Day 188, Will We Make It To The Bank?

Day 188, Will We Make It To The Bank?




Preparing For My Day

5-10 things i am grateful for:
  • vegetables
  • the intelligence of the earth’s spirit
  • my good mood, my joy
  • my good energy, my vibrancy
  • my wonderful, supportive husband
morning comments, feelings, ideas, moods, and empowering questions:
I am ready for driving freedom!
mood and energy:
I am talking a storm to my husband about the evolution of my blog.
No singing and dancing yet today, but I have been walking and talking a lot.
reason it is important
next action(s)
Have posted 151 blog entries since Day One.
Keep on posting
Made a spinach-tomato-mushroom-sharp cheddar cheese omelette for my husband this morning.  He thought it was great.
Creativity in the Kitchen
Keep on cookin’
Made a Neapolitan shake for myself this morning.  It was great!   I put 10 grams each of psyllium husks and cacao in it, and it was just more intensely chocolaty.
Creativity in the Kitchen
Keep preparing your favorite treats!
Walked 40 days since January 14, 2019, in 56 days.
Keep scoring with JV Life Tracker!
Stayed in Calorie Budget 10 of 14 days in the past two weeks, and close to it otherwise.
Weight Loss
Keep scoring with JV Life Tracker!

An Accomplishments List

You may wonder why I list accomplishments daily.  Ron Baron, a retired entrepreneur advisor, advised us to make a “have done” list rather than using a “to-do” list in our ELP (Entrepreneurial Launch Pad) meetings.  I still use to do’s, but I am now focusing on my “have-done” list.  Focusing more on what I have done keeps me from beating myself up about to do’s I have not done yet.  My “have done” list, leads me into where to go next.  It can also make me feel great, as I reflect on what I have already accomplished rather than being so focused on just doing the “next right thing.”
Making my accomplishments list encourages me to find things I have tracked in JV Life Tracker and analyze the current status.  I can get focused on checking things off, and not use the analysis part of the app to tally up how I have done over time.  To increase the joy, I see how things are going.  By my own perfectionist standards, I may not think I am doing so well when in actual fact, I am making great progress.  Some things I need to persist with day after day, such as writing my blog entries, staying within my calorie budget, and doing my exercise.
A robot psychologist, Woebot, accessible from Facebook often advises me to find three things that are going well in my life.  Even when my mood is dark, I can still find three things in my life that are going well.  My accomplishments list achieves this same end and makes me feel better.

The Journal

The Journal for Windows is an excellent tool for making templates for gratitude lists, mood and energy reports, ideas and questions, and accomplishment lists and many other uses.  I have used the application since March 2011 and love it more all the time.  I use it to creatively prepare, organize, and post my blogs.



The Bank

My husband has gone back to sleep, and I am wondering if I should get some lunch.  He has tentatively agreed to go to the bank with me this afternoon.  Last December, we moved into condominiums that are close to everything in town.  The bank is very close, which should not be a big deal.  However, I still need to pull out and park the jeep repeatedly.
I also need to get a haircut.  I want to go to the bank first however.  We will see how it goes.

Brown Rice

It looks like my husband is probably going to be sleeping a while, so I put a pot of brown rice on the stove.
The jury is probably still out over whether eating brown rice promotes weight loss.  I think if you measure what you eat and combine it with protein, it can.  Brown rice, a whole, gluten-free grain, is low in sugar and high in B vitamins and minerals.  It is especially nutritious as rice pudding with eggs, almond milk, and a little dried fruit.
I also placed an Instacart order for a few things we need.  That will take about an hour.  So, I will not be going to the bank for at least an hour.
See, I am already into my excuse-making mode.  I cannot drive to the bank because I am waiting for my husband, I have a pot of rice on, I am waiting for an Instacart order, etc.  It seems it is never convenient to leave the condo.
Perhaps I should do an errand today that I could do alone.  Then I would not have waited for my husband, put on the rice, or placed an order.  However, that bank errand is important.  Let me see if I can get it done.


I am putting lunch together piece by piece.  I started with an organic apple, then ate some ham.  I choose organic apples when possible because apples are one of the “dirty dozen”, more contaminated with pesticides than most produce.
Now, I am sipping on V8.  I had a lot of protein for breakfast, so lunch is lighter in protein.  I am mixing regular and low sodium V8 to balance potassium and sodium.  Regular V8 is too high in sodium.  Low sodium V8 is too high in potassium.  Together, you can balance the two within the ideal (green) range shown on the potassium-to-sodium balance indicator in Cronometer.
V8 is inferior to making your own vegetable drinks with a Vitamix or extraction juicer using organic produce.  However, it is a lot easier and if you check Cronometer, it still has a lot of nutrient value.  Sometimes, convenience wins.  With so many other priorities besides food, I am all for convenience.  I made a recipe called “V8 Mix” in Cronometer with two kinds of V8.  I just add that recipe to my meal, explode it, and fill in the numbers from my digital kitchen scale.  It is a little different every time.
Now I have eaten 279 calories for lunch.  I typically go for 450 calories or so, but lately I have been cutting back on calories for lunch.  I tried to forgo my afternoon snack, but that strategy does not work very well for me.  Now, I am eating less for lunch and saving calories for snack and dinner.  So far so good on that strategy.  If that does not work, of course I will try something else.  That is how the Success Mechanism works.


Now, I could do some more walking.

We Will Go To The Bank Tomorrow

My husband said he wanted to go to the bank tomorrow and take a bath today.  I am so relieved about that, not so much about the bank, but about the bath.  He probably decided he needed to clean up before going to the bank.
I helped him with his bath and started laundering his clothes.  He did great.  He even said he would clean the tub.
I ate some of the brown rice this afternoon and evening, so I have eaten too many carbs compared to protein.  I still have some calories left in my calorie budget though, so I will have dinner.  
Tomorrow will be another challenge, trying to make it to the bank.  I plan to keep the bank clearly in mind or the Success Mechanism will not work.  It is not necessary to know just how I will reach a target with the Success Mechanism, but the bank, the end result must be kept in mind.
My husband is watching the evening news.  I am baking dinner.   I just transferred the laundry from the washer to the dryer.  It looks like I can do just about anything I want to this evening.


Evening Prayer
Dear Lord,
We will have to go to the bank tomorrow, and then I can see if I am achieving driving freedom.  I am relieved that my husband got a bath.  I also received a box of supplements and essential oils today that we can enjoy.
I am feeling a bit fatigued, even though evening came early due to the Daylight Savings Time clock change yesterday.
Lord, I got too excited to eat my brown rice and blew my carb budget today.  However, my calorie budget is still intact.  I am sure You will forgive me, and we will see if my body does too.
I have been joyous most of the day today, mostly because of effective things I have learned about managing my life.  The Success Mechanism is an extremely valuable understanding.  Before this last read, I had read Psycho-Cybernetics twice.  However, I had not committed the Success Mechanism steps to memory.  I can see why study groups formed all over the country when this
book was first published in 1960.  It is now a classic success book.
Lord, I am getting good at staying off sugar.  I do not even crave it.  I have not even finished Beyond Sugar Shock. What helped me the most from Connie Bennett’s book so far is my affirmation, “I am happy with the way that I am!”  That does not mean I plan to stay at my current weight.  It means I am happy with the inner me.  My current weight is not that bad either.
Beyond the bank, I have other errands to run.  I need to winterize the jeep, now that winter is nearly over.  Help me to achieve driving freedom.  I am still counting on You to help me with that.
Bless my readers to surmount their challenges, especially if they have driving anxiety.  If they desire to lose weight, help them to get the courage to do what it takes.
If they have other goals, help them to not lose sight of their end results.  Give them health, happiness, and success in every facet of their lives.  Help them to maximize enjoyment.
Let them know they are loved by me and Yourself.  Amen.
If you would like to join me in this journey from the beginning, please start with Day One.
KaeLyn Morrill

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