Tuesday, February 26th, Day 175, Calorie Budget

Tuesday, February 26th, Day 175, Calorie Budget



If you would like to join me in this journey from the beginning, please start with Day One.

Preparing For My Day
5-10 things i am grateful for:
  • our soft, super-comfy, queen-sized mattress with warm, beautiful quilts–my husband’s family heirlooms
  • bananas
  • indoor bathrooms (I remember what Mom said about going to the outhouse outside in the winter.)
  • ice-cold filtered water with or without lemon, stevia, and ginger–the lemonade is good warm too
  • my Vitamix and all the yummy things I can make with it
morning comments, feelings, ideas, moods, and empowering questions:
I am happy with the way that I am!  I love the 12 activities that build happiness.  I recall the 10 emotions of power:
1.        Love and warmth
2.        Gratitude and appreciation
3.        Curiosity
4.        Excitement and passion
5.        Determination
6.        Flexibility
7.        Confidence
8.        Cheerfulness
9.        Vitality
10.        Contribution
mood and energy:
When I finish my gingered lemonade, I will feel even more joyous.
Good energy today.
reason it is important
next action(s)
I scored 24 points in JV Life Tracker for yesterday.
consistency, mind-body-spirit development
Continue to score consistently.  Add new important activities.
I learned how to post my blog entries with a new version of WordPress.
writing, computer, creative ability
Learn more of the nuances of the new system.
I had friendly chats with two of my neighbors yesterday while walking.
nurturing social relationships
Continue to make friends with the neighbors.
I logged all my food, supplements, and exercise yesterday in Cronometer.
health, consistency, weight maintenance and eventually weight loss
I pan-fried sirloin steak yesterday.
savoring life’s joys, serving my husband
I do not want to make this a habit, but I suppose this is okay occasionally.
I practiced my brief success meditation every day since Friday, last week.
mind-body-spirit balance, reduced anxiety and depression
Keep up the recent consistency!


“Have Done” Lists

I am ready for a new day.
Ron Baron, a retired SCORE volunteer, spoke to us at Entrepreneurial Launch Pad (ELP).  He thought to-do lists just made you feel bad.  He said ‘have done’ lists are great.  Although I still use JV Life Tracker as a to-do list, my accomplishments list is my way of doing a ‘have done’ list.  Also the many reports in JV Life Tracker form a ‘have done’ list.  There is an option in Settings of including activities you have not done on the report or not, so you do not even have to see the activities you are not getting done.


For breakfast this morning, I am making a Neapolitan Shake.  I added 4 grams of lecithin granules to the recipe.  Lecithin contains choline which nourishes the brain and can even improve memory.  The recipe is not soy-free, but the tofu is organic, which automatically means non-GMO, and fermented, which is much better for you than other options.  The lecithin is from non-GMO soy.
In Cronometer you have the option of saving a custom recipe.  Later you can add it to your daily log and explode the recipe.  That will allow you to change the amounts for each ingredient, if you wish.  You then have the option of saving your changes as a new recipe. Exploding your recipes will also allow Cronometer to show you the nutrients for each individual ingredient, when you mouse over the nutrients.  This is an incredibly useful feature that my old program, LifeForm, a program I used for 20 years, did not have.  Using this feature in Cronometer, I used my saved recipe, exploded it, and then entered the slightly different amounts I used today.  Slick.  I need to save more recipes.

Strength Training

That breakfast was a little cooling.  Let me do something to warm up.  I am going to use stretch bands for strength training.  For a serious exercise ritual, I would do my exercise routine in Joyful Vibrance:  Transform Your Body Image, Energy, and Mood! I have not done that since my marriage.  It would be good to resume that, if I can find a way to adapt it to my new surroundings.  Alternatively, I can design an all-new exercise routine that may be more suited to my current physical condition.  I will give it some thought.  My lifestyle has really changed since I got married.  It is like I have to form my habits all over again.

Vision Boards

My vision boards are in the form of a two-slide pdf slide show.  Just for stopping by today, I am giving you the privilege of seeing the current version of my vision boards.  I encourage you to put your top goals on a board or electronic canvas and look at it every day.  Hang it up, if possible.  If you cannot remember to look at it every day, put a reminder in JV Life Tracker, check it off, and run a report occasionally to see how consistent you are with that behavior.
When I was in Utah, I combined EFT tapping with my vision boards for additional effectiveness.
After sleeping for additional few minutes, I fixed my husband his usual omelette for breakfast with two large eggs, spinach, oregano and basil basil, bacon crumbles, sharp cheddar cheese, and sea salt and pepper; cleaned the kitchen; made our bed; and hung up my clothes.  I talked to my husband about Maxwell Maltz’s Success Mechanism steps.  I mentioned to my him that you cannot just aim at Pluto and expect to get there, you have to perform course corrections en route.  Pluto is a little far out there.  There are some closer targets I want to hit.


My goal now is to encourage my husband on his walk.  I did that yesterday, but it was not until nearly the end of the day that he actually did his walk.  It is 11:26 AM now.  Let me see if I can do that.
My husband went back to bed and said “later”, so I went out by myself.  I talked to neighbors again.  Part of the time I walked outside.  I was cautious of the Colorado sun; I will have to use sunscreen if I do that again.  It was beautiful outside.  Snow was melting everywhere, and the water was flowing in little rivulets.  It was quite warm, but just cool enough to be comfortable in my light jacket and sweater.  I got the mail and walked around the buildings, taking the steps up and the ramp down.  It was great!


I came back and had a mixed V8 with regular and low sodium V8.  I entered the combination in custom recipes, so I can easily enter it again.


It is lunch time.  My husband is still in the bedroom.  He ate breakfast in the late morning, so he may not be hungry yet.  I want something easy, delicious, nutritious, economical, and gluten-free.  Deli meat is too salty, so I want to save that for my husband.  I could have an avocado.
I ate an avocado, a brazil nut, three capsules of pharmaceutical grade fish oil, vitamin E, and my energy supplement cocktail:
1 pill each of astaxanthin, zeaxanthin, and lutein for the eyes
100 mg ubiquinol, the reduced form of co-enzyme Q10
3 pills of joint supplement of glucosamine chondroitin with MSM
1/2 pill of Silica Complex of calcium/magnesium, zinc/boron/silicon, which strengthens the hair, nails, and bones
20 mg of PQQ to build new mitochondria to recover fully from the CFS I had for so many years
Jarrow’s B-Right B complex and 25 mg extra P5P (35 mg total P5P)
I made my husband a sandwich with Dave’s Killer Bread, dijon mustard, ranch spread, spinach, and Black Forest ham.  That is a bit high in sodium, not to mention gluten for me.  My husband enjoyed his sandwich.

The Origin of Life

I just woke up from a nap.  Starting a few days ago, I have been reading Humans By Design by Gregg Braden.  I read The Origin of the Species about thirteen years ago and accepted many of its observations.  However, Gregg has a point, Charles Darwin did not explain how life came about in the first place.  I believe in a Creator God who started life somehow, miraculously as far as we know.  Gregg has some other interesting points, which I will continue to study.


Right now, I am fighting fatigue that is much like how I feel after I have been driving.  However, I have not been driving.  Could my driving fatigue have some other cause other than the act of driving itself?  I wonder if sunlight is a possible trigger.  I was out in the sun briefly today.  I usually get out in the sun when I drive as well.  I will have to investigate that.  Possibly my fatigue is caused by getting up so early in the morning, which I often do.  Right now, I need to not let my fatigue interfere with my self-acceptance.
I ate some cashews for a snack just now.  That reduces my calorie budget quite a lot.  However, cashews do a good job of holding my hunger.  Thankfully, my sodium intake is lower today than normal.
I could take some km Mineral Supplement, which tends to reduce my fatigue.  It gives me potassium as well.  So far I have 83% of a daily value of potassium, which is quite a lot with supper still to go.  I think I will go ahead though, and see if it clears my head.  There.  That gives me 103% of a daily value of potassium.  My head is clearing.  I had a short devotional with my husband about self-acceptance.
I have written more than 1600 words so far today, and I have not thought of a theme to base this entry on, although I have touched on many topics from my blog and Joyful Vibrance:  Transform Your Body Image, Energy, and Mood!, my free but valuable ebook.


I have been thinking about what to do to show progress with my weight loss.  I think the key is staying in my calorie budget or very close to it.  Last night, I entered an entry in The Journal in the Progress category.  Consult my ebook to learn what the Progress category is and how to use it.  Here is what my entry looks like:
Cronometer Points
1.  Cronometer
2.  Eat fewer calories than burned.
3.  Stay within 150 calories of calorie budget.
4.  Stay within 100 calories of calorie budget.
5.  Stay within calorie budget
35  (5 points a day for 7 days)
Start Date:
February 25, 2019
End Date:
March 4, 2019
Trigger Event:
Keeping Cronometer
Intrinsic Rewards:
I will probably lose weight.   I will master my hunger.
Extrinsic Rewards:
I will just see how I do the first week, and if I think of a great way to reward myself, I will.  (This will only work if I do it week-after-week.)
Progress Notes:
First day: 2 of 5 points
With JV Life Tracker, I decided to track five activities about Cronometer.  First, I get a point if I log everything in Cronometer.  That is what I have been doing and tracking.  Secondly, I get an additional point if I eat fewer calories than Cronometer says I burn.  Thirdly, I get an additional point if I am no more than 150 calories over my calorie budget and fourthly another point if I am no more than 100 calories over.  Finally and fifthly, I get a point for the most important activity and achievement of all:  staying within my calorie budget.
Lately, I have not been on target at staying in my calorie budget.  I must have thought I could go over my calorie budget and lose weight anyway, but I have not.  I put these five activities on my Master Activity List in JV Life Tracker and made a filter that has them on it.  I am initially tracking this for one week, starting yesterday.  Yesterday, my first day, I scored two of the five points.  (I was 196 calories over my calorie budget.)  The featured image shows the report.


Now let me consider the problem of mastering my hunger.  I get very tense when I am hungry, and my TMG becomes almost unbearable.  To relieve it, I have to eat.  Whether I can overcome this, I do not know.  I consulted with my doctor about the connection between my medication and TMG.  She said I could reduce the medication, which I did from 2 mg to 1.5 mg.  That has helped.  It especially helps when I am trying to get to sleep at night after just taking my medication.  However, it does not reduce the problem I have when I am hungry.  Whether all of this tracking is going to make a difference remains to be seen.  However, I have not given up on my desire to lose weight.
My husband is probably going to suggest a Marie Callender dinner tonight for supper.  That sounds delicious and convenient.  It is just that I only have 281 calories left in my calorie budget.  I can increase my calorie budget though by doing exercise.  I think I will do a second walk today and see if I can get a few more calories to work with.  When I lost weight before, I did a great deal of walking–sometimes four hours a day or more.  That was easier for me to do when I was younger.  However, let me see what I can do.




I visited with the neighbors as much as I walked, but I did get 2.03 miles in.  I increased my calorie budget so much I can eat 83% of my dinner and still stay in my calorie budget.    

Evening Prayer

Evening Prayer
Dear Lord,
Dinner is just about ready, and I am starved.  I do not usually wait until 7:00 PM to eat dinner.
I went on two walks today for almost four miles.  I got outside, and it was beautiful.  I visited with the neighbors.
Unfortunately, I have not felt that well today.  I have prayed to You for relief.
I set up a new filter in JV Life Tracker yesterday, to track how well I am staying within my calorie budget.  Actually doing it though, is another challenge.  Will You help me with it?
Lord, I am so grateful for my wonderful, patient husband.  Help me to be a good wife for him.  He walked three laps again today.
His endurance is getting better.  I think his balance is improving as well.
Lord, if you are the Creator God, who made all life come to pass, let me glorify your name.
We have had dinner now.  Jacque called.  I will see her soon.  She is the sweetest friend.
Lord, I love it here in Colorado.  The people are nice and accepting.  Help me to make my Colorado home the best home I have ever had.
Lord, bless my readers with the courage to face their Goliaths.  Bless them with vibrant joy.  I want to thank them for reading this blog, and give them tools for their continued success.

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