible to be consistent with every activity, all the time, I will strategically select what to work on at any one time.  If becoming consistent in one behavior upsets my consistency in another, I will compare the value of the two activities to my other activities and reconsider which activities are worth my consistent effort.  If I am incorporating new activities that need to be done consistently, I will put them in JV Life Tracker, gradually building consistency as I see their value and master them.
II. Timeliness
Timeliness starts with being prompt for every commitment, including commitments to myself.  Instead of being just on time, I try to be about 10 minutes early.  This may involve working backwards to clear a time window in which I can get ready for the commitment, physically, mentally, and spiritually.  My goal is to always be at the right place at the right time.
III. Joy
I cultivate joy when I feel a good feeling in my brain, breast, and spine, and I am in agreement with what the Lord knows will lead me to my destiny.  I maintain a prayer in my heart to guide me into doing the Lord’s will.
IV. Wisdom
My strategy for wisdom is to effectively gain and apply useful knowledge and organize and index it for future use in my computer, paper files, and mind.
V. Clarity
My strategy for clarity is to know exactly what I truly want with the intention of going for it, eliminating desires that conflict with each other.
VI. Courage
Courageously, I act when I know there is an need for me to act, even at personal cost.  I continue with my commitments to myself and others, even when I feel like giving up.
VII. Productive Creativity
I create time, space, and mental clarity in which to create productively with the intent of influencing others.
VIII. Influence
I seek to positively influence people through example by sharing my blog, books, drawings, photographs, and video and through comments, emails, letters, messages, phone calls, and texts.
IX. Necessity
This is what I am.  I do what I do because of who I am.  This is my strategy for necessity.  This may require updates to my self-image, so that I am more aware of what I am and what I am becoming.
X. Energetic Vibrancy
For energetic vibrancy, I exercise each day, walk, dance, sing, strengthen myself, and move my body.  I fuel myself with optimal nutrition and empowering thoughts.  I meditate to improve my mindfulness, which increases my vibrancy because I am fully present.


My calendar for next week is filling up.  We finally have a working remote for the garage door opener, and I can go and do things.  I feel a bit of trepidation over the prospect of driving, knowing my history of getting fatigued from driving.  However, I will do the best I can and maybe even better.


Now that I have all my values color-coded, I can easily remember them.  I want to work on them every day.  I have each of the ten values in JV Life Tracker and I check the value if I have lived by it for the day.  That way I have them always in mind, and my values are not just a one-time exercise done in a workshop.
A values exercise is in my ebook Joyful Vibrance:  Transform Your Body Image, Energy, and Mood!  Do not feel limited by the list of values in the book.  Choose values that are your own.  My Higher Power said not to limit myself to the above ten values, but they are very good to work with every day.


In February, I did a self-image upgrade.  I installed adjectives into my self-image, inspired by things my husband has said to me about myself.  I determined that I am gorgeous, efficient, peaceful, tenacious, and careful.  I added later that I am mobile, which was more true in the past than it is now.  I wonder if there is anything else I can add to expand my horizons and possibilities.  I believe I am intelligent, but virtually all human beings are intelligent, so that does not set me apart very much.  What is special about me?  Maybe my focus on the above values sets me apart.

Doing It

In Awaken the Giant Within, Tony Robbins said that three things are needed to set yourself in motion on something:  1) you must decide that it must be done, 2) you must decide that you are the one who must do it, and 3) you must decide that you can do it.  We do not always know exactly how we are going to do something before we undertake it.  If we get stuck on having to know how first, then we will delay action, maybe forever.  We must act and then learn from our mistakes as we go along, always keeping the end result in mind.
Jay Taylor says to change, “I should do it” to “I will do it,” and that will change our lives.  Jay Taylor headed the entrepreneurial launch pad group I attended for a couple of years in Utah.  Jay had experienced a career change from being a lawyer.  He has a very soft heart and encouraging demeanor.

What Will I Do?

So, what will I do?  I intend to remain committed to my marriage.  In the past, I put my religion above my marriage.  I do not intend to do that again.  My marriage is more important than that.  Our marriage is going well, we are at peace with each other, but there are things that challenge me.  My biggest challenge now is that my husband has stopped doing his walks.  He is starting to lose his balance again, which means I have to help him around the condo more.  I will just do what I can.  I put his walker in front of him earlier today, but he decided to go to bed instead of walking.  Whatever happens, I am committed to seeing it through.
More and more, I feel committed to my blog.  There are some other things I would like to do that are connected to my blog.  However, I will determine later the right time to start working on them.  I love the process of writing and working on images is not so bad either.  I am sure there are many ways I could improve my blog.  However, the important thing is to move on it and improve as I go.  If I had stalled working on it until I had it perfectly worked out, I would have never done it.
Weight Loss
I am still committed to losing weight.  I backed off on losing an entire 15 pounds.  If I get down to 114 pounds, I will be satisfied.  If I decide to lose more at that point, I may, but I will decide that later.  I am at 121.25 pounds or 54.95 kg now.
Diet Diary
I am committed to using a diet diary as long as I possibly can. Cronometer is my current choice.  I have used other diaries, but they did not tell me as much about the nutrition as Cronometer does, nor were their records as accurate or complete, even though Cronometer is not perfect.  Maybe in the future there will be something even better, and Cronometer may improve.
I am committed to nourishing myself well.  I would like to do the same for my husband, but I am not going to force him to eat a certain way.  Our diets have diverged somewhat.  I wanted togetherness in eating.  However, I need to do what is right for me and let him have what he wants. Heather Tucker found she had to stop blaming her husband for her lack of progress in dieting.  I must do the same.
When we lived in a retirement complex and ate in their dining rooms, it was very hard to maintain my weight, let alone lose it.  I am grateful we do not have that lifestyle anymore.  If you want to succeed in your own goals, you may have to fight for food freedom.  If someone else is dishing out your plate, things may not go so well for you.  However, if you can leave food on your plate, it will help.  Unfortunately, I had a hard time breaking the “clean your plate” rule from childhood, even though I was aware of the damage it was doing to me.
I am also committed to meditating.  A counselor, Jesse Beebe, encouraged me to meditate to help relieve depression and anxiety symptoms.  If you have some spare cash, consider using Insight Timer.  I have been mostly using my own success and exercise meditation recordings.  Also, I have started the Transcendence Master Class in FMTV, which has meditation videos.


Yesterday, I finished The Abundance Code video from FMTV.  I think I will watch it again.  The messages in it are so vital.  The key question to ask is, “How can I help?”  Now that my father is gone, I realize that he lived an abundant life.  My father always thought of himself as a helper.  He diligently served many people, and he was not concerned about how much money he got for his helping.  He spent much of his life acquiring new useful skills, including putting a sprinkler system into his one acre property.  He worked diligently for forty years in a job that moved him around to several states and even Canada.
He and Mom had two children and adopted ten others.  My father worked extra jobs to make ends meet.  He saved for retirement, then lost some money in bad investments.  However, he and Mom were able to keep their beautiful home and drive nice cars, including a Cadillac at one time.  They travelled extensively for work, church, and family.  They may not have thought of their lives as being abundant, but they certainly were.
As for myself, I have been more of a mercenary.  To my credit, I have also done a lot of service, mostly for church.  I have given to various causes, even though the amounts have been small.  Hopefully, through the influence I have with this blog, I can establish even more abundance in my life and the lives of my readers.  I often ask my husband how I can help him, and I think he appreciates that.  He has given abundantly to me.
Would I like more money?  Right now, more money would not make me happier.  What I need to do is more service.  I need to give back to society for what it has provided for me. The Abundance Code stresses the possibility of striking out on your own and then possibly partnering up.  Personally, I do not think that is the answer for everybody.  There are many ways to be abundant within the corporate structure.  It is not necessarily always the doleful environment portrayed by the film.  The important thing is to change inwardly and let the abundance come.  Though it is not in my list of ten values, now that I understand what it is, I want one of my values to be abundance.


Dear Lord,
Today has been much better than yesterday.  I am grateful for the opportunity I have to keep this blog.
A salesman called me today about doing some real estate investing, “without cash or credit.”  It probably involves finding people to put up the money, though he would not tell me that.  Since he was not clear on what I would end up doing, I did not want to talk to him anymore.
Today, I solidified what I have committed to do.  My husband also reminded me that my life is full with taking care of him, taking care of myself, and doing my blog.
Lord, I have a color-coded list of ten values with strategies for implementing them in my life.  Will you partner with
me in making these values self-evident in my life? Thanks for your positive answer.
Next week, I have some driving to do.  Help me to get through it.  If I collapse on the bed afterwards, I guess that is okay.  I will recover.  Help me to recover quickly.  I would rather not need recovery, but help me to get going again afterwards in either case.
Help me to motivate my husband to do his walking without damaging our relationship.  I think he knows he needs to do it.
Lord, please, bless my readers to commit to their own list of values.  If they commit to strategies for each one, that will be very beneficial.  Bless my readers with joy and vibrancy, and especially abundance.  We all need that.
Give my readers my love and Yours.  Your love created the worlds.
If you would like to join me in this journey from the beginning, please start with Day One.
KaeLyn Morrill

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