Day 18, How Can You Overcome Your Resistance to Strength Training?

“… may you have lifelong strength” (Deuteronomy 33:25 NET).


Working on my sixteen values is a joy.  Yesterday, I exceeded my targets on every one.  I fasted for more than 17 hours between yesterday afternoon and this morning.  I earned 256 points for fasting that show up in my fasting and nutritarian diet field.  My weight has almost returned to its target range (now 52.05 kg of less than 52.0 kg).
What additional values can I track to maximize my life’s joy?  Strength came to mind, but I kept thinking things like, “Well, I have a health value.  I haven’t succeeded in the past.”  However, tracking my health-related activities, since there are so many of them, drowned out strength.  I needed to make it a different value.  Even though I realized that I still had resistance to working specifically on strength.

Physical Strength, My Seventeenth Value

Now, strength is my seventeenth value–tracked in the tryptophan field.  Tryptophan is associated with sleep, but it will remind me of strength, too.  Tryptophan contributes to the strength of my positive moods.  The scores you see above are for my day so far.

Activities that Build Strength

I found a few activities that build strength in my Vibractivity database and created a few more.  I assigned values to the tryptophan field–according to how much they contribute to strength.
Chiropractic exercises contribute moderately to strength.  Walking uphill does somewhat.  I added lunges and squats even though I never do them because they build muscle.  Maybe I can motivate myself to do them with this tool.  I updated training with stretch bands and will add additional routines.
I added chair lifts–pushing with my arms to get myself out of a chair, maybe several times.  For the first time, I set up a serving of less than one gram (one minute).

Will This Work?

I want to ensure I will not overdo it.  I set my target at a low value, but it is still high enough to stretch me.  Since I can exceed 100%, I may want to.  I recently read on the Internet that achieving small goals compounds and is often more life-changing over time than attacking big goals.  So, let me take baby steps here.  I get sore from strength training, so I want to keep that from de-motivating me.  If I associate pain with my practice, I will avoid it, no matter how much strength it provides.
Tony Robbins says that pleasure motivates and pain deters us.  However, that is not the pain or pleasure resulting from an activity or routine itself; it is a pain or pleasure we associate with it in our brain neurons.  We are affected by what we anticipate, based partly on what we remember from our experience and attitude.  I have a friend, Ryan Nielson, who loves to work out.  He is always sore, but he associates the soreness with the pleasure of his strong muscles, so he works out anyway.

Why I Need to Keep Trying

I tried strength training in my 20s but gave up when I got sore.  In some cases, I lost money for a gym membership.  The financial loss contributed to my pain association until I stopped trying.  If I had had Tony Robbins coaching me then, perhaps I would have overcome that.  What can I do now that I am 59?  It is not too late.  It is never too late to increase one’s strength.  The older you are, the more crucial it is.  Age contributes to loss of power and muscle mass until eventually, you may not be able to lift yourself out of the bathtub.  Worse, you may not be able to stand up.  My 80-year-old neighbor builds his muscle mass 3-5 times per week.  He lifted my 200+ pound husband out of the tub when he could not get out by himself!
So what is next?  I am excited but not that excited.  What if I fail again?
Does that matter?  I can try again, just like I did with my diet.  I have failed at dieting countless times.  I have succeeded, too.  Like running a race, the idea is to rise more times than you fall.  I am not trying to win a bodybuilding contest.  I want to retain my function as I age.  At 59, this is the right time to prepare for the decades ahead.

Joyful Vibrance Net – Fitness Friends

With a group of your friends, you can have dialogs about nutrition and exercise.  Our new free Joyful Vibrance Net online community is a place to start.  I opened it again this month.  You can add groups for even more fun.  Enjoy!  The community is based on dating software, so you can match up with fitness friends.  If you want more time to think about it, I have a link for it at the bottom of each blog entry.




Dear Lord,
Please help me to stick with it in building my muscles.  If my readers want strength, they too can join in.  If I can do it, they certainly can, too.
I had a counseling session this morning and told my counselor I was working on my values.  Today, I did not tell her I am focusing on strength.  I may get people saying, “YOU?”  Yes, little old me.  Strength may not be my forte, but that is why I need it.
Please help me, Lord, as I put together my blog this year under the title, “Actions with Values,” that I will help my readers.
Love is a crucial value.  It is third on my list.  Soon, Valentine’s Day will be here.  Alongside love are loyalty and commitment, so needed in a marriage.  It will be two-and-a-half years since my husband and I married.  Thankfully, our affection and commitment are strong.  That is because I have emphasized the value of love.
If you would like to join me on this journey from the beginning, please start with Day One.  If you wish to download a FREE copy of my ebook (with no need to enter your name or email), click on the book below.  Please continue this journey with me by clicking on the arrows at the right of the page.

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