Day 14, Do Not Let People Oppose You

“Great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds.”
Albert Einstein
I woke up early and could not get back to sleep.  Today is the last day of my first two weeks.  I have lost more than three pounds so far.  More consequential than that, I have begun to re-establish healthy habits that make me slender.
Today, with my early rising, I may not get a weight reading because I am drinking a lot of water before I eliminate.  I can let that go one day.
Let me start my morning with gratitude.
Preparing For My Day
5-10 things I am grateful for:
  1. My computer.  It has been working for over five years, with only a minor amount of slowdown.
  2. My husband.  He has provided well for me and is very gentle.  I love him more than when we first married.
  3. This blog journey.  It got me out of depression into a meaningful life.
  4. My friends.  I am starting to get better connected here in Colorado, and I still have friends from other areas, too.
  5. The Internet.  It makes my lifestyle possible.
  6. My body.  I think it is beautiful.
  7. My food.  My husband lets me eat whatever I want and provides it.
  8. Cronometer. It is my game.
comments, feelings, ideas, moods, and empowering questions:
What do I do to get joy on demand?
I lost more than three pounds in less than two weeks.
I wrote 13 blog entries in less than two weeks.
I got out of depression.


Dear Lord,
Thank you for all of the above and more.  I have not finished the book, Joy on Demand yet, but I believe getting joy on demand depends on breathing consciously.  Let me do my 5-minute Success Success Meditation right now to practice breathing.
There.  That brings up some joy.  Lord, I apologize for not getting a full night of sleep.  Will you help me compensate for that?  I do not know if I napped too long yesterday, if it is a flare-up of my bipolar, or if my TMJ is keeping me from sleeping again.  Let me do a few exercises for my TMJ.
Overall, things are going well.  The crucial improvement is that I want to live.   What can I do to make my life one which you are proud of?
For years, you have inspired me to write.  Now I am doing that more and more.  I need your guidance, though, as promised in Psalm 23.  “He guides me along the right paths for his name’s sake.” (Psalm 23:3).
“Then you will call, and the Lord will answer; you will cry for help, and he will say: Here am I.” (Isaiah 58:9).  Please, answer me when I cry for help.  I believe you have.  I now live in a beautiful community with a well-providing husband.  You have not cured my bipolar.  However, you have helped me manage it.  It has not killed me yet.
Today is the Lord’s Day.  Help me to observe it.  As you said, “It is lawful to do well on Sabbath days.”  What can I do well today?  Should I write, or should I put that away for my six days?  I believe that as long as it is with reverence, I can write–like I am doing now.
Lord, please bless this day.

Prayer and Meditation

I have the okay to write, as long as I do well.  Already, I am feeling bursts of joy.  Meditation helps.  Prayer helps.  In twelve-step programs, it says to do both.  I am a firm believer in prayer and meditation.  Even though I have never had a problem with alcohol, Alcoholics Anonymous has touched my life.  I recommend a twelve-step program to anyone suffering any kind of addiction or more than one.


The founders of Alcoholics Anonymous knew that addiction is a spiritual problem, so the treatment must be spiritual.  I believe the same goes for eating well, too.  It can be solved spiritually.  First, we must have more gratitude, gratitude to the Lord for the earth which yields its fruits and appreciation to all the people who brought the food to our table–
  • those that produced seeds
  • the agricultural college professors
  • the farmers and ranchers
  • the commodities investors
  • the farm equipment manufacturers
  • the irrigation workers
  • the extension office workers
  • the fertilizer manufacturers
  • the harvesters
  • the food processors
  • the transportation workers
  • the grocery store owners and workers
  • the delivery people
There are so many individuals involved.  They are dedicated, hard-working people who often do not get paid what they are worth.


In one mindfulness course, the professor said to pause before each meal in gratitude for those who brought food to our plate.  He said to closely look at the food and eat slowly, savoring each morsel.  When we reverence our food, we also reverence those who provided it.  Ultimately, it is a gift from God.  Without his creation, the earth would be sterile and not capable of producing food.

The Work of Man

Though man has been criticized for messing things up, humanity’s work is crucial in producing food.  The foods we eat today went through a long process of cultivation and breeding.  Nature did not initially provide our food the way it is today.  It had to be domesticated by people.  I have noticed that when God and people work together, they make the greatest of creations.  Do not downplay the role of humans and say that nature is all we need.

Solving World Hunger

One excellent book is 40 Chances: Finding Hope in a Hungry World by Howard G. Buffett, son of the famous investor Warren Buffett.  With a billion dollars from his family fortune, he set out to end world hunger.  The problems he encountered around the world were stunning.  War is a severe threat to food security.  He learned that he had to listen carefully to those he was trying to help, meet with them, and get them to talk.  He could not just dig a well and have it solve an area’s water problems.  The well could disturb the flow in surrounding wells.  He found a disabled woman running her farm on crutches.  Howard used the expertise he gained from farming and even invented a farm implement himself that was useful for the developing world.  Even though he is a multi-billionaire’s son, he learned to work and chose agriculture as his occupation.

Solving Our Own Hunger

Often our hunger is not really hunger; it is a pain of loneliness.  We need connection with other people, or we feel the pain that we sometimes interpret as hunger.  Both are feelings of emptiness.  We need to fill up with something.  But what?  Instead of munching a bag of potato chips, consider going for a walk with a friend.  Even prayer can fill an empty heart.  I have not always been alert to this problem.  Having been rejected in my youth too many times, I found it too painful to reach out to people.  I filled my life with my homework.  That helped me get good grades, but I did not progress socially as much as I could have.  My sister, in my estimation, was a social butterfly.  She envied my good grades, and I envied her social ability.  Hopefully, I am finding ways now to fill my life with my relationships.
Am I writing well so far?  It is barely past 6:00 AM.  I could eat now, and want to, but I want to establish an 8:30 AM breakfast time.  So I will wait and not let myself down.


If you have not had a chance yet, read yesterday’s blog entry.  It describes the Achieve 50 kg mindmap I created.  I shared this mindmap with a neighbor, and she asked me to explain it, which never happened.  If I had had yesterday’s blog entry, I could have shared it with her.   However, she moved away without letting me know where she was.  Now I have it.  The map is so detailed, I could have said even more about it.  However, yesterday’s blog entry was quite long anyway.
I included a lot of information about stress-proofing.  Why?  Since September 5th, 2018, I have tried several times to lose 15 pounds and concluded that the reason I could not is that my life was too stressful.
So what can be done?
I read a book Stress-Proof by Mithu Storoni.  I included many of her ideas on my mindmap. I even have links to delta and theta binaural beats, which she recommended.  Except in the early part of the pandemic, my life is less stressful than two years ago.  Stress is a fact of life.  What we need to deal with it is resilience.  I read an excellent book about resilience, titled, Type R:  Transformative Resilience for Thriving in a Turbulent World, by a mother/daughter team, Ama and Stephanie Marston.  They wrote story after story of people who went through horrific events and thrived because of their experience.

Stress in the Past

My early marriage was a long string of emergency room visits and bloody falls.  There was a month with my husband in rehab.  His movement had been reduced to crawling.  The rehab center got him walking again, somewhat.  The experience was wrenching, and yet I believe I came out stronger.  While my husband was in rehab, I contacted a realtor who found a place suitable for a wheelchair.  That got the ball rolling to get us out of our retirement complex, which had kicked me out because I was too young.  (No exceptions for a spouse.)  My husband approved of the condo and purchased it.  Afterward, I had confidence I had not known before.  However, going through all that was quite a lot of stress.  I did not succeed in losing weight.


You might say, “That’s life.”  If your life is too stressful, you may want to put off your plans to lose weight.  However, seek calm.  Seek the time when you can fix your own meals again, and you do not have to eat on the run.  Some people react to stress by losing weight.  I almost always gain.
During the pandemic, my weight rose again.  We were having trouble getting groceries.  Deliveries that used to take two hours took a week.  Some items were not available; others were substituted by our delivery personnel, not always the way we wanted.  Some stores, such as Costco, were not available at all.  Toilet paper was impossible to buy.  My tenant lost her job.  If I had known all of this would be short-lived, I would not have gotten so stressed, but I did not see an end to the pandemic.  The pandemic is still going on, but at least we can buy toilet paper now.
So what do you do about pandemic stress?  I called the crisis line.  He said, “It isn’t you.  It’s your circumstances.”  Do we not usually hear the opposite?  I think he was really saying that I should not blame myself for not coping well.  I wish I could say I got it together after that, but in late May 2020, I checked into a psych ward for depression.  They prescribed an antidepressant that worked, even though it had some side effects.  However, two months later, I had to quit taking it because it was affecting my heart.  My mood fell precipitously and deepened thru August and September.  Then I started writing this new blog on Day One.  My depression immediately lifted!

What Lifted My Depression?

A meaningful project.  Is it as simple as that?  Probably not.  Other factors came into play, too.  I got counseling;  I took SAMe;  I got to know my neighbors by visiting them twice a week for two hours, breaking my isolation.  Again, I decided I wanted the weight off with a committed decision this time.  The writing project catalyzed everything, though.  After I started that, everything fell into place.  I was happy again.
For two weeks, I have been happy.  My husband notices it and is glad.  I cannot say every moment is joyous.  However, I have joyous moments more frequently.  Now I can write for Joyful Vibrance LLC and not feel like an imposter.  I know joy myself.  If I knew exactly how to get where I am, that would be magnificent to share.  I do not know the shortest path.  However,
  • gratitude is one well-known path to joy
  • meditation and prayer are two others
  • healthy relationships are joyous
  • improving your health produces joy
  • meaningful work works
Bringing all of those together is power.  My hope is that as I share snippets of my life, you will get clues to your own joy.


I waited for breakfast long enough.  When I get up very early, I sometimes eat long before dawn, messing up my diet.  This time I waited.  The meal was another variation of my usual breakfast.   See the diet diary below for the ingredients.

JV Life Tracker

I have already written more than 2,000 words this morning.  However, I desire to write more.  I scored 267 points in JV Life Tracker (Vibrancy) for yesterday.  That means I had another fantastic day of productive activity.  I recently changed my app development scoring to one point every three minutes or 20 points an hour.  When I can squeeze in time to develop my Vibrancy app, my scores will rise again substantially.  I will not resume it today, however.


My lack of sleep caught up to me after my visit this afternoon.  I got a little to eat, did some reading, then fell asleep.   I hope I have enough vibrancy to get through the evening.  My husband was about to have me order pizza then thought better of it.
I finished my day of eating before getting all my nutrients.  It was a trade-off.  Some V8 would have given me almost everything.  However, it would have exceeded my sugar and fructose targets.  I wanted to have calories remaining in my budget as well.  I decided to wait until tomorrow to eat more.
My neighbor did not like me fasting through supper.  I did not tell her more about what I was doing for fear that she would discourage me.  Nor did I tell her that I am still eating three meals a day.  Just because she is a nurse does not mean that she is certified in nutrition.  Nor does she know what is right for my body.
I anticipated there would be opposition to this project.  However, I am committed this time and will do it anyway.  I plan to publish these blog entries after achieving my goal to ward off as much opposition as possible.  
Current Fast
Transformation Fast
17 hours 45 minutes
Sep 27, 2020 2:46 PM
Sep 28, 2020 8:31 AM
No comments.


Dear Lord,
Everyone wants to know about the project that has been making me so happy.  However, people try to talk me out of it.  I have been a bit secretive, trying to protect myself.
Why do others try to control me about what I eat?  My readers may run into similar roadblocks.  It is hard enough to diet anyway without everyone telling me I should not do it.
I have 3.45 kilos more to go.  Then I must continue a lifestyle that will keep it off. Tonight, I need a booster shot on my resolve.
There is no use second-guessing myself.  I am committed.   I was about to re-evaluate my decision to go on this diet.  However, I have done that too many times already.  The analysis is over.  I have made up my mind!
Here is my weight chart for the past year.  I lost weight until Mom talked me out of my diet last December, 1.65 kg from my goal.  Through depression and the pandemic earlier this year, I gained, getting out-of-control.  After Santa Fe House (at the peak), I lost, only to gain most of it back when my depression resumed after I had to stop my antidepressant.  Now, I am going down again, much to my excitement.  However, the opposition is starting again.
Thinking about this is getting me down.  Help me to regain my joy.  My low feeling is the fear that I will give up and gain again.  Instead, I must summon my courage and stop letting others inhabit my body.
Let me listen to some soothing music by Kurt Bestor and Sam Cardon.  What does it take to be successful at anything?  People who go into music face opposition.  The lifestyle is demanding.  You have to really want it.  Some people say you can’t; others say you shouldn’t.  A lot of people get talked out of their dreams.
Help me to keep going, Lord.  I told my readers that this is not easy.  It definitely is not.
Let me cut the anger.  Most of my anger is directed at myself for listening to people and doing what I think will make them happy.  I do this even when they do not know the first thing about why I am doing this.  If they knew everything I do, they would act differently.  However, understanding from others is hard-won.  The crucial thing is to be true to me.
Lord, you know me, and you understand me.  You see every deposit of fat on my body; you know the desires of my heart; you know what I have already accomplished.  You know I can do this; you know if I will.  Let me have some of the self-control you had in the wilderness when Satan suggested you command the stones to become bread.  Your fast was over, yet you did not listen to Satan.  Let me live by every word from your mouth and not by bread alone.
If you would like to join me on this journey from the beginning, please start with Day One.  If you wish to download a FREE copy of my ebook (with no need to enter your name or email), click on the book below.  Please continue this journey with me by clicking on the arrows at the right of the page.
This article, with its diet diary, shows what worked for me.  I do not claim that it will work for you.  Consult a licensed medical provider to determine your diet and medical care.  These blog entries do not diagnose or treat any disease.  If I provide any clues for you or your provider, I will be happy.

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