Day 203, Enacting My Plans

Day 203, Enacting My Plans



So far things are rolling with my plans for today.  At the risk of looking ridiculous, here are my plans.  Those with time stamps attached to them have already been enacted.  The rest is just a plan.
The best part is its nutritional profile:
Today, I noticed Cronometer is using 2600 mg (adequate intake-AI) now instead of 4700 mg as a minimum for potassium intake.  That is a much easier target to reach.  The following table shows adequate intakes based on age, gender, and pregnancy status.
Adequate Intake for Potassium
This must be a very recent change.  I noticed from this article that the body eliminates excess potassium in the urine soon after consumption unless the body stores are depleted.
I wonder if Cronometer will set a different optimal range for the potassium-to-sodium nutrient balance, or if they will leave it the same.
So the question is what are my plans?  Should I still strive for 4700 mg of potassium daily or should I settle for an adequate intake of 2600 mg?  What would be the best for my blood pressure?  What would be the best for my overall health and energy?  Is an adequate intake optimal for my overall health and energy?   I have just gotten good at reaching 4700 mg/day, when Cronometer makes this change.  What should I think of it?
Admittedly, I have not been able to average almost 4700 mg/daily of potassium without the help of km Mineral Supplement.  It would be great to not have to rely on that.  However, if it helps my blood pressure and energy …
Welcome to the confusing world of nutrition, when targets change.  We thought we were not supposed to eat fat, then we were told to eat all fat.  Cholesterol was the enemy.  Now we do not worry about dietary cholesterol.  Some say, “Protein power!”  Others say cut back on protein.  Nutrition is a moving target.  What should be my plans?
It is time to take my second walk.  However, I am fairly sore today.  I may not follow my plans.  Instead, I did the dishes and cleaned the kitchen.


I did take a second walk, for nine minutes.  My husband and I had dinner together.  He shared a portion of his dinner with me.  Before I served it to him, he asked me to put oregano and basil on it, which I did.  It made it much better.  We should have done that long ago.
Now I have done everything in my plans except for my bedtime meds.  I ate a little beyond my calorie budget, but my calorie intake and energy expenditure should still work out to lose three pounds a month.
It is now 6:28 PM.  I could still do something this evening.  My husband went to sleep after dinner and has the TV sound turned off, so it is very quiet in here.


I still have not decided what to do about Insight Timer.  I can still use the app without paying for it, but the app interrupts my meditation in the middle and asks if I want to join.  Annoying.  I do not know if I want to sign up just so it will not annoy me.
Hey, I can find decent meditations on YouTube.  They have ads but not in the middle. This one is pretty good.  I can keep a list of my favorites in The Journal.  Let me try out YouTube for a while.

Nut Bread

So, what more can I do this evening?  Except for reading all the recipes, I finished The Dental Diet .  I want to try the nut bread made with nuts, eggs, sea salt, and olive oil, which is baked in a bread pan.  I do not have a bread pan, but I think I can get one.  Let me take a look.  I found a loaf pan at Kings Soopers, so I can get it next time we order groceries.  Let me put that in my plans.
I am getting pretty hungry.  I had a bit of leftover lunch:  grass-fed ground beef and cabbage.  My husband wanted some too.  I got up to 1482 calories, which is more than 125 (142) calories past my calorie budget plans.  Maybe it will be okay though.  I feel a lot more comfortable.

Wednesday Morning



Morning Prayer
Dear Lord,
Let me be grateful even though I gained back some weight this morning.  Eating ground beef last night probably was not a good idea.  However, I am not giving up on my goal.
Lord, thank You Your watchful care.  You have blessed me so much.  I just had a beautifying breakfast with my husband’s favorite 3-vegetable, 5-spice omelette.
What can I do next to bless the lives of others?  I just bought a Kindle book, Your Bones: How You Can Prevent Osteoporosis and Have Strong Bones for Life Naturally by Lara Pizzorno.  Now that I know more about teeth, I want to learn more about bones
too.  My relatives suffered bone issues even with adequate calcium and sunlight.  I have always wondered why.
Lord, will you guide me in my study so I can gather something useful for myself and others?
I am excited that this blog is getting more and more visits.  Some of the visitors are even spending time here and apparently following at least some of the links I have in my posts.  I rejoice in that.  One successful link is Success Mechanism steps.  That is exciting because I want my readers and those they influence to know those steps for their own plans.
Lord, please bless my readers/fans/detractors with success.  Bless them with health and happiness.  
Lord, help me to make best use of my plans.  I am sometimes afraid I cannot live up to my plans.   Maybe other people are afraid of that too and are therefore afraid to make plans.   Help us to find a balance that works.
If you would like to join me in this journey from the beginning, please start with Day One.
KaeLyn Morrill

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