Day 197, Enjoying a Green Drink

Day 197, Enjoying a Green Drink



In this post, I include the recipe and nutritional break-down of a new green drink.  Stay tuned.
The day is winding down.  It is already 8:45 PM.
Mom called me this evening after her trip to New Orleans.  Except for having some bruises from a fall, she is doing well.  She is in good spirits.

Letting Go

I have decided that there is another thing I want to get good at, and that is letting go.  Perhaps I can put “I let go” into my self-image even before it is apparent to anyone, including myself, that I am good at it.
I may need an affirmation for that.  What would be a good one?
“I am good at letting go of things best left behind.”
That might work.  I was good at leaving behind my gloves when I was in college.  I had to keep buying new ones.  So I almost always had a new pair of gloves.  That was nice.  Smile.
Yes, I can let go, and I do.  I will not think right now of the things I need to let go of because by thinking of them, I am hanging on to them.  The best way to let go is to reach forward to something new.
Parable of the Trapeze Artist
When we were at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, we learned the Parable of the Trapeze Artist.  The artist has to let go of his or her trapeze bar to grab onto the next one coming.  It has to be precisely timed, or the artist will fall.  Letting go of what appears to be security to move ahead requires courage.
I will let go of an old bar and reach for the one coming.  That has certainly not been my forte, so it is good I am not a trapeze artist.  It is important though for me to embrace each new day for what it offers rather than being burdened by the days already past.
Looking At Today
This day is nearly past, but what can I grasp onto for today and today alone?  I had beautiful time with my husband.  I overcooked his dinner, and he thought it was great anyway.  We walked in the hallway again, and this time he walked five rather than just three or four laps.
It was a beautiful first day of spring.
Salvaging Good Things From the Past
In letting go, I do not intend to discard everything from the past.  I think I can salvage a few things worth saving.  Let me think about that today.

Insight Timer

I opened up Insight Timer again today for the first time in weeks.  If I pay $5.00 a month, I can get all its features, including the courses offered by its contributors.  I have had my eye on 10-day courses by Glenn Harold and Kate James from back when they were priced separately from the app.  It is not like I do not have the money.  The question is:  would I recommend it to all my readers?  Do I think the value would be worth it for them?  Of course, everyone has a different set of priorities and financial capabilities.
Meditation is important.  I used Insight Timer almost every day until the developers switched it to being a paid app.  An alternative would be to keep making meditation recordings of my own and/or listening to the ones I have already made.
I have not yet decided what to do.

Thursday Morning



This morning I am cooking a pot of long-grain brown rice with cinnamon and cardamom and making a two-lemon batch of gingered lemonade.
Now I have just finished making an omelette for my husband.  It was my best so far with portabella mushrooms, organic baby spinach, tomatoes on the vine, sharp cheddar cheese, bacon crumbles, olive oil, large free-range eggs, Redmond sea salt, freshly ground black pepper, and organic basil, oregano, and onion powder.

Comparing with Cronometer

I have a moment to breathe.  I lost between six and seven pounds in July and August of 2017.  I kept a complete Cronometer record for 21 days in July and 29 days in August.  I was attempting the ketogenic diet, so I ate a lot more fat and less protein and carbohydrate than I have been doing lately, even though I did not measure whether I had achieved ketosis.  I ate an average of 1631 calories on the days for which I had a complete record.
That is big one advantage of keeping a record.  I can look back and see how I did it, even if duplicating it is not exactly what I want to do.  It looks like I may need to cut back my carbs significantly, if I want to lose more weight.  I have only lost 1.43 pounds the last four weeks, where my weight loss in 2017 was more than double that.
My average net carbs for that period of time was 59.5 grams.  For the last four weeks, my net carbs have averaged 130.1 grams, which is a significant difference.  I am consuming more than twice as many carbs.  My average daily calories for the past four weeks are 1635, which is almost exactly what it was then at 1631 calories.  In the 2017 record, I also sprinkled some notes, which help me see what was going on at the time.
Of course, I am two years older now, which could be slowing down my metabolism.  I could be exercising less, which is highly possible.  I did not record my exercise in 2017.  So, the difference may not be accounted for by just carb intake.  This is an interesting peek into the past however.  Now I am doing a better job of keeping a complete record in Cronometer.  A few more notes like I did before would be a good idea.  I am so glad Cronometer provides a way to do that.
My old Cronometer records are not things I am going to “let go” of.


Green Drink

One big part of my past is the green drink.  I think it would be best not to “let go” of green drinks.  However, I can make them new and improved.  Today, I want to make a green drink and possibly re-incorporate green drinks into my life.  Green drinks may help me with my weight loss.
This afternoon, I made a green drink like those in Joyful Vibrance:  Transform Your Body Image, Energy, and Mood! I did not have any sesame seeds, so I put in four Harvest Stone Toasted Sesame crackers.  I also added an ounce an a half of firm tofu, which I have never done before with my green drinks.  For spices, I added basil, oregano, curry powder, and onion powder.  I used 1.7 grams of sea salt, which was just the right taste.  (The crackers added some salt as well.)  That has been so hard to get right!  To measure the sea salt, I used a scale that measures to the nearest tenth of a gram.  It turned out great!
Here is the recipe:
8 grams
extra virgin organic olive oil
30 grams
organic dried chia seeds
Harvest Stone, Toasted Sesame crackers
42 grams
firm tofu
1.7 grams
Redmond sea salt
116 grams
fresh organic spinach
1 each
juice of 1 lemon
basil, oregano, curry powder, onion powder to taste
3 cups
Add ingredients and some crushed ice and blend in a Vitamix until smooth.
You may be amazed at the nutrient profile for this green drink.  Keep in mind that the percentages may vary for you because your settings may differ from mine:

Continuing Education

Wow!  Now that is done, I may let on about some things I have been thinking about.  Continuing education is very important to me.  Our county library, which is still closed for renovation until April 6th, offers  I once paid for my own subscription.  I signed up for a year and only did it for about five months, but I completed 30 courses.   It was a great education, which among other things helped me get started with my blogging.  As soon as I can get a library card, I will have access to it again.  I can hardly wait.
Food Matters
There is another possibility, which would involve some of my own money, but it might be worth it.  Again, I once paid for my own subscription for a year.  I did not have as much time for it as I hoped.  However, each video I saw was a must-see.  I am talking about, which is Australia-based.  That may jump-start my excitement about “Food Matters.”
Let me spend some more time considering these things before I spend some money.  Just thinking about Food Matters inspired me to make a green drink.  I have not decided what to do about Insight Timer yet, but thinking about that reminded me of these other two opportunities that might be even better.
Of course, I should always make time available for reading.  That is one of the least expensive ways to continue my education, and I have purchased some books and checked out many from the library.  For $.99 I got The Dental Diet, which is well-researched, written by a dentist.  It is still available on Kindle for $.99.
I keep a list of all the books I have finished reading, but I may start keeping a list of all books I start reading as well.  I do not have time to finish everything anymore.  There is such a wealth of material to consider.  Fortunately, my education at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition gave me some guidance on what to look for.

My Education

Now that I have consumed that green drink, I feel kind of excited and happy.  Food is such an interesting subject.  I also enjoy the study of chemistry and where food and chemistry get together, I get very excited.  My junior year of high school, when I first applied for college, I signed up as a food science major.  Later, I changed my major to computer science, which I completed in 1982.  I have no regrets about learning both disciplines.
I went back to college in 2000 and signed up as a chemistry major.  I was not able to complete that because of my allergies to chemicals in the lab.  However, that did not stop my interest.  I studied biochemistry and physiology on my own.  I realized it was probably a good thing I majored in computer science rather than food science because I could have been stopped earlier when taking chemistry.  It is hard to say just when my allergies started because I did okay in chemistry in high school.  I even competed in an inter-scholastic contest in chemistry my junior year.  Now I have my own chemical lab, our condo’s gourmet kitchen.



Evening Prayer
Dear Lord,
My green drinks have sometimes tasted great, sometimes not.  The one I made today tasted great.  It had just the right blend of lemon juice, sea salt, and spices.  The tofu made it creamy.  I think it is worthy of being included in the DelectaBalance Diet.
The sea salt for the green drink required a special scale to measure correctly.  It is about 1/3 of a teaspoon.
Lord, help me to overcome my negative thinking.  When I worry about what people think of me, I am a case.  My mentor encouraged me to get over that.
My husband has always held me in higher esteem than I gave him credit for.  I am grateful to know now that he has always had faith in me.
You too have faith in me.  Thanks for Your many years of encouragement.  I am finally producing a work that can be shared, and I intend to keep doing so.
Lord, this has been a good
day.  I got a shower and prepared three square meals for my husband.  I considered my continuing education.
Much of my former study has already contributed to my ebook, Joyful Vibrance:  Transform Your Body Image, Energy, and Mood! Some day I will publish it on Amazon, but for now my readers can obtain it here for free.
Lord, help me to make wise decisions about the use of my money and time.  A book called Designing Your Life helped me choose blogging as my profession.  Help me to learn what I still need to do to do it effectively.
Lord, please bless my readers with a taste for nutritious food.  Help them to please their palates with a few spices.  Bless them with improved health as they begin to give their bodies what they need.
Help me to inspire them to get started.  I want to repeat this green drink again and again, possibly with variations.
My readers may want to know that I have been using a PQQ supplement, which has been shown to increase energy.  I have yet to take it steadily, but my energy has been better than in the past, so I am hopeful it is helping.  It repairs and builds new mitochondria, which are the energy-producing organelles of the cell.  PQQ has been shown to improve sleep, which also improves energy levels.
Help me to write about anything that would be useful to my readers.
If you would like to join me in this journey from the beginning, please start with Day One.

KaeLyn Morrill

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