Day 200, New Stir-Fry for the DelectaBalance Diet

Day 200, New Stir-Fry for the DelectaBalance Diet



I am grateful for a new day.  It is Day 200 already.  It is time for a fresh start.  My blood pressure is low.  I took some medication for it yesterday, plus my sodium intake was low yesterday.  My sugars were low also.  Unfortunately, I am a bit off-balance this morning, which is not good.  I think I will drink some V8 juice and take in some electrolytes.


I now have 65 points in my Cronometer Game.  That means I have kept a complete record in Cronometer 70 times since January 7, 2019, and I have missed only five days.  I have shared my Trends reports recently.


Calories and Metabolism

To get serious about losing weight, I may need to reduce my calories some more.  That has the danger of lowering my metabolism and making me so hungry I eat uncontrollably.  I do not advise people to lower their calories too much.  Besides that, lowering calories makes it tougher to get all the nutrients I need.  I can take more supplements, but the best way to get nutrients is with food.  Another possibility is to exercise more.  However, that can increase the risk of injury, so I have to be careful with that.  I am not as young as I used to be.
I have considered lowering my calories some more, but not every day.  I can keep my goal in my profile in Settings at half a pound a week, and on some days change the goal to one pound a week.  I did that the day before yesterday with good results.  Let me experiment a bit with that and see what happens.  The beauty of using Cronometer is that I can do experiments and observe the results.

Pizza-like Omelette

My husband just stopped by and said he would like breakfast in about an hour.  We got some additional vegetables yesterday, so I can easily prepare an omelette for him with spinach, tomatoes, and mushrooms.  I may eat with him myself.  It is just that I do not want so much cheese and that is what my husband likes.  He likes my omelettes because they taste like pizza.
We live in a pizza-happy world, especially among young people and young men especially.  My husband, at one time, ate most of his calories from pizza.  He broke that habit and lost most of his excess weight.  Now we still eat pizza about once a month.  I enjoyed pizza a lot in the past but decided that it was a bomb for my diet.  There are several problems.  Cheese constipates me.  Also, the sodium content of pizza is very high.  Pizza is so palatable, it is hard to control how much I eat, although I did manage to do so the last time we had pizza.  If you want to eat pizza while dieting, do so with utmost caution.  Like me, you may decide the cheese is not worth what it does to your intestines.


My intestines are a little unusual though.  When I had a colonoscopy at the age of 49, my gastroenterologist drew a picture of my colon on a white board.  It winded around and around.  He said, “If your digestion is slow, this could be why.”  To keep myself regular, I use 1600 mg of magnesium oxide nightly.  That is almost not enough for me.  Doctors recommend MiraLAX, but it contains drugs and should not be used an ongoing basis.  Magnesium is something your body needs anyway.  I was given MiraLAX in the hospital, and it did not perform all that well.  I was happy to get home and resume my use of magnesium.
I have noticed that magnesium is not even mentioned in many discussions of regularity.  When I have recommended it to people, many of them have been reluctant to try it.  Dr. Carolyn Dean is a proponent of the use of magnesium.  She recommends a type of magnesium that she sells herself that does not have a laxative effect.  That will not work for me because I specifically take magnesium for the laxative effect.  Cheap magnesium oxide works the best for that.  Do not be afraid to try magnesium.  The worst that can happen is temporary diarrhea, and then you can back off on the amount.  Magnesium is probably the least expensive way to resolve a constipation problem.


We compromised on the cheese for breakfast.  We had 37.9 grams of Old Croc Extra-Sharp Cheddar Cheese, which is made from the milk of a grass-fed cow.  That was about 19 grams each.  The V8 resolved my balance problems, so fixing breakfast was a breeze.
For a two-egg omelette:
1 tsp
extra virgin organic olive oil (I use Bragg’s, which is the best tasting olive oil I have ever tasted, even if I do brag about it.)
2 large
free-range eggs
75 grams
large, on-the-vine, red tomato (about 1/2 a tomato)
1/2 large
baby portobello mushroom
19 grams
Old Croc Extra Sharp Cheddar Cheese made from milk of grass-fed cows  (I get it at Natural Grocers.)
37 grams
organic fresh spinach
11 grams
bacon crumbles (optional)
1/4 tsp
sea salt (I use Redmond’s)  If you are restricting sodium, I would recommend less than this.
.2 grams
basil, dried
.2 grams
oregano, dried
2.3 grams
onion powder
Beat eggs in a mixing bowl with a fork.  Mix other ingredients with eggs, chopping first, if necessary.  Pour ingredients into pan.  Let heat.  Scramble omelette.  You can try turning it, but it will not work too well.  Cook the vegetables lightly, the egg until coagulated, and the cheese until melted.
You can double this recipe for two people.

Frying Pan

We bought a new fry-pan, (pictured later), the other day that we really like.  It is not Teflon, but it has a non-stick surface.   It is a T-fal Ceramic Chef 11.5 inch fry pan.  So far it has been very easy to clean.  It is wonderful.   Whether it will hold up long-term has yet to be determined, but we love it so far.


It is now 10:16 AM.  I could go out for a walk.
I went out with my husband, who did three laps, then I did 1.89 miles.  My upper left back and arm are aching and burning, so I quit earlier than I intended.  It is getting nice enough to go outside.  I talked to two of the neighbors.
Should I get medical help for my aching and burning?  Mom suggested a chiropractor.  It could have been caused by my fall on the concrete almost a year ago.  I was walking home from the mailbox at my Utah home, and I fell forward.  Why though would it not be healed by now?    




Broccoli Mushroom Stir-Fry with Sausage
I made a delectable stir-fry for lunch.  My husband gave it an A grade.  We believe it belongs in the DelectaBalance Diet.  The stir-fry is gluten and dairy free.  Nutritionally, it has a bit too much sausage:  six links, but my husband did not mind.  Use four links for a bit better balance.  It is also a bit high in sodium but tasted great.  Delete two sausage links and cut back on the tamari sauce, and it should be okay.  Other than that, it is perfect.  Here are the ingredients for 1018.78 calories, which gave both my husband and me a serving with some leftovers.
Broccoli Mushroom Sausage Stir-Fry Ingredients
Chop and mix the ingredients.  Stir-fry in a oiled pan on medium heat.  Since the oil is olive oil, take care not to burn it.
Here are the nutrients for half a batch of stir-fry.  We both ate less than that.  Remember, there is some loss of nutrients due to cooking that are not accounted for here.  Transporting and storing vegetables also results in a loss of nutrients.  However, you can see that this stir-fry recipe offers a lot of nutrition.
Broccoli Mushroom Sausage Stir-Fry Nutrients
One of my neighbors in Utah called me the “Stir-Fry Queen.”
I took the outgoing mail out, took out the trash, and brought the mail in.  It was still a bit chilly, but a coat was optional rather than required.  I wore a sweater and vest.  My step-son called and invited us to go to IHOP with him tomorrow morning.
While I was walking today, it occurred to me that I should be sharing more recipes.  I can create recipes, and I think I can make recipes that are pretty good.  There are a lot of good stir-fry recipes in KaeLyn’s Korner Kitchen:  Complete Meals For the Healthy-Minded.”  So that is a new goal for me:  create recipes for the DelectaBalance diet.  Stay tuned for more to come.


It is important to eat foods that are as nutritionally dense as possible.  However, sometimes you “get there” faster with fewer calories if you use a few supplements.  You may want to avoid all-in-one supplements.  They are not tailored to your specific needs, so they likely have too little or too much of important nutrients.  They can also be very expensive.
On my Day 197 post, I mentioned in my evening prayer that I was taking PQQ.  Before that, I mentioned it being in my energy supplement cocktail.  Since I am doing many things for my energy, it is impossible to single out PQQ as being effective.  However, it has been researched scientifically and found to improve energy.  PQQ was suspected to be a vitamin but was later determined not to be one.  However, there is some evidence from animal studies that it can extend lifespan.  That is because part of what happens in aging is that mitochondria get worn out without being replaced.  The mitochondria are organelles in the cell where energy is produced.
It is believed by some that people who have chronic fatigue syndrome have damaged mitochondria.  I suffered from chronic fatigue syndrome for many years.  For a while, it was so bad, I had to lie under my desk for periods of time at work, if I could even get to work.  I think CFS was the main reason I had to quit working in the late 1990’s.  A friend of mine said CFS is the real reason you have to quit working, but it will be easier to get disability for bipolar or in my case schizoaffective disorder.  With the two conditions, it was nearly impossible to work, and fortunately I did get disability.
I still struggle with my energy level, but I think it is much better than it was in the 1990’s.  Is PQQ making a difference?  I stopped taking it for a while and noticed a big decline in my energy, not immediately, but within a few weeks.  PQQ works over a period of time.  If you start taking it, you will probably not notice a surge of energy all at once, like you do with caffeine.  I think it works though, with fewer side effects than caffeine.  It will help rather than hinder your sleep, for instance.  It is a little expensive, but a lot less expensive than having no energy.  It costs a great deal less than consuming a latte a day.  Especially, it is a lot less expensive than having to quit work.
Staying Regular
For the time being, I plan to continue taking it.  Sometimes I do not get my pill containers refilled right away after a week of supplements.  I want to stop having these lapses and stay regular.  I think I will get even better benefits.  This is even in my still to do list from Day 189.
B Vitamins
My integrative doctor, Dr. Hugo Rodier, M.D., prescribed B vitamins to me years ago.  I explained that I took multi-vitamin/multi-mineral pills, though I do not anymore.  He said, “That is not sufficient.  Take a B Complex.”  It took me several tries to get one I liked.  I tried natural B vitamins, but they were rather expensive.  Then I found B-Right, which has P5P, the activated form of vitamin B6, which helps me so much.  If you would like to know more about P5P, consult my ebook, Joyful Vibrance:  Transform Your Body Image, Energy, and Mood! available here for free as my gift to you, in gratitude for reading my blog posts.
B-Right has methylcobalamin as its form of vitamin B12, which is superior to cyanocobolamin, which contains cyanide.  I suspect I am what William J. Walsh, Ph.D., who wrote Nutrient Power, Heal Your Biochemistry and Heal Your Brain, calls an undermethylator.  This can lead to a tendency for depression and other mental health disorders.   However, I cannot be sure as I have not had a doctor who does what Dr. Walsh does.  Counter to his advice, I take the folate in B-Right, for a total average intake of 663 micrograms in my Trends report.  (The maximum to take is 1,000 micrograms.)  If I learn more, that may change in the future.  B-Right is also less expensive than the natural B vitamins I was using that are derived from yeast.
My husband is now up from his nap.  I ate the leftover stir-fry from lunch.  That leaves me only 232 calories for supper.  I could fast until tomorrow and set my goal in Profile to lose one pound per week.  For that I am already 29 calories in the hole for my calorie budget.  However, that is pretty close.  I think I would like to do that.  Now, what am I going to tell my husband when I do not eat with him for supper?  I will figure it out.  I have done a lot of things like that lately, and he has just taken it in stride.
There are three things that I could take more of tonight:  fish oil, km Mineral supplement, and fiber. Or I could let all of them go.  Let me ponder the pros and cons.  Sometimes I go over my calorie limits to get and balance all my nutrients, and it is a trade-off.  The biggest trade-off is that I am not losing weight very fast.


I managed to pass up supper with my husband.  I let him know I ate the leftover stir-fry.  However, I did eat a blood orange, which thankfully is low in sodium.  I am still within 100 calories of my budget.  It will be great!


Evening Prayer
Dear Lord,
Thank You for Your watchful care over me.  Help me to figure out what to do about the burning, aching portion of my back.  It hurts when I go for a walk.
Lord, I have shared so much with my readers today.  Help them to soak it in and understand what I am saying.  Not everyone breathes nutrition every minute like I do.
Lord, tomorrow I will be driving to IHOP to meet my step-son.  Help me to be courageous about driving.  Help me to find the restaurant without any trouble.
Lord, I am so grateful we have this beautiful condo with a gourmet kitchen with granite countertops and hardwood flooring.  Life is beautiful.  I never would have dreamed I
would be here a year ago.  Guide all my paths, Lord.  Help me to make good use of my time and money.
Help me to create more DelectaBalance Diet recipes for my readers.  Maybe I can even write another cookbook eventually, though I am not committed to it just yet.  My KaeLyn’s Korner Kitchen:  Complete Meals for the Healty-Minded is not perfect, but it has a lot of good ideas.
I ended up with a lot of sodium today, which may be inappropriate for some of my readers, so I will have to figure that out.  Salt makes things taste better, so it must be part of the DelectaBalance Diet.
Lord, help me to stay balanced.  I think I am doing fairly well.  It is hard to tell sometimes.  Hypomania can deceive you into thinking things are better than ever.
If you would like to join me in this journey from the beginning, please start with Day One.

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