Day 190, Grateful to have Power

Day 190, Grateful to have Power




I scrambled my husband the above scromelette with two eggs, extra virgin olive oil, organic spinach, tomato, sharp cheddar cheese, oregano, basil, sea salt and pepper, which he really enjoyed.  Since I am getting away from cheese, which is too constipating (along with other problems), I opted for organic protein powder, coconut, lecithin, walnuts, Brazil nut, and a glass of V8.




Today, we are having a blustery blizzard.  We lost power temporarily and then the Internet went down for a while.  However, we are back, at least for now.  I just got a call back from Comcast saying their problem has been fixed.
Many main roads and the airport closed today.  A state patroller was hit by a car and killed while he was rescuing someone who had slid off the road.  Trees came down on cars.  Avalanche danger was very high.  Many schools and businesses closed.  200,000 power customers at one time were without power.
I just fixed my husband a Black Forest ham and organic spinach sandwich on Dave’s Killer Good Seed Organic Bread.  I opted for some grass-fed whole milk yogurt with organic vegetable protein powder and frozen organic strawberries.
This morning, I walked out in the hall for a while.  I visited with one of my neighbors, mostly about the blizzard.   Thankfully, the temperature in the hall is a lot warmer than it is outside.  I think she was glad she does not have her pet sitting business right now.

Guest Article

I posted an article in my blog today by Jason Lewis about senior health.  It is chock full of useful links, so check it out.  I would do better by living by its advice.  I am not over 65 yet, but I am approaching that age.

Cronometer Trends Nutrition Report

My trends report for the last 15 days is nearly perfect.
My sugars are a little high, but that is a self-imposed limit of 55 grams daily. Cronometer itself does not impose a limit for sugars.  My self-imposed sodium requirements are a bit relaxed from what Cronometer set originally.  I changed them because I lose a lot of sodium due to my lithium and high water intake.  If I do not eat enough sodium, I get nauseated.  3045.3 milligrams of sodium daily works okay for me.  My potassium intake could be raised a bit, but 97% of 4700 mg is very good.  Everything else is in the green.  My protein intake is right on target.  1592 calories of energy intake is almost exactly on target.  It would not hurt to consume less, but my appetite has something to say about that.
The four nutrient balances at the bottom are all good.  They could be improved slightly, but not much.  All in all, I am very happy with how I am scoring in my Cronometer game.  I plan to continue doing it, every day.




Tonight, I baked a Marie Callender dinner for my husband, but I ate something different myself.  The high-gluten noodles, cheesy sauce, and high sodium content of the dinner is not ideal.   I mentioned yesterday that that is one of the things I want to work on.  I ate two oranges, organic vegetable protein powder, and coconut, which is not the ideal replacement, but it is dairy-free, gluten-free and much lower in sodium.


It has been an eventful day around the state of Colorado.  I thought of calling Mom to let her know I am fine, but if she is not worried then why bother?  We have been slightly worried about losing power again, but since we are in the middle of town, we are probably in a high-priority area.  When we lost power this morning, it came back on almost immediately.  Fortunately, we have plenty of food on hand and blankets, if we need them.  We have a flashlight on the master bedroom dresser.  I checked to be sure it was operational.


Evening Prayer
Dear Lord,
We are so grateful to have power this evening after a severe blizzard today.  We lost power temporarily, but it was restored almost immediately.  We have one clock still to reset, but other than that, no lingering problems from the power loss.
Lord, I am working on my diet.  My husband prefers some foods that do not work that well for me, so we are eating differently.  There are advantages to eating the same thing, but I have to do what works for my body.  Hopefully, he is going to be okay with the situation.
Today, I got my husband into the hall for his walk.  I am glad he is doing that.  Fortunately, the hall is a much nicer place to walk than out in the blizzard.
Lord, I am struggling a
bit.  My TMJ is bothering me every night.  Will You provide relief for me?  You have done so from time to time, so I have made it this far.  Help me to find relief again.
When the blizzard is over, I will plan more trips to get things done.  I pray I will find driving freedom.  I am so glad we got the errand at the bank done yesterday, before this storm.
Lord, bless my readers to understand and use the Success Mechanism steps.  Help them to accomplish their dreams.  Enable them to maximize their enjoyment as they act on their objectives and goals.  Allow them to enjoy health and vitality as they seek a vibrantly joyful life.
Help me to provide useful, stimulating discussion that will empower my readers.  Let them know of my great gratitude for their attention.
If you would like to join me in this journey from the beginning, please start with Day One.

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