Day 20, A Nutritarian Diet

“When you eat mostly high-nutrient foods, the body ages slower and is armed to prevent and reverse many common illnesses. The natural self-healing and self-repairing ability that is hibernating in your body wakes up and takes over, and diseases disappear. A nutrient-rich menu of green vegetables, berries, beans, mushrooms, onions, seeds, and other natural foods is the key to achieving optimal weight and health.”
~Joel Fuhrman, The End of Diabetes: The Eat to Live Plan to Prevent and Reverse Diabetes


This morning I slept past 6:00 AM.  I feel better rested than I did yesterday.   My Mini Joy breakfast was more comprehensive than typical.  See the diet diary below for the ingredients.  My husband tried it and liked it.
This morning has been incredibly peaceful and happy.  My husband and I chatted while listening to his Naturescape channel music.  He said again that we can have a maid come every two weeks rather than our current every four weeks.  I did not ask him about it; he brought it up.  He said he wanted to make things easier for me.  Our condo is clean and orderly right now.  I changed the Febreze air-freshener and laundered my husband’s brown fuzzy cat blankets.
My TMJ exercises include a breathing exercise to breathe all the way out.  My success meditation, which I listened to this morning, has a breathing exercise that fits the bill.
Now I am listening to spiritual music on iTunes while studying verses from the Bible.  I pay attention to this verse in Galatians:  “But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, self-control; against such things there is no law.”  (Galatians 5:22,23).  Nowhere else in the scriptures are all nine of these qualities mentioned in one verse.
I wrote a book about most of these qualities in 2006 called Emotional Wisdom.  You can download it for FREE.


Intermittent fasting is one way to develop self-control.  If you are invited to dinner later in the evening, you may want to shorten the length of your fast.  Even twelve hours has benefits.  Longer fasts accomplish even more. Cronometer has a feature to record your fasts, which shows a timer while they are active.  Looking at my fasting history, I have accomplished dozens of fasts.  One of them was 20 hours.  A few have been 18.  Most of them have been 16-18 hours in length.
Some criticize intermittent fasting as being non-sustainable and antisocial.  It may not work out for you for a time, but you can come back to it.  It is a way of resetting your circadian clock.   Without a calorie cutback, it is not an effective way to lose weight.  However, it helps you limit calories.  If you consume enough food for the day and then keep eating throughout the evening, munching and snacking, your calorie restriction efforts will come to naught.  That has happened to me countless times, so I know.  However, once you consume the number of calories you want, start a fast and hold until morning.  You will have possibly set yourself up for weight loss.  Fasting works.  Do not let the “experts” talk you out of it.


The more gentle I am with my husband, the more gentle he is with me.  Sometimes I have to remind him to say “please” when he makes requests.  On the whole, he is soft, and he is even getting better about saying please, as long as I remember to say “you’re welcome” when he says, “thanks.”  He rarely forgets to say thanks.  Sometimes taking care of him can get overwhelming.  However, he is always appreciative of what I do, making the job more pleasant.
It is approaching lunchtime.  My niece’s boyfriend was supposed to come.  He has some things the movers missed when moving my stuff from Utah.  I talked to him minutes ago, so I expect him.  Maybe, it will be a little later.


I connected with my niece’s boyfriend.  That was so nice of him to bring those things from Utah!  We put most of them in my storage unit.
I walked to the library, had a salad for lunch, and hummus and crackers for a snack.  I started a Commitment Fast.  Lately, my weight has rebounded.  I do not quite know why except that this often happens when dieting, usually during the second week.  This time it is happening during my third week.  However, I am not discouraged.  I plan to continue.

Diet and Exercise

I have averaged 248 calories under budget per day since Day One.  I recorded everything I ate with reasonable accuracy, except my night out at the neighbors on September 18th.  I may need to pay more attention to how I am taking my thyroid medication because it affects my metabolism.  Also, I need to be reasonably active.  Yesterday, I did not walk to the library, though I did pace around the condo.  Developing a little more consistency would be helpful.  Exercise is a factor in weight loss.  However, you cannot depend on exercise alone to lose weight.  Diet is a weightier factor.  However, exercise is crucial for overall health and function.  It can even improve your mood, so it cannot be overlooked.

Rest and Relaxation

Another crucial factor that is often overlooked is the need for rest and sleep.  Getting enough relaxation and rest aids weight loss.  Yesterday, I was exhausted, but today, I slept longer and have had additional rest.  I used a self-hypnotic mp3 to get back to sleep in the middle of the night last night when I typically would have gotten up instead.  I used another self-hypnotic mp3 during the day today.  I suspect that I will continue to use meditation and self-hypnotic recordings to get the rest I need.


We did not get a registration card for our jeep from the state of Colorado.  Now we are in our grace period.  It looks like I will need to get the emissions test without a card.  Minutes ago, I went down to the basement garage to photograph the VIN and license plate number.
Now it is my usual dinner time.  I am feeling quite hungry.  However, my fast has already started, and I do not want to break it.  Maybe I can have some garcinia cambogia.  There.  I got 0.9 grams.

My Life

What would you like for me to write about tonight?  Probably not my car registration.  Things are going well for me.  My husband okayed a maid biweekly.  Now I have a greater chance of keeping our condo up.  It is already looking better.   There is the hope of getting more rest with my meditation and self-hypnosis recordings.   I have lost 1.25 kg already.  That means I have gained back some but not all of my loss.  My clothes are fitting me better.  What would be really fantastic?  If my back would quit hurting.  I am getting chiropractic care, and it is not fixing the problem entirely.  However, it is bearable.  I feel fortunate I can get chiropractic treatment.


Seconds ago, I turned on iTunes with peaceful Mormon Tabernacle music.  Life is good.  I still have problems, but I can handle the situations in my life with a good mood.  I am finding a joyful vibrance once again.  I cannot tell you exactly how to obtain it, but there are clues in my blog.  Years ago, I asked a bright-faced woman at Alcoholics Anonymous, “What is the secret of your happiness?”  She said, “My Higher Power.”  My Higher Power is my lifeline as well.  I hope he will forgive me for praying openly in my blog.  I do not know how much my prayers help my readers.  However, they help me.  Some of them appear to be getting answered as well.  I could read my old blog entries to see how God has blessed me.


My friends and family warned me against going to Colorado to marry my husband. I was not even sure it would work out.  On the morning of my flight to Denver, I was still undecided.  My boyfriend (now my husband) called me at 6:00 AM and told me to come.  Like an automaton, I got myself together, called a taxi, and headed for the airport.  For weeks, things still looked unsettled.  My husband was far more debilitated than I had been aware of.  I learned to go forward rather than back.  For a while, I planned my exit strategy.  Then one day, I committed to my decision.  I no longer looked back.  And I have been happier ever since.
Now I am committed to my marriage.  Fortunately, I have made my husband content, and this morning he even said he was happy.  He does not often say that.  I do not spend a lot of time going to places.  I have a few friends I spend time with, either in person or over the phone.  We have not eaten out since my birthday last year, and it is nearly my birthday again.  COVID-19 did not change our lifestyle that much.  It just made it hard to get toilet paper for a time.  In general, groceries were delayed or substituted for a while, but the American economy is strong.  We have everything we need and more.

Maid Service

I was reluctant to order a maid service.  However, when I found that our company is using PPE and spraying everything with Lysol, I decided it would be worth it.  They strenuously worked to make it safe.  Since the start of the pandemic, neither my husband nor I have gotten sick with anything, let alone COVID-19.  Colorado’s COVID-19 rules for businesses have been strict; I think the strictness has paid off.


Now that I have bar stools at the kitchen counter, there is no room there for a piano.  That is where I was thinking of putting one.  For now, my answer about a piano is still “no.”  I am grateful that I sold my instrument for almost what I paid for it.  I could not do as well financially with digital pianos.  They would not last for 34 years.  Of course, a piano is more than an investment; it is music.  It is self-actualization.  I have no regrets about buying my baby grand.  However, I no longer have room for one.  It could be an aggravation for the neighbors, even though we have good sound insulation between our condo units.  I would not want to risk having a problem.


If not music, what do I want to do?  I have been spending hours and hours writing.  Using Grammarly to check my syntax reveals many improvements I was not even aware I could make.  I hope it has improved my writing.  I have chosen to write about nutrition and lifestyle enhancements surrounding a healthy lifestyle.  Whether you have chosen to lose weight, I hope there is something in this blog series for you.  Maybe it has not occurred to you that you could use a self-hypnosis mp3 if you awake in the wee hours of the morning and cannot get back to sleep.  I did not even think of that intervention.  Now I will use it all the time, with earphones, of course.


Maybe Mini Joy and V8 Green Drinks are not your cups of tea.  They happen to fill nearly all of the nutritional requirements for a day; just a few supplements and almond milk are also required.  Try to find something as nutritionally complete as a green drink.  You will likely not be able to.  You can eat pizza if you like.  However, I found pizza to be a problem.  Lasagna is not much different.  You may laugh at my switch to a gluten-free diet early in this series.  However, my mood has been much better since I did it.  There are many other ways to live a nutritarian lifestyle.  Going back to 1996, I have diet diaries with useful ideas.  I have a cookbook that is not bad.  It is not entirely gluten-free, but the recipes can be converted to become gluten-free.


I recommend a variety.  However, variations on a theme might be what you really want.  Find something you like and vary it 100 different ways.  You will never get tired of it.  If you have followed this series so far, you have found a variation on Mini Joy every day.  This morning, I had it with cinnamon.  Yesterday, it was plain chocolate.  Before that, I spiced it with ginger.  Sometimes I use hemp and/or pumpkin seeds, sometimes not.  Sometimes I use more coconut, sometimes more walnuts.  You can leave out the Brazil nut, but you may forgo your day’s source of selenium.  You can use different types of protein powder.  Vanilla is good.  


I prefer chocolate.  I am a chocoholic and do not plan to reform.  I do not get caffeine with tea, coffee, or cola, sometimes a little tea, but chocolate is my preferred caffeine source.
The secret sauce is getting a little lecithin on it for choline.  That improves your brain function and mood.  It is soy-derived.  Some people say do not eat soy.  I say if you do, choose non-GMO.  I do not recommend using lecithin as a substitute for medication.  I think there are people on the Internet who advocate that.  Danger!  Danger!  I already tried that.  As a supplement, however, it is useful.

Diets Do Work

Beware of people who tell you not to diet, too.  I have heard, “Diets don’t work!” over and over.  Diets most certainly do work.  If you did not have a diet, you would be dead.  The key is the quality of your diet.  I do not claim that my diet has the ultimate quality.  However, I try to eat like a nutritarian, choosing nutrient-dense foods balanced according to my physical needs.  I use some supplements.  It is tough to get everything without supplements, even with a nutrient-dense diet.


Not only that, we lose nutrients in the process of getting our food from its source.  It takes a while and goes through its processing of one kind or another.  Also, people will tell you not to eat processed food.  Try eating food that is not processed at all.  See if you break your teeth.  Choose food that is as minimally processed as possible.  You will find you have to process your food to some degree.  If it is not done for you, you will have to do it at home.


The thought of buying and keeping eight different vegetables in my refrigerator, processing them all myself, running them through a juicer–is just a bit much.  So I have chosen to use V8, even though it is processed food.  Not all of its nutrients come from the vegetables, either.  However, for now, it is working for me.  It also tastes great.  It is so much easier than the alternative, I recommend it–even though it is not perfect.  A perfect diet would require you to spend all day in the kitchen and maybe your garden, too.  For me, that is not an ideal life.  As for myself, I need time for my writing, my husband, and myself.  You probably have other plans, too.

Diet Diary





Dear Lord,
Today has been a joy!  I feel so much more rested than yesterday.  I have been sharing some of my philosophy with my readers.  Some of it, I am just now figuring out myself!
I pray I will lose weight again tomorrow.  However, the important thing is to stay committed to a healthy lifestyle.  At this point, I think if I lose weight, it will help me stay committed.
Lord, please bless my sore back.  Help me to figure out how to help it.  Bless my TMJ also.
Lord, today has been a peaceful day with beautiful weather.  I have no desire to move back to Utah.  Will you bless me here in Colorado?  My husband and I love each other more each day.  He is grateful to be here.  He says he was “dying on the vine” in Utah.
My mother has sold the home I lived in with her for 18 years.  She is moving to southern Utah.  I hope it will work out well for her.  Lord, if I wanted to go back to Utah, I would have nowhere to go.  I am committed to Colorado.
I already have a great start on a happy life here.  Please bless me to build on that.  Bless my readers with their goals and ambitions.  Help them to find vibrant joy.
If you would like to join me on this journey from the beginning, please start with Day One.  If you wish to download a FREE copy of my ebook (with no need to enter your name or email), click on the book below.  Please continue this journey with me by clicking on the arrows at the right of the page.
This article, with its diet diary, shows what worked for me.  I do not claim that it will work for you.  Consult a licensed medical provider to determine your diet and medical care.  These blog entries do not diagnose or treat any disease.  If I provide any clues for you or your provider, I will be happy.

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