Day 202, Planning My Diet For Success

Day 202, Planning My Diet For Success


Today I am experiencing a new key to success:  planning.


My weight went back up to 55.65 kg this morning, so I will have to remember what I wrote yesterday about plateaus.  The key is not to let them stop me.  


I just walked 2.01 miles.  When I returned, I heard on TV that research on women shows that when they eat later in the day, they tend to have a higher BMI (body mass index).  I wonder if my advice from Heather Tucker to delay eating will work for me.  Maybe the idea is to delay eating something until the next meal or next morning.  I will just have to experiment.

Susan Peirce Thompson

I just listened to a podcast interview with Susan Peirce Thompson, Ph.D. who describes herself as having an addictive personality.  She is a psychology professor and expert in the psychology of eating, who studied cognitive science and neuroscience, then spent much of her adult life figuring out why her brain would betray her.  She has developed a way of eating called Bright Lines Eating.
Bright Lines are boundaries for which you do not make exceptions.  Her first two Bright Lines are no sugar and no flour.  In contrast, Heather Tucker tries to moderate her sugar intake.  That may work for people who do not have addictive personalities, but when I started eating sugar again, I got trapped again, gained weight, and felt awful.  I am currently working my way out of the trap.  I think Susan is ‘on to something’ to forbid sugar for those she helps.  She says sugar is far more addictive than cocaine, and she has been on cocaine and crystal meth.  Thankfully, she recovered from that and from food addiction as well.
Susan’s third Bright Line is eating exactly three meals a day, especially not six.  She says six meals a day are not “automatizable”.  She believes in planning what you will eat the day ahead and writing it down.


I could certainly work on planning ahead.  If I enter food into Cronometer before I eat it, I can check to see if it balances with my guidelines before I commit to it.  I can also be sure the quantity will not exceed my calorie budget.  Too often, I have recorded food after eating it to find that it does not work very well.  Then it is too late to make a change.  Planning the day before?  That would take some discipline.  Susan believes that can become a way of life.  I will start by planning a meal ahead.  Then maybe I can get a day ahead.  I often plan supper ahead of time because I want to end the day within my calorie budget.  I can do the same with the other two meals and my afternoon snack, and that may leave a little more room for supper.

Breakfast for My Husband

I just finished preparing my husband’s “pizza” omelette.  I said, “You are the king of this house, and you get your meals prepared by the servants!”  He said, “You are the best servant I ever had.”


It is only 9:55 AM.  Let me think of how this day is going to shape up.  Our car battery is at my husband’s son’s getting charged.  I see that I need to fill my energy supplement cocktail into my pill containers.  Recently, I promised myself I would be more regular at taking it.  I just took it and logged it in Cronometer.

Planning Lunch

What would be good for lunch?  My husband likes a deli meat sandwich.  I have been avoiding the gluten and excess sodium in the sandwiches.  The deli meat is not so good nutritionally either as processed meats have been linked to chronic diseases.  It is best to save it for my husband because that is what he likes.  I would like to fix a stew for a future meal, but I do not feel like fixing it right now.  When I fix a stew, I often have trouble keeping track of the amount of the ingredients.  Wow!  It is a challenge to think ahead.  I took notes somewhere though that planning can have a 10,000 % return on investment!
Wow!  I just planned an avocado cucumber smoothie for lunch.  I have been wanting to make that, but never did my planning.  It is in my still to do list from March 12th.  I will let you know later how it went.  It is based roughly on this recipe.  I do not have any green onions.  However, I will use onion powder.  I left out the celery because I do not have any right now.  (My husband does not like celery.)  I will add a bit of tofu for protein, which is certainly optional.  I will use a lemon instead of a lime.  I find that lemons keep better than limes.  However, I love the flavor of limes.

Create Your Own Recipes

This is an example of what you can do to a recipe to make it fit what you have on hand.  Do not be intimidated by recipes you see in books or on the Internet.  You can usually make your own version and have it turn out okay.  If it does not, make it again until it does turn out, using the Success Mechanism steps.  To me, recipe books are idea books, not rigid protocols.  I usually end up making my own recipes.  If you are not yet confident about making your own recipes, I encourage you to use Cronometer to record what you have done and benchmark it so you can improve.  By all means, consult cookbooks, but do not think you have to follow them to the letter.  With Cronometer, you have a tool to create your own cookbook, if you want to.  I used a program called LifeForm to create KaeLyn’s Korner Kitchen:  Complete Meals for the Healthy-Minded.

Cronometer Settings?

Now that I have done the planning for lunch, let me think of snack and dinner.  I only have 400 calories in my calorie budget for them.  First, let me record my walking.  That gives me 64 more calories to work with.  My current calorie budget is based on losing one pound per week.  I have previously been using the half-a-pound-a-week schedule, but weight loss is so slow it is driving me batty.
One pound a week restricts my calories quite a bit though, to the point that it is difficult to get all my nutrients in.  Let me plan what I want to do today.  Since I restricted my calories yesterday, I may want to be more lenient today.  Then again, maybe not.  Now that I am planning, I have the chance to think it over and make a decision.  If I go for half a pound a week, I have 714 calories in my budget.  That would be ample and maybe more than I need.  It would be nice if Cronometer had more choices.
I think I will go for a walk and mull it over.




Avocado Cucumber Smoothie
My original recipe is better, so I will refer you to that, but this turned out pretty good.

Cronometer Settings Decided

I have decided to keep Cronometer set to one pound a week.  I can eat up to 125 calories into my calorie budget and still lose approximately three pounds a month.  That way I can reach my goal in four months or by July 25th.   I can vary my calorie intake a bit, depending on my hunger drives, as long as it averages out okay, which I can check in Trends.  How is that for planning ahead?

Snack and Dinner Plans

So now I have 513 calories to split between snack and dinner.  It would be easier to do if I could just go without the snack.  However, I experimented with doing that with only partial success.  Perhaps I can save part of my smoothie to eat at snack time.  I do not have much left though, so let me add a few cashews.  Nuts seem to hold me well between snack and dinner.  Let me see how many calories dinner is, then I will know how many nuts I can eat.
There with Amy’s Mattar Paneer, I have a plan that gets me 100% of my potassium with 32 grams of km Mineral Supplement.  It lets me snack on 42 grams of MM Colorado sauerkraut, so I can get probiotics, and 24 grams of cashews.  It dips into my calorie budget by only 39 calories, and I can go up to 125.  I can even take another walk and “earn” that.

Nutrient Balances

I have balanced all four nutrient balances very well:
Nutrient Balances
I now have my day figured out.
Oh, the beauty of planning!  I did not realize when I listened to that podcast this morning that I would get on to something as important as planning.
Oh, I could use a touch more zinc.  The zinc-to-copper balance gets kind of low with a vegetarian diet.  I already took half a Silica Complex.  I could take another half.  Let me see what that does.
Nutrient Balances with Adjustment
There.  That improves my zinc and calcium balances.


Lunch for My Husband
I just made my husband a deli meat ham sandwich.  Though the sandwiches are tasty, I am glad I have recently steered away again from so much gluten.  I have never proven for sure that it is harmful to me, but after reading Sayer Ji’s The Dark Side of Wheat, I was convinced that it is a possibility.  Gluten has even been found to cause depression and mania, and I have suffered both severely throughout my life, usually alternating, but sometimes symptoms of both at the same time.
At the very least, it can interfere with the ability of my intestines to absorb nutrients, and it can be responsible for “leaky gut syndrome,” which could have brought on chronic fatigue system, which put me out of work in 1998.
I was raised on homemade, whole wheat bread, which I loved dearly.  I never thought while growing up that the cornerstone of my diet might be harmful.  However, scientists are showing that it is connected to a host of symptoms, many of which are hard to pinpoint on gluten because it is so ubiquitous in the diet.
Bright Line
When Susan Peirce Thompson mentioned her second Bright Line on the podcast I listened to this morning, she said “no flour” as a non-negotiable boundary.  That would eliminate people’s addictions.  I probably have an addiction to flour as well as sugar.  I certainly did not think I could live without bread while growing up.  Everyone in my family learned how to make and bake it, and it seemed we had a batch of bread in the making all the time.  If we had not had whole wheat bread, we probably would have starved.
Center Your Diet Around Vegetables
I do not recommend starving as an alternative, but most of us can center our diet around something other than flour.  I suggest centering your diet around vegetables.  Vegetables are not cheap.  They are not convenient.  Some people do not even think they taste good, but if you prepare them in combinations with fat to help you absorb the fat-soluble vitamins, they taste pretty good.  There is nothing better for you.  Vegetables are cheaper than being sick.  They will help prevent a host of chronic diseases and some acute ones as well, and as I learned lately, they are on the base of The Dental Diet pyramid, so they are great for your teeth.


I had the snack I was planning earlier and watched some of Wagon Train with my husband.   The snack has to last until 5:00 PM or so which is 1:45 hours away.
My husband’s son came over and reinstalled our jeep battery, which he had taken home to charge.  He even reset the clock for us.


Now I have supper baking.  I decided to exchange Amy’s Mattar Paneer with Amy’s Brown Rice, Black-Eyed Peas & Veggies, which is vegan.  It has fewer calories and is a change from what I ate last night.  It has more potassium, so I reduced the km Mineral Supplement from 32 to 24 grams.  (Since it is an expensive supplement, that is good news.)  I am glad I did not consume it already.  That is one of the advantages of planning.  I now have 44 calories left in my calorie budget, and my Cronometer profile is set to one pound per week.  My husband offered me potato chips, but I refused them saying that would mess up my plans.

Newfound Strength in Dieting

Wow!  I am getting strong.  Thanks, Susan Peirce Thompson, for the Bright Lines concepts.  I saved part of my lunch of avocado cucumber smoothie for my snack, which helped me get through the afternoon.  I thought my snack would barely last until 5:00 PM, but it is already 6:16 PM, and we have not eaten dinner yet.  Waiting dinner may not be effective generally, but with company tonight, it took us awhile to start dinner.  The great thing is that I am doing okay, even on very little food.
The details of my planning today may be exhausting to read about, but I think they have helped me.  One element that has been missing heretofore in my diet is sufficient planning.
Now dinner is over.  My husband talked me into part of his dinner, so I ingested a little gluten.  Whoops!  However, I am still within my plans for reaching my goal weight by July 25th.  I am sipping on km Mineral Supplement.   I reduced the supplement even further to 22.5 grams.

Planning My Food For Tomorrow

I wonder if I should do some planning for tomorrow.  That is so unlike me!  However, if I edit my self-image to include, “I am a planner!” I can get myself into the habit of planning my food the night before.  That would give me incredible power.  I think eating cashews for my afternoon snack will help me lose weight.   I would like to make my Neapolitan Shake for breakfast.  That means I will need to clean the Vitamix tonight.  It is a good thing I am planning ahead!

Neapolitan Shake

260 g
whole unsweetened organic frozen strawberries
120 g
organic firm tofu
35 g
Orgain organic chocolate fudge vegetable protein
7 g
raw cacao powder
7 g
psyllium husks
3 g
raw Brazil nut, unsalted
3 g
non-GMO lecithin granules
1 g
natural vanilla powder
.3 g
sea salt
340 ml
filtered water, cold
Combine in Vitamix hopper.  I like mine thick.  Blend until smooth.
That is quite a bit of omega-6 fatty acid in the shake and cashews, so I will need some fish oil to balance it with omega-3 fatty acid.  I can also take my energy supplement cocktail.
I have some cooked brown rice with cinnamon and cardamom in the refrigerator.  For lunch, I could have it with almond milk.  I need some vegetables with that though.  I am out of carrots.  I could have some V8 juice.  Also, I have a pound of grass-fed ground beef thawed out in the refrigerator that I could cook with some cabbage.  I could cook the rest of it for my husband.
For dinner I could have another Amy frozen dinner.
I have the entire day planned.  Never before have I done that in Cronometer, so this is an experiment.  I am refining my plan to get all the nutrients I want.
My husband went to bed.  It is just about time for me to quit.  I am very tired tonight.  I do not think I will clean the kitchen before I retire.  That will have to wait until tomorrow.


Evening & Morning Prayer
Dear Lord,
A podcast I listened to this morning emphasized planning all your food, writing it down the night before.  I could use Cronometer.  I actually planned an entire day for tomorrow.
Lord, without planning, I would not have made the avocado cucumber smoothie today that I have been wanting for a long time.
Lord, I have changed my Cronometer setting to lose one pound a week instead of half.  I think I can average about three pounds per month.  Will You help me follow my plans?
I am very tired tonight.  However, I do not feel overly hungry. This plan could very well work.
Lord, I am so tired I will
need to finish this prayer in the morning.  Please watch over me in my sleep, and help me relax.
Dear Lord,
I got the kitchen cleaned first thing this morning.  I lost weight, down to 55.25 kg (121.8 pounds).
My meals are all planned for today.  I entered everything without a time stamp.  After eating, I can stamp the time for what I ate and correct the diary if there are differences.  I think that will work. Cronometer is flexible.
Lord, I am so grateful to be here in beautiful Colorado.  I am grateful that my husband is happy.
Please bless my readers to also find contentment and give them an outlet for their creativity.  Help them to lose weight, if they want to.
If you would like to join me in this journey from the beginning, please start with Day One.
KaeLyn Morrill

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