Day 10, Calories Do Count

“If someone tells you calories don’t matter, they have no credibility. But if someone tells you calories are all that matters, they have even less.”


The results are already evident!  Week two is showing significant weight loss!  With the help of intermittent fasting, I lost half a kilo last night.  Today is Day 10 of this journey, and I am ready to carry on!

JV Life Tracker

My JV Life Tracker (Vibrancy) score is still more than 200.  I thought 160 or more was an excellent score.
The score is a reflection of many facets of life.  I track dozens of small actions that compose each day.  Though a high score does not indicate perfection, it means that I am doing numerous meaningful activities.  These pursuits, I believe, enhance my life.  The list constantly changes and sometimes gets inflated, so I pare it down periodically, removing items that no longer mean much or need no tracking.  When I reach a state of consistent happiness, I reason that the corresponding level of activity works.  Currently, life is going well.

Autophagy Fast

I am calling my current 18-hour fast Autophagy Fast. However, the physiological process of autophagy kicks in at 18 hours.  To be effective, I could extend my fast to give the autophagy process some time.  Right now, I will increase the duration to 19 hours.  I am hungry but not famished.  That gives me more time to work on my projects before I must break for breakfast.
Current Fast
Autophagy Fast
19 hours
Sep 22, 2020 2:34 PM
Sep 23, 2020 9:34 AM
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Is a Selfie Selfish?

I have lost nearly three pounds since September 14, 2020, and I am still looking happy.  Congratulations, KaeLyn!  You remember to congratulate yourself, too, every step of the way.
Now, how does that compare to last Thursday?
Just a slight change?
Here is what I looked like at 36, with a little fun thrown in.  The canyon below the “landing” is Canyon de Chelly, where my family lived on the Navajo Indian Reservation in the 1960s.  My weight was seven pounds more than it is now.


I had a slight variation on my Mini Joy theme for breakfast.  You can see the list of ingredients in the diet diary below.
So far, I have kept a record of everything I ate since Day One, except when I ate at the neighbors. I probably ate about 1,000 calories that night.  That is why I fasted for three meals to make up for it.  That was on top of an already full day.  However, I recovered!


This morning I have a counseling appointment with a lady from All Health Network.  I am not in counseling for weight loss; I am in therapy for my mental health.  If you have a mental health disorder, I recommend ongoing counseling.  I have tried to get out of it several times, and I always find I need it after all.
So far, I have been partially happy with my therapist.  Today, I will tell her that things are going great.  However, she may not acknowledge me, which irritates me.  However, it is time to recognize me–just like I congratulated myself above, only all the time, not only when losing three pounds in 10 days.  If I need counseling only for approval, I am addicted.  I have been approval addicted in the past to my peril.  Dr. David Burns offers strategies for overcoming it in his book Feeling Good.
It will be a Zoom meeting.  Seconds ago, I tested the audio and video to be sure all is in place.  My counselor is usually a few minutes late, so I must wait.
My counseling session went well.  I think my therapist and her intern could tell that my mood is better.  She reminded me of the social value of food.  That reinforced the wisdom I used Friday in deciding to eat with my neighbors.


I had an avocado tomato salad for lunch.  The recipe is in the diet diary below.  Today, I used only part of an avocado, tomato, and cucumber.  I added pumpkin seeds, giving it a pleasant texture.
I ate hummus and crackers afterward, which were unnecessary, but gave me a feeling of fullness.  Then I took my energy and eye supplements.  PQQ may be working in my favor as it can increase metabolism, mitochondria number, and energy.  I have taken it off and on for several years.  I seem to feel better when I am taking it than when I am not.  I will trust the research findings as I am not always accurate in testing supplements myself.



Summary Nutrient Facts

For the first time since starting this journey, I am showing the Trend report, the Nutrition Facts for a range of dates, including today.  You can see that I am under budget by 256 calories on average.  This report does not include Friday because I did not complete the day after eating at the neighbors.  You can see that I consumed an adequate amount of all nutrients except calories.  I want to be short on calories so I can lose weight, and I have been losing.  The four nutrient balances at the bottom are in the ideal range, except that calcium is low.  However, it is still averaging more than 100%.  I give this report an A+.
My profile and weight goal are set in Cronometer to maintain weight.  Cronometer underestimates my metabolism somewhat because I am not recording exercise.  My actual average metabolic rate is more than 1900 calories per day.  As time goes on, and I create a stretch of data that does not have any gaps, I can calculate it again.  It changes.  It is helpful to know your approximate break-even point.
“Experts” spread disinformation that calories do not count.  I have news for you.  They do. Cronometer is the most accurate diet diary I have encountered so far.

Diet Diary

Tah dah!  Now for today’s diet diary.  I already started a 17.5-hour fast for tomorrow with 348 calories remaining.  Actually, my calorie deficit is larger than that.   For the remainder of the day and first thing tomorrow, I need to get through my fast.  Is that hard?  Sometimes it is a bit uncomfortable, especially when my jaw muscles tighten.  You may want to eat a few more calories until you gain the confidence to fast 15-19 hours.  Fasting works the commitment muscle, so I recommend trying fasting, even if you have no weight to lose.  It will help you sleep better and reset your circadian clock (to be more healthy).  Fasting for 12 hours is beneficial.  However, fasting for more hours is even more so.  Consider reading about the science behind this in The Circadian Clock by Satchin Panda, Ph.D.


Dear Lord,
At last, my step-son called.  His daughter has been sick, and we all wondered if it was COVID-19.  Now she is well again, and he is coming over to pay us a visit.
My therapy session went well.
I ate nutritiously today, with enough calories remaining to allow a weight loss again tomorrow.  I never know what tomorrow will bring until later, so I have to set myself up as favorably as possible.
Standing Up for Nutrition
Lord, today I stood up to my husband the third time he asked me for sausage and told him he needed to have some vitamin C.  He allowed me to serve him sausage mixed with raw tomatoes.  I cannot go on without speaking up.  His diet is so out-of-balance.  I could give him what he wants, but I will no longer do so without saying something.  Dr. Linus Pauling would be proud of me.
Lord, I hope you are proud of me also for this journey so far.  Where can I go next for inspiration?  Most of the answers are deep within me.  I can bring them out through the process of writing.  I encourage my readers to journal as well, so they can retrieve their inner wisdom.
The Writing Diet
Julia Cameron wrote The Writing Diet. I was fascinated by her idea, and for a time, wrote Morning Pages, an hour’s worth of longhand journaling, first thing in the morning.  I considered resuming that practice.  However, generally, I want to dive into my blog at that time.  My readers may want to look into Morning Pages, even if they do not continue it for a lifetime.  It is one way to capture dreams.
Speaking of dreams, I am living my dreams, doing all of this writing on my favorite subjects of nutrition and calories.  Writing is my favorite activity.  My coach from Hawaii said recently, “I think you should write.”  Later I told him I had regained my emotional balance by starting a writing project.  Lord, thank you for guiding me into this project because it is what I need to get out of depression.  My readers can choose an activity that is meaningful to them.
Lord, be with me at each step so that I can help myself and others.  I love you.  I know you are awaiting me in heaven.  Each day, I draw nearer to when we will be together again.
Tonight, I broke my fast with 152 grams of kimchi.  Having a terrible headache, I needed some salt and a bit of food.  I am feeling fine now.
If you would like to join me on this journey from the beginning, please start with Day One.  If you wish to download a FREE copy of my ebook (with no need to enter your name or email), click on the book below.  Please continue this journey with me by clicking on the arrows at the right of the page.
This article, with its diet diary, shows what worked for me.  I do not claim that it will work for you.  Consult a licensed medical provider to determine your diet and medical care.  These blog entries do not diagnose or treat any disease.  If I provide any clues for you or your provider, I will be happy.

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